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The Fox Corporation
04: 08: 2015
The Fox Corporation Headquarters, Epa Hill,
Bexford, Bethanna.

The Gigantic building of the Fox headquarters,
seated on the Epa Hill at the center of Bexford
the capital of the country named Bethanna was
one of the best architectural and structural
facilities in the world. The front view had an
hexagonal shape and had the sculpture of a fox
close to the roof at the centre of the building
where the main entrance was. It was also the
most secured building in the world, with no
bullet having the ability to pass through the
walls no matter it’s intensity.

The FOX corporation was a Bethanna
government owned security agency, known for
carrying out it’s activities in the pattern of the
Fox animal, using both mental and physical
strength to solve security problems and nab
dangerous criminals and criminal organizations.
The FOX agents after undergoing screening for
recruitments were always trained on a basic
level to use both mental powers which included
the ability to formulate mental strategies, the
use of technology, the mastery of mind games
and several others and then to use physical
powers under which were categorized mastery
in the arts of weapons, hand combats and fist
fights, speed and agility and so many others.

All agents of the FOX had a basic training in all
aspects but had to specialize in a particular
subcategory under one of the two aspects at a
certain level as they progressed in the training.
However, a number of the agents proved to be
geniuses and became masters in more than one
category, some almost mastering every aspect of
the FOX. This skillful agents became the most
respected agents as well as the most dreaded in
the corporation, each having their degrees of
respect based on their level of mastery.
Two of such agents were Agent Carl and Agent
Rex. These agents were the finest agents of the
corporation, both of the same rank. They
proved to be masters in every aspect of the
FOX. They also qualified to be categorized as
part of the best fighters, gun masters and
intelligent security officials in the world. The
two formed a formidable team and had led the
other agents of the FOX to defeat the most
dangerous groups in the world. They led their
teams to victory in several battles in their
country and in neighbouring countries such as
Anthanna and South Husan and in other
countries outside of Africa. Apart from being
great assets to the FOX, they were great assets
to their country and to the world at large.

They appeared to be fierce in battle, dangerous
to oppose and always in charge in all physical
and mental wars. No one seemed to know their
secrets or weaknesses apart from themselves
and they seemed undefeatable, but only until
the upsurge of the invisible terrorists also
known as the Red Wolves.

The Red Wolves had surfaced in the early 2014,
the election year in the country Bethanna, when
a lot of political activities were slated to take
place. They were named as the invisible
terrorists based on their mode of operation.

Their first two bomb attacks took place in the
first month of the year and were carried out at
very low populated political gatherings with no
one escaping the venues of the explosion. Their
attacks were neatly carried out in such a way
that no traces to the source of explosions could
be determined. They had left the security
agencies thinking at first that the attacks were
done by opposition political parties and
investigations were done in that direction. It
wasn’t until the third and fourth attacks which
were done in the first week of the second
month that the security agencies realized that
they were not just mere attacks from opposition
parties but were backed by a strong unknown
terrorist organization.

Three more attacks were done in the second
month. The targeted places of attack advanced
from low populated political gatherings to
larger ones and caused a resultant increasing
fear in politicians and the masses for attending
political campaigns and rallies. These first set of
attacks made the security agencies direct their
efforts towards securing the lives of politicians
and venues of political gatherings while they
investigated politicians and other influential

After the Red Wolves achieved their aim of
distracting the security officials through the
political attacks, they changed their manner of
operation and began to explode top companies
facilities in the nation, they began this set of
attacks with the major employers of labor in the
country. In two weeks, six major companies
including one close to Epa Hill had their
buildings blown up with little or nothing
remaining. The strange parts of all the company
attacks was that the explosion always occurred
at night times when the most of the companies
had already closed their operations for the day.
Not so many people got killed in the explosions
but properties which worth billions of dollars
were destroyed. It became evident to all that
the terrorists were not so interested in killing
the people but in destroying the companies and
rendering thousands of the citizens jobless.
The terrorists were untraceable in every way,
they left no clue at any point in time and never
was a security camera able to capture their
process of setting up the bombs or any one who
looked suspicious enough to be a member of
the terrorist group. This made the security
agencies nickname them the invisible terrorists.
The Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) of the
Anthanna Military Service handled the case
alone for the first five weeks and had to involve
the FOX corporation after realizing they needed
more of the FOX ideals to nab the terrorists.
A week after the FOX was involved, a member
of the invisible terrorists was caught for the
first time after the seventh company explosion.
After being interrogated, it was found that the
terrorist caught was one of the terrorist
organization lowest ranked members and knew
very little of the organization’s secrets. He was
not able to tell how the explosives got into the
seventh company, his own task which was being
carried out when he was caught was monitoring
the live explosion of the building and give a
report of how successful the destruction of
property was. The only important information
that the FOX was able to get from him was an
idea of the number of years the terrorist
organization had existed for. He had told them
he began his training with the organization five
years before he was caught, that gave them the
idea that the organization itself had existed for
more than five years. When interrogated about
who the top officials could be, he wasn’t sure of
his reply. He had only told them that the people
in the organization were not just Bethanians but
were mixed with people from other countries.
Three more explosions occurred after the
capture of that member and the FOX was put in
a tight corner as the countries’ were on them
and agencies all over the world had eyes on
them. They had to call back their best Agents,
Carl and Rex who had been on a mission with
the United Nations Force.

Agents Carl and Rex returned to the country
immediately and swung to action. They started
by back-tracing street surveillance camera
records of the past. They worked with the past
ten years records of the visitors and client
records of the already affected companies. After
one more successful attack of the terrorist, they
were able to predict and stop the next. They
discovered that the terrorists in the past ten
years had been implanting well trained and
intelligent people in some of the companies
where they did not have their members before.

