Lovely betrayed - Season 1 - Episode 23

1 year ago

We have reached Settlewent and Tyrol’s grandma’s house is like how I expected it to be. It’s more like a mansion than a house.It’s really beautiful and I am not really good with descriptions but this house is what they call breathtakingly beautiful.

“This place is really fancy,”He looked up at me and smiled.His smile and those dimples ,he is so cute.Wait,it’s allowed to compliment another guy mentally while you got a boyfriend? Because I am really new at this so I really don’t know. But Tyrol he is so handsome its hard to ignore.
“Did you hear what I said,”he snapped me from my stupidity and I was so stuck up in my stupid arguments that I didn’t hear what he said.In situations like this ,I just reply to what I think its right.

“Yea sure no problem,”I replied.His eyes widen in a surprise way,why is he so surprised.

“So you are really fine with us two staying in the house alone while my granny is in the hospital?”He repeated.
“Oh whatttt???”I asked.
“Are you dumb or you playing dumb?”he sarcastically asked.
“Both,”I stuck my tongue out in a childish manner.

“That’s so immature,”he rolled his eyes and I repeated my act he looked at me annoyed and laughed. He did that deep beautiful laugh ,”you are really beautiful, Cassidy,” that caught me off guard the seriousness in his voice.
“It’s like you declaring your love for me,”I joked with him but he seems to have taken offense cause he ignored me and just entered the mansion.Inside it’s so classy.I don’t know why I always think of heaven when I see places classy and beautiful like this. But this place it is like heaven.

“Close your mouth a bug might enter,”Jay told me. I didn’t even realise that my mouth was open.

“This place is beautiful and really classy,”I told him.

“Yea,it’s not that bad,”he seems really uncomfortable.Maybe that’s the reason why he asked me to come,he doesn’t like this place.”The cook is not here,she will come tomorrow,so I thought we should go out to eat,”he suggested.

But I got a better idea “how about we go out on sunday and allow me to cook tonight,”I suggested .He looked at me and smiled and the smile was becoming wider and before I knew it,he was laughing,laughing at me.Like seriously why is he even laughing at me,did I say something funny? And he is like really laughing in the way that tears are falling out of his eyes and he is annoying me.” What’s so funny?”I asked him really annoyed .
“Cassidy,the last time you tried to cook you burnt the kitchen curtain,cause you thought by magic that the kitchen curtain would put out fire and let’s not forget how you broke my mum’s wedding Chinas that you weren’t even using and I really don’t how it is possible but you made it possible “with that he continued laughing. It was an honest accident.The egg was burning and the curtain was the nearest thing and the chinas ,I think the was an earthquake cause I really am not sure how it happened”Cassidy, my mum doesnt even want you in her kitchen,”he finally told me the truth why his mother always chases us out of the kitchen and I couldn’t help it but help him to laugh cause it’s really funny when I think of it now.
“But I’ve learnt to cook now,Vanessa taught me some few dishes.Please let me cook for you,please,”I begged him like a desperate wife. He looked up and I’ve realise that he does that when he is trying to think about something .
“Okay,but if you gonna burn the kitchen please put me in the fire cause my grandma is going to kill me,”If only you’ll could see how serious he was when he said that.

“Stop exaggerating,I got this. I am going to make us Macaroni and cheese. You just have to help me find the utensil and ingredients and everything else that I might need,”I told him and he nodded.

He showed me the room I will be sleeping in and he is in the room next to mine.My room it’s no different to the one I have at Jay’s.Speaking about Jay,I need to tell him that I have arrived alive cause in his mind he thought the road will swallow us.I grabbed my phone and dialled his numbers after unpacking. He answered at the second ring.
“Hello babe,I miss you already,”He complained.

I laughed,”Stop complaining,I only left this morning. But I won’t lie I miss you too,”I told him.

“You gotta miss me,I am Jay Jones,”I knew it by saying that I was gonna boost his ego.
“Shut up,”I told him and I hear his cocky laugh,it’s so sexy.

“How is it there?”he asked.
“It’s really beautiful and very fancy. I love it here ,”I told him.
“Don’t get too comfortable,you gotta come back to me,”he told me.

“I can’t get too comfortable knowing you aren’t with me,”I told him.
“That’s why you are my woman,I love you ,JayCee” he said and I couldn’t help it but laugh. That pet name. It sounds more appropriate for a guy but he whined to be Ceejay cause he always wanted Ceejay to be his name.

“I love you too ,CeeJay,I have to go now.Bye,”I told him.

“Where you goin?”
“I am going to cook.There’s no cook so Imma cook,”I told him and before I knew it there was silence over the phone,”Hello?”I call out,still silence and out of no way a loud laughter came from his end .

“Babe ,you going to cook.Poor Tyrol. Good luck,”with that he cut the call and I heard him laughing before cutting . I am going to prove everybody wrong.I made my way downstairs and Tyrol showed me the way to the kitchen and I began.


“So after cooking from 3 to 7 this was what you were making?it doesn’t even look like Mac and Cheese,Cassidy are you trying to kill me ?”That stupid question came from Tyrol.
“Shut up and let’s eat cause I am really tired and sleepy and also,I am never cooking again,”I told him and its true,I am never.
“Yea,Let’s pray so we can maybe end up in heaven after this meal”he joked.I gave him the most fake smile ever.”and I saw that,”He pointed out at my fake smile.We sat by the couches and eat.”It’s actually tasty,”he praised my food.
“I am also surprised by this too,Cooking is in my blood.I should tell Jay,”those words came out of my mouth without thinking. I looked at Tyrol and he is choking,I shouldn’t have said that.I ran to the kitchen and got Tyrol some water and he took 2 gulps and he was done. “I am so sorry,I know we spoke about this…..”I told him.
He stopped ,”It’s fine Cas,he is your boyfriend and you can mention his name and even talk to me about him. I am your friend and I am going to listen to everything you say,”he told me with a smile on his lips. I put my plate down and gave him the biggest hug I have ever given him. “But please don’t you ever ask me to be friends with him,”he warns.

Still hugging him ,I gave him a kiss on the cheek “your support and love is all I need from you,”I told him and looked at me and we locked eyes.

“My love and support is all yours,” he gave me a kiss on the cheek too and I couldn’t help it but blush .Then silence fell on us thats when I realise I was still hugging him.
“Sorry,” I laughed and he chuckled.
“It’s fine,by the way the food is really nice but not good to look at”he told me as I sat on the couch. I gave him a huge smile and he smiled back .I stuck my tongue out and he returned the gesture.
That’s how our evening went and we both went to sleep at the same time.


“You made a big mistake Cassidy,why did you even do that? You are digging your own grave,” Tyron said.

“You finally got what you wanted ,to sleep with my man,”Connie said. She is so annoying.
“Shut up Connie,”Tyron told her.”Cassidy,you gotta stop it before it’s too late.”
“Stop what? And what do you mean I am digging my own grave? “I asked him.
“Tyron?”He is ignoring me,”TYRON!” No reply .”Tyrol what are you talking about?”

” Cassidy,”somebody is shaking my body.I quickly opened my eyes and standing before was a sleepy Tyrol,he looks really cute.”Cassidy,why were you screaming my brother’s name?” how do I even answer him.

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