Lovely betrayed - Season 1 - Episode 27

1 year ago

I am 3 months pregnant and I am starting to see my baby bump and I am excited. I’ve been saving my salary so I can find an apartment when the baby is born.I haven’t told the Jones yet,I will tell them after I tell my mother. I hope she isn’t dissapointed in me wherever she is.

Today is a holiday so I took this opportunity to drive out town to go see my mother. It’s been a while and I miss talking to her. Everytime I go there,I do feel her presence and that makes me feel good. I really do love my mother and I am missing her so much.
I parked my car by the flower store so it’s closer to the grave yard.

“Good afternoon mam,”I greeted the owner.

“Hello Cas,you look well and seem to be gaining weight,”she smiled.I just laughed.”How are you Cassidy? How are you coping?”I don’t know why I am so comfortable when I chat with this lady. I just feel like I can trust her.
“I am good,”I keep my reply at a simple level.” May I please have the usual,”she nodded and handed me the yellowish Roses,my mom’s favourite.

“One Lady called Agnes,came to see your mum.She seems to have known her cause she knew her favourite flowers,”I am pulled back by this news.Agnes is Jay’s mother and she came to see my mother. They didn’t know each other. This is really confusing ,I will just speak to her when I get home.
“Thank you for telling me,Agnes is my guardian,”I told her.

“Oh,she is a good woman.”
“Thank you,I have to go now,” She nodded and smiled and with that I dismissed myself and made my way to my mom’s tombstone.
I put the flowers on her head.”hello mother,sorry I haven’t been around. I’ve been very busy,I got a really good job,”I smiled. “I miss you mother,I wish you were here with me,”I can feel the tears in my eyes,maybe this is what I need,I need to cry.”Mother I am really sorry,I know I broke your rule of not having sex before marriage,I am very sorry,please forgive me,”I sit down next to her tombstone and put my head on it and I hear the thunder but I won’t stop I need mummy to forgive me.”I did it because I thought he loved me like the way I loved him,I mean I thought I loved him but I misinterpreted my feelings of friendship and intimacy,I thought I loved him as a man not a friend but that’s not it,mother,I am 3 months pregnant,”after that sentence,it started raining . This shows how upset my mum is,I know this is silly but I believe this silly myth. I won’t go until the rain stop showing that my mum has forgiven me. “I am very sorry mum,please forgive me,I need your forgiveness ,I can’t continue with my life knowing you are upset with me……”I continued to ask for her forgiveness until the was no rain anymore ,I looked up and realise that I was covered by an umbrella.

“Hello,you gonna get sick,if you continue sleeping there,”the voice sounds really familiar.I stood up to get closer and I was not expecting to see him here,”Cassidy?”Finn said.

“Hel..”I couldn’t continue,my voice came out as a cough.I have cried for too long.
He studied my face and looked down on my mum’s tombstone, “Gail Crane Louis,”he read out loud “any relation?”he politely asked.

“My mother,”his eyes widen and looked down as a show of respect or embarrassment,I am really not sure.
“I’m sorry.”

“It’s fine,no need for that. Who did you come visit,”I feel really blunt for asking him but I am trying to make a conversation.
“My sister,”His face drop he looks like he is on a verge of crying. I guess his sister’s death affected him badly.”I think it’s time for you to go home,you need to change your clothes and drink something warm or else you will get sick,”he said wiping away the tears and water on my face. With that caring gesture, I couldn’t refuse and I need to be well for my baby. I nodded at him and gave my mum a kiss.He removed his jacket and put it on me.What a gentleman.
“Thank you,”That’s the only sentence that could come out.
“You don’t look like you can drive in the state you are in. I will drive you home and my driver will follow,”he has a driver. That conclude my idea of him being a spoilt brat.I guess he saw my reaction because he then says his parents forces him to take a driver when he is coming to see his sister because he once had an accident.
“Sorry to hear that,”he just smiled and shrug it of.
“Anyways where is your car,”he asked as we leave the gate of the grave yard.
“I parked it by the flower store,”he nodded and we started making our way to the shop.
“My car is also there,”he told me.I smiled at him he smiled back,”I just couldn’t wait to see you smile again,”as creepy as that sound I couldn’t help it but laugh and blush at the same time. “Are you blush-laughing Miss Louis,”he joked but my cheeks flushed with embarrassment. I thought he was always serious like the way he is at work. Now I know he has two sides.

