Angelina - Season 1 - Episode 38

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(For Life Hospital).

The ambulance arrived at the hospital and Angelina was quickly rushed inside inside followed by them all. And they tried going with the nurses but they were stopped by one of them and they
closed the emergency ward to check on Angelina. As they walked to and fro in the hospital waiting
room,Mrs Graham entered with her handbag and she was walking straight to her husband’s ward
when she saw Mr Brandon and stopped. She was over excited.

” Pastor! ”.
” Eunice? ”. They both embraced each other.

” Oh the Lord has answered my prayers. I was even praying that God should make a miracle so
that I !EET you even before your friend dies ”.
” David? I heard what happened, am so sorry Eunice, where is he? ”.

” He is dying in that ward oo ”. She pointed at a door in front of them with tears. ” Your friend is in
there,and paralysed. He can’t talk or even shake his body ”.
” Let’s go and see him ”.
They all walked together into doctor Graham’s ward and Kelvin was watching over him. He got
up,looking at all of them strangely and his mum got closer to doctor Graham and caressed him.
They all stood there starring at him. He opened his eyes and when saw Mr Brandon, he tried his
best to talk and raise his hand at the same time but the stroke pulled him back down at once and
he couldn’t control that pain,Mr Brandon went closer to him and touched his forehead and closed
his eyes.
” Hmmm…. ”. He said,shaking his head.
” What is it man of God? ”. Mrs Graham asked.

” This is not a physical problem Eunice ”.
” I said it! Hey….I said it ooo,my house witches are trying to ruin my family for me ”.
” When will he be discharged? ”.
” Has the nurses told you anything? ”. She asked,looking at Kelvin’s face.
” No mam ”.
” Mum? ”. Mr Brandon asked in surprise. ” Is that Kelvin? ”.
” Yes pastor, of is your own nephew Kelvin… he returned from the USA,just a week ago ”.
” Wow! God is wonderful ”. He turned to Kelvin. ” You were a little baby when I last saw you
Kelvin… now look at you. You are even taller me ”.

They all laughed.
” So,what are we going to do now pastor? ”.

” He needs to be discharged immediately, because with all the infusion they’ve given him right
now,u won’t be able to pray like am supposed to ”.

” Okay,will see what I can do about that ”. Mrs Graham said.

” He will be fine. I am going to prepare myself for this battle ”.
” Why are you here pastor? Did you come to see my husband? ”.

” Yes I was planning to come and see him soon but it wasn’t exactly why I came here ”.

” Oh my God,don’t tell me you are also not feeling well…. ”.

” I am fine. Just that…a girl I have taken to be my own daughter was involved in a very fatal
accident and she was rushed here that’s why am here ”.

” What?! ”. Kelvin was amazed. ” Angelina? Is it Angelina? ”.
” Yeah yeah ”. Mr Brandon was surprised. ” Do you know her? ”.
” Not really sir…I met her earlier two days ago,she was brought here because she had an injured
arm and that’s were I got to know her,and she told me she lived with you….but what happened to
her now sir? ”.

” It’s a long story my boy. But her condition doesn’t seem to be good at all ”.
” Can I see her please… I’ll help ”.
” Oh sure…let’s go ”.
” Stay here with dad mum. We’ll be back ”.

Kelvin walked out with Mr Brandon and got to the waiting room where Danny,Nickel and Diana
were sitting and waiting impatiently.

” Has the doctor checking on her come to say anything? ”.
” We have been waiting for,getting to 2 hours now…but no one has even come out from that
emergency room to say anything ”.

” I will go in there to see what’s happening sir ”. Kelvin said and entered the emergency room.

” Who is he dad? ”.
” Oh…you won’t remember him son. You two used to play when you were just toddlers, until when

I had to take you to the UK for your mother’s burial. But that is doctor Graham’s son Kelvin ”.
” Is he also a doctor? ”. Danny asked.
” A qualified one. He is just 20. But he does things other older doctors can’t even do ”.
” Hmmmm…hope he does what he can to save my sister. Because if anything happens to her,I
will have no choice but to kill myself too ”.
” Shut up and start saying positive things. She will be fine ”. Mr Brandon sit and they all started
praying silently.
” Today is her birthday Mr Brandon ”. Danny wept. ” Angelina is 14 years today.
” Oh wow…Hmmmm,this is the worse birthday anyone can ever get. I hope God can have mercy
on us and save her,she deserves better than this ”.

” T… is Angelina’s birthday? ”. Nickel asked with a smile.
” Exactly… and now,she can’t celebrate it because of you! ”. Danny answered coldly.
Nickel then turned to leave the hospital and Mr Brandon held his hand.
” Where are you going? ”.
” I will be back dad…please let me go ”.

” We are all in danger Nickel. Be very careful ”.

” I will dad ”.
” May God be with you ”.
Mr Brandon said and Nickel walked out of the hospital.

(Under the sea=In the marine kingdom).
There was absolute chaos that the queen couldn’t control her anger but to push down all the
marine statues away and throwing bowls of sanctification water away as well. And neither the goat men nor the other macho men could calm her down. She felt absolutely defeated and powerless,
she had never being this humiliated and useless.

