Angelina - Season 1 - Episode 44

1 year ago

She had no idea of what was going on. And in was still in the cage and was amazed to see that,
the fire didn’t even come my way or where I stood. Lady Pratt quickly entered with half of her body
totally burnt.

” Your Highness! ”. She shouted and fell at the queen’s feet.

” What in hell is going on? ”.
” Your highness.. It is the pastor. Mr Brandon and his son with Angelina’s brother, they are
standing at the gate way of the kingdom, and they are praying earnestly ”.

” Noooo!!! ”. The queen said and her voice was deepened into a man’s voice and it was louder
than ever ”. Everyone paraded.

The goat men the other ladies arrived. The queen unlocked the cage with her powers and the goat
men grabbed me. I tried to resist,but they were stronger than me.

” Hurry up, we are going to bath and coronate her right now. Hurry to the bathing room! Hurry ”.

The queen instructed and they pulled me out,followed by her.

” Leave me alone now! I won’t be your queen,leave me! ”.

I then remembered, I couldn’t only use my powers in the queen’s chambers, as soon as we were
out of the chamber I used the little strength I had to beta myself up,the goat men left me and I
used my power of storm to strike them all,including the queen down. I took to my heels and I don’t
know where to run to. The tons of fire was still falling into the ocean and kings and queens were
being burnt to death. I run as fast as I could whiles the queen and the others chase me. I got to a
certain door,I opened it and entered. I saw weapons in there. Swords,arrows and so many in
there. So that’s where they kept their weapons.

I then lifted my eyes up to the top and saw a very small knife,it was kind of special since it was
kept away from all of the others. Hanging in the air. I closed my eyes and lifted myself up by wind
power and I grabbed hold of it. And the queen and all her goons also entered… the queen
screamed in agony when she saw me with the knife,but I suddenly disappeared. I appeared on the
island and fell in front of Mr Brandon, Nickel and Danny on the soft sand.

” What happened? ”. Mr Brandon asked.
” I don’t know ”. I said and got up with the knife.

” What a shiny knife. Where did you get that knife? ”. Danny asked.
” I found it in a room under the sea. But the queen screamed in anguish when she saw me with it,I
wonder why ”.

” Because that is the knife that can be used to kill her ”.

” Oh my goodness! Then I can end her forever! ”.
And the queen and her goons appeared there. Pastor Brandon stretched his Bible to them and the
goat men and the ladies were caught in fire,they burnt into ashes. The queen started running
towards me but I disappeared and got behind her,I caught her hair and she hit me from her front
with her sword. I vomited a big anaconda and the knife fell from my hand. The queen swallowed
the snake herself and she was heat up.
She threw Mr Brandon and the boys away by the power of wind. She took the knife and started
laughing as she was immerging to victory. I saw Mr Brandon stood up with the boys and started
praying hard. The queen caught my hair and it was demn painful. Suddenly, a bright light. The
brightest light I have ever seen in my life appeared from the sky and came down to the queen and
I and she screamed in agony.

She scratched her eyes and I used my knee to hit her abdomen so hard and pushed her down,the
knife fell and I took it and. bent down over her. The light disappeared and I raised the knife up in
the sky.

” Bye bye queen Marina! ”. I whispered and stabbed her in her heart.
She screamed and the sky became dark,and thunder rumbled and there was a violent rain. I got
on my feet and she turned into the biggest and largest anaconda I had ever seen. It started
chasing me and I raised to Mr Brandon’s back. He took over.

” God,just like you defeated Lucifer, I know this is even small for you my Lord. I command you to
leave our lives for good! In the name of Jesus!!! ”.

Fire from ever fell from the sky and landed on the anaconda and immediately burnt it to ashes. I
felt strange in my body. And black smoke disappeared from my body.

” Your evil powers are gone now Angelina. You are free forever ”.

(17 years later=Brandon’s Mansion).

So that is the story of my life. I am Angelina Brandon. Mr Brandon is now so old,holding his eight
grandchildren in the garden. I have two boys and two girls,Danny has three boys and a girl with
Diana. Diana is no longer a maid,she’s my sister in law. Nickel has taken over the Brandon’s milk
company in America, he came home yesterday from his trip.

Kelvin has gotten married to one of the nurses in the hospital and has taken over the hospital.
Doctor Graham is now in the garden with Mr Brandon and this two old men can never stop talking
about their young ages and laughed about it. Danny is now a mechanical engineer and Diana is
also professional chef. She owns her own restaurant. Hey guys,not forgetting our own famous
aunt Okereke… well,karma worked on her. She has a mental problem now. And is admitted at the
mental hospital.

The wicked will never go unpunished.
And me,I am now a pastor in Mr Brandon’s church. Today is also my birthday and you are all
invited. The party will be big. (Smiles)


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