He saw my car and asked for the keys,I handed to him and he opened the passenger door for me and went to inform his driver to follow. He was back within 3 seconds.”So, where do you live,”I told him and he smiled, “I live a little bit far from there,”he has to live there. Only people like him live in those neighbourhood.”Are you always quiet?”he asked but I am too rude to reply
I reached home well we reached him ,”it’s fine I can take it from here,thank you,”he nodded and got off the driver seat and opened the door for me.I thanked him again.He just shrugged it off. I gave him his jacket.
“Have a good night Cassidy,will see you on Monday.”he jumped into his car and I jumped into mine and went to park.I need to go speak to Mrs Jones about her visiting my mother.As I approach I hear voices and I was trying hard not to seem inquisitive but I heard my name so I listened.

“I am tired of her here,she has to leave,”that came out of Jay’s mouth and I am really shocked because I know they talking about me.”mum,why haven’t you made her sign the papers yet?”he asked his mother .What papers.
“I am looking for a good opportunity. If I make her sign now she will want to read them,”Jay and his father both groaned.”plus we just killed her mother…,”I gasped,I gasped too loud and they heard me. I tried to ran but my feet were stuck.Jay and his parents came out of the room and looked at me. The they looked at me differently from how they always look at me ,this time there’s hate in their eyes.
“Why are you snooping around,you idiot?”Jay asked.

“You killed my mother?”That’s all that could come out of my mouth. The Jones killed my mother,including Jay.My best friend Jay killed my mother.
“Yes,Your mother,father,Connie and also Tyrol’s brother,”I gasped and tears fell down my eyes.This are the wolves Tyron was trying to warn me about.”Now,I am going to kill you,”he pointed a gun at me. Mr and Mrs Jones are just standing and smiling at their son.”get into the room Cassidy,”he ordered and I am so scared I get into the room. Mrs Jones tied me to their bed.
“Why are you doing this?”I asked. I have stopped crying because I have no more tears to cry.I feel so betrayed.Jay killed my parents and took me in to kill me. I hate him .Worst I am carrying his
child in my womb.

“I did this because your mother was a b---h,”she said with so much of bitterness and hate in her voice.”Your mother was my sister,”I chocked,I am extremely shocked my mum didn’t tell me she had a sister.
“What?,you are lying,”I told her.Jay went into their cupboard and took some pictures.
“See,that’s your mother and I,”she showed and its true. It’s my mum, her and my grandparents.” I loved your mother so much,she was my sister but she didn’t love me. She hated me for a reason I don’t know. I was meant to hate her because she was beautiful,smart and kind but I couldn’t,I loved her ,I could have given my life for her. One day in school she got into trouble,I fought for her and they beat me up but that was fine by me because I fought for my sister and I was happy.”

“But your mother betrayed me,she took my boyfriend. I was about to get married to him,to your father but your mum s£duced him. She knew I was pregnant with his kid but your mother didn’t care.She pushed me down the stairs and made me lose my baby.They took me to the hospital where I met Jay’s grandfather,I begged him to tell them I died and give them a disguise corpse. He agreed. After that he took me in and thats where I met Jay and his father and from there I started planning my revenge,”Jay is not her son. I can’t believe what I am hearing. I can’t believe my mum did that. I am at lost of words.

“When I heard they had you,I made sure that Jay and you are friends and you were very stupid you allowed it. He was friends with you and Tyron,this idiot told Tyron everything so he had to be taken out of the picture ,so we made me have an accident,”she smiled. She is crazy ,she is out of her mind. “And guess what,you saw everything,you even saw Jay’s father killing your father. You saw everything but Jay gave you a drug when you were at the park that made you loose your memories,”the dreams,the dreams were showing everything that I had forgotten.The dreams. Tyrol was right I shouldn’t have trusted them.

“My parents gave your mother all of their empire because they thought I was dead. Your mother then named you as the next person to get that empire but I won’t allow ,that empire belongs to me and not you. So if you want to live with that thing you have in your stomach you need to sign the papers I am going to give you,”she handed me the papers. I really dont want my child to die,I want it to see the world and with the 2 guns pointing at me,I signed the papers.She smiled and I feel really stupid.I shouldn’t have signed until I knew I was safe with my child.
“Why did you kill Connie?”I had to ask.
“Well she knew too much,she saw me trying to kill you that day you fell down the ladder,”Jay said casually. “You were so stupid because the doctors told you,you had inner bleeding and you didn’t wonder where they came from. I started hating you from there because you made me kill the only girl that I really loved ,”he said. This broke my heart because I though maybe he did somehow loved me.
“I will give you something to drink that will make you loose your memory and you will forget everything that happened here,”Jay’s father told me “And you will be able to live with that thing you carrying,”they untied me.We started making our way to the kitchen.

“Isn’t she is pregnant and I was pregnant when her mother did this to me,”before I process what she was saying. I saw my life flash into my eyes. She pushed me down the stairs.Everything goes blank. That is how I died.

—-The End of book one—

The next book is all about revenge but who will avenge Cassidy’s death?
Would it be Tyrol or Finn?
Don’t miss out,read

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