Dangerous Romance - Season 1 - Episode 162

11 months ago

Penelope’s pov

After driving for what seems like eternity, Leo finally stopped in front of a big restaurant, ..
He got out of the car and helped me open mine, while I got out he took my hand.

“okay that’s new” I laughed.
“don’t make me feel stupid” he said and I laughed.

“why are we here?” I asked as he took my arm and a walked me into the restaurant.
“you talk too much.” he said and I laughed,
We got into the beautiful but empty restaurant and we sat down at a table at the back of the restaurant that Leo suggested we take, and suddenly a white haired waiter walked up to our table.

“good day, Mr Finn and Mrs vandale, your table for two has been checked, and Now would you like to order anything now?” the man asked and I glanced at Leo, surprised that the man knows my name.

“no thanks,..I’ll.. I’ll.. Just have water” I tell the waiter.
“are you sure?” Leo asked me.
“or orange juice,” I changed my mind and the waiter smiled

“and you?” the waiter asked Leo,
“same thing” Leo said and the waiter nodded and walked away.
“so what do you think of this restaurant? Is it okay to your taste?” Leo asked.
“Huh? To my taste, why would you ask me tha–

“I bought this whole place for you,.. For us just for today ” he said.
“whoa,.. Are you serious! Why?”.
“I realised ever since we’ve been dating we’ve never had an actual date and I just want this to be our first and most memorable date”.

“awwn, Leo that’s so romantic,” I said clasping my hands together.
“thanks, I’m not those romantic kind of guys but with you I think the romantic side is rubbing off, I love you pen” .

“I love you too” I smiled.

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