And the goat men couldn’t do anything, she killed two of them at once,which !ade the ladies

” What else can I do! What else do I have to do finish off Angelina? She has taken almost
everything from me! Now,of all the four elements of nature, am the laughing stock among them
all,I am the queen of the sea,but the fire Lord, the earth king and the air queen are all laughing at
me! ”.

” Your Highness.. let your heart relax,for I have a great news for you ”. Lady Shanty said.

” And what is that? You better make sure it is a tangible reason. Or else I will punish you dearly ”.

” Your highness, indeed.. it is a good news. Your Highness… the good news is,Angelina is in a
very bad condition at the hospital right now after the battle with Lady Molio, so everyone’s with her

” So? ”.
” My queen,the thing is,as Angelina is now unconscious, we have full advantage of that boyfriend
of hers and her brother, the two most important people in her life ”.

” She is no longer interested in Nickel, so killing him wouldn’t be any interesting… is this the idiot
thing you called a good news? ”. She roared angrily.

” Wait your Highness. There is something else. My queen,we have forgotten that woman who
hated Angelina so much ”.

” What woman? ”.
” Her aunt. The one they called Okereke. Remember, Angelina threw she and her family’s out of
her parent’s house ”.

” Oh yeah… The woman behind the reason Angelina joined this cult… what has she got to do with
all this? ”.

” Your highness, how about we looking for that woman? She is Angelina’s aunty after all. And we
can use her to finish Angelina once and for all. How about, we look for her? ”.

” Hmmm…what a great idea lady Shanty…you are right. So am leaving this job in your hand. Do
what Lady Molio couldn’t. More or so,you will have to leave your powers behind, just like we did to
Lady Molio, actually… I just want Angelina to come back to the cult,but before I can do that,the
pastor and his son must be eliminated. I have put this task into your hands okay,and I promise you
that,when we succeed over them,I will make sure you get the promotion to be my right hand witch

They all laughed and celebrated because even if they were defeated, there was still hope.

(For Life Hospital).
The family was still waiting and finally some doctors come out of the theatre followed by Kelvin wo
had a sethescope around his neck. The two doctors he came with,left to tend to other patients. He
stood in front of them and they all got their feet.

” Now? ”.
” Relax…we examined her,she has got so many injuries around her whole body sir ”.
” So what is your conclusion now…is she fine or not? ”.

” Well,not really. But she’s stable now…when she regained consciousness, she was in so much
pain and she was about loosing her breath…but thank goodness she’s kinda okay ”.
” Ooooh…glory be to the most high God. Can we see her please? ”. Danny asked.

” I’m sorry…she has to rest now ”.
” I am her brother, I won’t stress her at all. Please, let me see her face at least…to wish her a
happy birthday ”.

” Today is her birthday? ”. Kelvin asked,being surprised.

” Yes…please can we see her? ”.
” I am sorry..but no. It is against the hospital rules. We have performed surgery on her because a
spinal cord was affected due to a heavy blow. So she’s still in a critical condition… just relax. I
suggested you go home for today and come back tomorrow. This is what you can do now ”.

” He is right Danny,but Kelvin.. who is going to watch over her? ”. Mr Brandon asked.
” Leave that to me sir,I will make sure to examine her through the night ”.
” Okay,we understand. But please doctor, can I make some food for her when we are coming
tomorrow? ”. Diana asked.
” Of course,sure. With any luck, she might open her eyes tomorrow, make sure the food is
nutritious, and add lots of fruits too ”.
They all left and some minutes later,Kelvin stood at the waiting hall,walking to and fro. His mother
got out from doctor Graham’s ward and got to him.
” Are they gone already? ”.
” Yes mam. They will be here tomorrow morning ”.
” That’s good,and how is the girl? ”.
” She is responding to treatment ”.
” What are you doing here? I am on my way home…I need you to look after your father ”.
” Yes I will..take care and drive carefully. And bring some clothes to me tomorrow ”.
” What?! ”. Mrs Graham was surprised. ” Are you not coming home tonight? Were you not the
same person who told your father and I that you hated hospitals? So what changed now my son ”.

” I will explain later mam…just go ”.
” Hmmmm okay. May God be with you ”. She said and left.

Some few minutes later,Kelvin took out his phone and dialled a number to make an order.
” This is Kelvin Graham from the For Life hospital… yes I am an adult. I hope am not mistaking
that,this is the best flower shoo ever in the country. Yes,I found your number online, so I called to
make an order for the most expensive flower. I will make payment once your workers deliver it to
me here ”.

” What kind of flowers do you want sir? ”.. An unknown voice asked.

” Eeerr…what kind? White flowers,mixed with pink and red I guess. Add a birthday card to it make
it special.. and add chocolate as well. Just add anything that makes birthdays special.. and I will
pay for it ”.

” Okay sir…please what time do we deliver? ”.

” Tomorrow morning will do. Make sure you come early, I want it to be a surprise so be here at
exactly 6 am ”. He said and hanged up with a smile. ” Don’t worry Angelina… I am going to make your birthday so special that…you will forget your pain and smile at me….

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