Angelina - Season 1 - Episode 43

1 year ago

I forced myself to get back on my feet. Queen Marina came closer to the cage and smiled.
” Oh my dear Lady Sona. Very soon, you will be queen Sona,how amazing is that? ”.
” You are crazy,I will never be the queen..why won’t you just leave me in peace?! ”.
” Because you break your commitment to this kingdom and fell in love with Nickel Brandon, then
later turned against us!!! So I will never let you live in peace! You have so many commitments
ahead of you now,so just make up your mind and accept to be queen ”.

” No! ”.
” There are so many people here. So many spirits! So there’s nothing you can do now. You can’t
fight us at all okay ”.

” You look terrible. Get out of my sight! ”.
” Have it your way then! You are never getting out of this ancient cage until you have accepted this
offer. Anyone else would die for this offer…it is up to you! ”.

After saying that,four goat men appeared from no where.

” You called us your Highness ”. One of them said.

” Yes. I want you four to have fan with Angelina. Make sure you push in harder. Make the sex hurt
her,make sure you make you make her remember the experience she had with her late uncle ”.

” What?! Uncle Tom is dead? ”.
” Oh yes my dear. You see,I know everything. I have being taking record tracks of your life lately. I
am an all knowing being. He died of anal cancer ”.

” What..did you do it? ”.
” What, me? Oh come on Angelina, I don’t give cancer okay? I kill directly. It was all you! You were
the one that pushed a rolling pin into his anus and pressed it in and out ”.

” I…..I ”.
” Oh yes,and your little cousin. Danny’s little brother also died of a car accident. A car hit him on
the road when he was selling oranges. And all this is your fault ”.

” Nooo! ”. It was so painful to hear because I was willing to forgive uncle Tom as a sign of my

” If you had not thrown his parents out of your parents mansion, he wouldn’t become a street boy
to sell oranges on the road to get hit by a car. You are a murderer and you don’t deserve
repentance. Do you know how many people have died in your hands? Six people ”.
” Stop! ”.
” You killed Lydia, that girl you used for rituals, you killed your cousin Ellen, you killed Lady Nash, you killed Lady Molio, you killed your uncle and killed your little cousin as well! ”.

” No stop! Atop accusing me! ”. I couldn’t take it anymore and I was exploding.
” You are a murderer! And you think that man in heaven is going to forgive you like that? You think
he is going to recognise you as his daughter? No Angelina, that pastor Brandon was just deceiving
you okay? That man up there,he loves no one. It is only we that loves you. We are ready to accept
you even though you betrayed us all this time ”.

” Enough! ”.
I raised my hand up and stretched it at her but nothing came out of me. No fire,no thunder, no
arrows…nothing. I was shocked. But she stood there and kept laughing at me like a mad woman.

” You no longer have any powers Angelina. Unless you become queen. Here in my chambers, it is
only I who has the powers. Unless I give you the authority! ”.

As soon as she said that,the entire marine kingdom shook. There was total chaos and tons of fire
started falling in there like rain,I heard thousands of people shouting outside the chamber. And I
heard people running and there was total disaster, the goat men took to their heels and queen
Marina was super angry.

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