Heart of a lucifer - Season 1 - Episode 28

1 year ago

“Go ahead” I said.

“Okay, that Adanna story is it true life or fiction?” She asked the same question everybody has been asking me from day one.

“The first season is real, I made up the other parts because my fans wanted the story to continue” I said.

“Waoh, its so interesting, I must say thank you very much” she said.

“Thank you too for reading” I replied.

“So what do you do now, are you still a writer?” She ask.

“Yes I still write, I have a site where I post my stories, where did you read Adanna?” I ask her.
“Oh I saw the PDF on my mother’s phone so I took it and read it, the title draw my attention, I haven’t really been to Nigeria before even though am from that side, so when I saw Aba and I have heard a lot about Aba town so I just say let me read it, and am glad I did” she said.
“You are from Nigeria but you have never step foot in Nigeria?” I ask.

“Yes, I was born here and this is where we live, I mean my family” she said.

“That’s interesting, well goodluck to you” I said.

“Alright, thank you, I hope we will chat more often now” she said.

“No problem” I said.

Day by day we chat and she requested for my site which I gave her the link, she read so many of my stories.

I return from work one day, I took my phone on top my bed after taking my bath, I saw her last message.

“Hello, am coming to england and I will be so happy if we can meet up, I will like to see you” that’s her message.

“What are you coming to do in England?” I ask her and immediately she came online.

She called me through video call, first time she will be calling me, I pick it up and cover the front camera with my hand so that she won’t see my face, I saw her and waoh, she’s really and angel with a long hair and beautiful body, she’s got full grown apples in front of her chest and she was sitting in bed with earphone on her ears.

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