Lovely betrayed - Season 1 - Episode 18

1 year ago

“Life is too short,we gotta have to make the best out if it because you don’t know when you leaving this world.Death isn’t something to be scared of,its going to happen whether you like it or not it’s going to come and death can not be escaped.
I know I was suppse to come here and talk about Connie but every memorial service is like that,I wanted to do something different but I still have to talk a little about Connie,”Mentioning her name,it hurts my heart is sore,I know she wronged me but I’d never wish death upon a person.
“Constance Cohen was my best friend,I can not say we were childhood friends because we were not but in the way we blended in it’s as if we were.The time I’ve been her friend,I’ve got to know the real her.She was outspoken,caring and beautiful,”I felt warm liquid spilling fron my eyes to my cheek then the paper I was reading,I am crying.”Even though her last few days was not with me because …of some situations but my love for her never changed. I have learnt,no matter how many times a person …have wronged you,you shouldnt be like them,You should be ….the better example and I am being that better…”I couldn’t finish the sentence,I can’t even talk.

I’ve been acting strong,acting as if her sudden tragic death didnt affect me.I’ve been trying to be strong for both Jay and I but I can’t anymore.Connie’s accident has left me heart broken.Right now its clear because,I can’t even finish a simple speech,I can’t talk.I have just broke down in front of friends,family and strangers.


I knew it,I knew she was hurting but her guard wall is too strong for me to believe my assumptions this girl doesnt want to be seen at her weakest point. I’ve heard her cry in her room so many times but her acting is good.I actually believed that she was not affected by the death of Connie because of their regular fights that has been happening.
But seeing her on the stage crying,it was something that I didn’t expect,she is not even halfway of the speech cause I read it and she had some good pointS but she can’t finish it and I know she won’t. She told me,how much Connie meant to her,she even told me about the fight over me, which I didn’t know about and it affected her but despite all of that,she never stopped loving her.When she was telling me these,I could see how hard she held herself from crying.
I can’t see her cry anymore and before I knew it,I stood up and went to fetch her. It’s as if I told her to cry more,right now I don’t think she is going to stop.”Shhhhhh its going to be fine,”I reached out to her and she gave in and with her in my arms we went and sat down.She still couldn’t stop. I swear girls have more tears than the water in the sea.


She has been quite,she barely talks. When she talks its barely a sentence and I’ve been hearing her having nightmares but she doesn’t want me to stay with her or even talk about it .Its been 6 months since Connie died and now we were suppose to be getting ready for college something she has always dreamed of even though it won’t be any different cause our school is also a college .I am worried about her,she is now even scared to sleep,I’ve seen her consume so much of caffeine so that she won’t sleep.
My father have suggested psychological help but that didn’t work and there’s nothing else I can do but speak to him. I hope this doesn’t add unto his ego,I really hope so .As I make it to the bar,I see him sitting by the bar speaking to Janet,I keep on forgetting this is her part time job.
“I see you enjoying,”I made a remark.He looked at me and groaned and made a disgusting face.
“What are you doing here,I thought I was meeting Cas?”he raised is one eyebrow.
I rolled my eyes at his stupidity,”and you seriously thought Cas would have told you to meet at a bar?”I asked him.I thought he was smart but I guess I was wrong.He looked at me and open and closed his mouth.Guess I got him good.

“What do you want,”He asked.
“Tyrol,I need you to help me out with Cas,she has completely lost herself in her own world since Connie’s death.She rarely eats,she doesn’t sleep and she is having nightmares and doesn’t want to talk.I have tried everything but its not working.I don’t know what to do ,I need your help,”I pleaded with him.I never thought I’d find myself in this situation but I love Cassidy and I miss her.

“So what do you want me to do,Me and her haven’t spoken since thanks giving and that was December,”that is true but he cant lose hope he is my last hope.
“Please,just take her to that dinner by your house,”I suggested.
He looks up,I’ve realise that,this is the
way he thinks by looking up.”That’s not so bad,I will try,”

“Thank you,I’m gonna leave you to your Janet,”I told him.
“You leaving already,without even having a drink with me,”he asked me,I can see that he is faking that offer.
“Very funny,”I said and left.

Atleast that went well,he might change her mood a little.

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