Lovely betrayed - Season 1 - Episode 14

1 year ago

Jay’s POV

She is sound asleep on my chest. She looks so cute,I can’t stop looking at.Will it be wrong if I say I really wanted to kiss her,I was dying to kiss her. He lips was like calling me to kiss them and with her innocent eyes is what stopped me. She looked so innocent,I couldn’t do it,I just can’t .
I know what I said was hurtful but I had to say,it was a need for me to say. I left her in her room sleeping and went to report to my parents.I knocked and entered after they gave me the invite.I do have manners after all.
“So tell us,how did it go,”my father asked.I think they’ve been waiting for this.
“It went better than I expected,we reconciled,”I told them and the biggest wide smile appeared on their faces.
“I knew it she was dumb enough,”my mother said rolling her eyes.
“She is not dumb mother,I am am all she has in the world,she needs me,”I said,I am really starting to feel guilty about all of this.
“Well I don’t care or I want is her out of our way of getting that money,”my father said,this coming out of him uts like it’s coming out of my mothe.I see she got her claws on him.”anyways did you kiss her?”my father asked
“Yes,I did,”I had to lie.

“So how she responded?”my mother asked.
“Well she responded ver well,”I told her.
“Good,now all you have to do is make her fall deeply in love with you,so our plan can go smoothly,”She said.As if she is saying the nicest thing ever.

“Yes mother,”I replied.”Can I go sleep now?”I asked them and they nod.
“Oh and son,you have to break up with Connie,so this can work,”my father said.
“WHAT,WE DIDN’T HAVE THAT AGREEMENT,”I told them. I am upset because they didn’t tell me this so I could prepare.I like Connie a lot and her presence is amazing,I can’t leave her.

“You have no choice,you have to leave her and make Cas,stop spending time with that investigator’s son,”My mother added.
“Whatever,I forgot you don’t care about anybody’s happiness apart from yours,”I told them walking out of their room.
“Atleast you understand,”My mother said.
I really hate my parents but I am already into this too deep,I can’t come out. I have to go with it. I really like Connie but I now have to end it .I don’t even know how I will go about doing that.Tomorrow morning I will do that now I have to have a rest.


“Jay, see how high we can go,”I am on the swing with this boy next to me.I am not sure where I know him from but he looks really familiar.

I remember this place,this is where Jay and I spent most of our childhood memories.
“Cassidy, you are going to high becareful,”the boy said.
“Shut up,you are such a coward,”I told him.
“CASSIDY THAT’S NOT A WAY TO SPEAK TO SOMEBODY”a deep male voice said and that male is my father ,my father is here,he is alive.Let me go and hug him but I can’t get out if this swings.What is going,I want to hug my father.

“Cassidy,we are coming back just now,”the two boys said,Jay and the other boy.
They’ve been gone for a long time and I’m bored ,I’m going to follow them .I followed their destination,I hear them talking.
“What is that in your pocket?”I can’t really tell which boy is talking.
“My parents gave me,they said when you make a person drink it ,they forget everything. They told me to put in her drink,” the other boy said.’her’ who is her.
“So did you put it?”the other asked.
“YES I did,” the other boy said.
“That’s so cool,”the other one said excitedly.”Did she drink it?”
“Yes she did,she drank it all,”they high fived each other.They speaking of that girl we were playing with,I have to tell her.I was making my way to go tell her when my father came.

“Cassy,Let’s go fetch your mother,”Daddy said.No daddy,you died you can’t tell me to go pick up mumny,daddy you died.”Cassidy mummy is waiting for us let’s go,”okay maybe all of this was a dream maybe this is real maybe my dad and mum are still alive.I can’t miss a chance of seeing my mother.
Walking to the parking place,there’s an elderly guy in front of my father’s car but my father didn’t see but I saw him,I saw that guy.I think he did something to my father’s car because when he saw us he ran.Who is that guy?
“Daddy,”I screamed at him but he is fading away.
“DADDY,COME SEE THIS GUY,”I continue screaming at him.

“Cassidy,”he called back at me but I can’t reply back to him.
“Cassy,”the voice was becoming louder and louder and somebody is shaking me.No Daddy you gotta see him ,I tried to say.
“CASSIDY WAKE UP,”I flutter my eyes open . It was just a dream but it felt so real.I don’t think that was just a dream,that dream meant something and I am going to find out.

” Cas,Thank God you are awake,Cas you’ve been crying and screaming,what’s wrong?did you have a nightmare?”Jay asked.I can’t believe I woke him up.
“Kinda,I am sorry for waking you up,”I apologised.”You slept here or you went back to your room,”I asked him,I am really trying hard to change the topic.That dream wasn’t just a dream it was a memory.It was part of the things I do not remember after my father’s accident.
“I slept in my room but your screaming woke me up,”Jay told me,”Do you wanna speak about the dream because it really sounds serious?”Jay asked.
“No,It’s still early to speak about,I am still in shock,”I said and looking at the time its 2am.
“Okay,Goodnight Cas,”he kissed my cheek and was about to leave when I stopped him,I really can’t believe I am going to ask him this but I am desperate,”What’s wrong Cassidy?”he asked.He is calling me Cassidy a lot nowadays.

“Jay,please sleep here with me,”I asked him” but its fine if you dont want.”
“No Cas,Its fine.I will sleep here with you,”He said.I hugged him and thanked him.
I tried sleeping but it was really hard. That dream,I really don’t understand it.The only person I knew in that dream was Jay but he was too young but that other boy looked a little older.I know you think it’s Tyrol but I have seen baby pictures of him and he doesn’t look like that boy.Who is he ?With so much of thoughts in my head,I dont even know the exact time I slept.

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