Heart of a lucifer - Season 1 - Episode 30

1 year ago

My sister told me she’s got a federal work in abuja that she won’t be coming to join me in London for now, I wish her luck.

One year later i have gathered enough money, I sent some to Nigeria and told my sister to build a bungalow for me in abuja, everything keep going well until one say I saw Amgel message, though I have been ignoring her for long, she stop testing me but this one is different.

“Hi, remember when I said I will be coming to London, I will be in London this week we are coming to do research in British museum about some nigeria artifact and since Edo have many lost artifact there they choose me and others to go because am Edo too ” she said.

I don’t know if I should meet her or not, but I will really like to see her, she said she’s from Edo and that’s my state, waoh why didn’t she tell me before, now am more interested to know more about her.

“When are you coming?” I sent her.

“Next week Monday, we are staying for six days,” she said.

“Waoh, that’s cool when you land you let me know okay” I said.

“Alright then”.

I don’t know how I will react when I meet her, anyway I will just make of simple, she will stay in a hotel with their supervisor I guess in the evening I will go visit her and take her out if their supervisor will allow it.

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