The explosions in the organization always
occurred on a day of the week when these
agents of the terrorist group were on leave. The
FOX through Agents Carl and Rex were able to
find the common identity among all the
terrorist agents and that was their year and
month of application for their current jobs. All
of them had applied for their jobs four years
before the explosions started but were
employed at different times by the individual
companies. The uniqueness about their
applications were that they were submitted at a
time that most of the companies had no
vacancies or advertised spaces, the applications
were always submitted with proposals
containing mind blowing ideas that could move
the company forward. These proposals which
were too good to ignore made the companies
create space to employ them.

With the information they had, past actions and
surveillance records were investigated and the
defeat of the terrorists organization slowly
began and in two weeks, commendable success
was recorded. Agents Carl and Rex finally led
the FOX to their supposed final victory on the
thirtieth day of March 2015. However, as they
returned to their families the next day to
celebrate the victory, the invisible terrorists
struck back and attacked the two Agents and
their families. Agent Rex’s wife and two kids
were killed with their bodies butchered into
pieces while Agent Carl’s wife and his son were
burnt to ashes in a house. The terrorists
captured the Agents and recorded them in two
separate videos being tortured and shot after
which their bodies were thrown into the
Bexford Sea in broad daylight. The agents dead
bodies since then had never being found and
they never got to be given befitting burials.

Few days after the death of the Agents were
announced publicly, other FOX agents were able
to trace the terrorists through the trails left in
killing the Agent’s families and caught up with
them, totally wiping them out this time.

In a conference room at the FOX Headquarters,
not less than fifteen men were seated, all
dressed in black suits and ties. A large screen
hung at the center of the wall in front, showing
a video of the Bexford sea and three choppers
hovering around it.

The youngest of the men in the conference room
was forty five, and the oldest man was sixty
two. Each and every one of them were top
agents of the FOX, having had many years of
experience in the security and defense world,
they held major role in decision making and
strategizing for the FOX corporation. The video
being played was without sound, but it had
every single person’s attention. After over
twenty minutes of watching, the man was
seemed to be the chairman of the board turned
off the screen with a remote control and turned
to face the rest of the board.

There was a deafening silence for about five
minutes, not all of the men seemed to have
come up with a decision. They carried
undecided looks on their faces even though the
decision was not supposed to be a difficult one
to make.

“We’ve never had to wait for this long to make
a decision,” Paul Edwards, the man at the front
said in low tones.

There was no verbal response to his remark and
the silence seemed to continue for another two
minutes. It was in this same room and on the
same table that a meeting had held about five
months ago. Most of the men already had their
decisions in that meeting even before it started
and they all were in one Accord. Their decision
after that day’s meeting was that Agents Rex
and Carl were the most suitable men to bring
down the invisible terrorists. Now they were
sitting and trying to make a decision to stop the
search for the dead bodies of the same two

“We have to end the search,” Mark, the man
sitting at the left rear end said. He adjusted his
sitting position and placed his elbows on the
table, holding a pen up with his fingers. “Even
though it’s a terrible blow to us that we could
not give the world best two Agents their last

“I think at this junction we’ve done all we can
do to find their bodies, it is impossible to find
them anymore. It would be a waste of time and
resources if we continue,” another agent put in.
“I’ve always known we are never going to find
those bodies after the first two days of
searching,” a grey haired man spoke. He wasn’t
the oldest man in the gathering, but his grey
hairs were as much as that of a ninety year old
man. All eyes turned to him, they all knew he
had been negative from the start of the search.
“The Bexford sea is big and some big fishes
were newly discovered in it at that time. The
fishes could have eaten up their bodies.”
It wasn’t the first time of the board members
hearing the “fish eating” story from the grey
haired man and they were tired of it but it was
beginning to make sense. It was the most
sensible explanation for the disappearance of
the bodies of the Agents.

“Agent Sylvanus may be right,” Agent Elkim, the
oldest amongst them stated. “It’s obvious
something happened to those bodies, the sea
has been thoroughly searched like never before.
If we can’t find the bodies, it means they are no
longer there.”

Paul Edwards tapped the tall finger of his right
hand in the table slowly and gently continuously
for a moment. He recalled how Rex and Carl
had gone on several missions in various parts of
the world and had come back victoriously, even
in missions which seemed to be impossible, they
always turned around the story just at that
moment when every one thought it was over.
Paul looked at the faces of all the other men
with him, he knew what they had in mind. He
knew they must feel so disappointed, they all
would have felt that Carl and Rex would appear
back alive so soon but it was four months now
and there were no signs of them. He took in a
deep breath and leaned forward to talk.

“We all saw the viral videos uploaded by the
terrorists online here again this morning and
I’m sure we all agree that there is no way Rex
and Carl could have escaped death, if we can’t
find their dead bodies, something must have
happened to them.” he paused for a moment
and blinked his eyes. He had a quick flashback
in his mind and saw again how Rex was being
beaten with long iron rods on his body and
especially his head and how he was shot on the
bridge and thereafter tossed into the Bexford
sea. The video also showed the same treatment
being given to Rex’s friend after which he was
also thrown into the sea.

“But after our investigations, we still do not
know where these bodies are. It is safe to say
something happened to these bodies before we
got the information. We all would love to give
them the last respects and a befitting FOX
funeral but we may have to go ahead without
their bodies. We’ve given them so much honour
already in burying their families. It’s sad but we
have to move on and be ready for other things.

The most important part is that the invisible
terrorists have been wiped out and we can all
say that the death of the Agents were not in
vain. With this in mind, we’d put a stop to all
the search operations and go ahead with their
last honours.” He took a pause and his eyes
moved quickly across the faces of his listeners.

“Would anybody like to say something?”
There was total silence.

“I declare a stop to the search operation and
pronounce this meeting closed.”

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