Heart of a lucifer - Season 1 - Episode 19

1 year ago

We drank and eat pepper soup, she even want us to dance together but I decline, but she did while I video her, she’s a nice guy to be with and am glad I traveled all the way from port Harcourt to come visit her.

We stay there till evening and enjoy ourself, we even watch a movie together, around four she told me we should start going because her people will soon close from work, I bought her some snacks before leaving and then we return to our hotel, she followed me inside my room.

“I hope you enjoyed your day” she ask.

“Very much thanks to you” I said.

“Okay good, am glad to hear it” she said.

“All I need now is a cold shower, I hope you will join me” I said.

“Oh wait please let me shower first, I need to go home before five so let me take my shower first” she said.

“Alright then, ladies first” I replied.

She got up from the chair and went to the bathroom, minutes later I heard water splashing, I didn’t want to go meet her but my mind keep telling me to go, so I stand up and walk gently to the bathroom, I opened the cutton and “oh my God” what a beauty to behold, she’s so beautiful and I believe God rested another seven days before creating a beautiful creature like her.

She was using soap to bath and there is soap in her eye she can’t see me, I wanted to go join her but my mind said no “go away naughty boy” my other mind said.

As I wanted to turn back then I heard “since you are here please hand me the towel” I was shocked.

“Sorry” I said.

“Hand me the towel” she said using water to clean her eyes.

“Am sorry I know I wasn’t suppose to be here” I said picking the towel.

“Its okay” she said.

I walk inside the bathroom with the towel, I was facing her and as I hand over the towel I said “you are real beauty” .

“Thank you” she replied.

My mind started beating faster as we continue looking at each other face to face, then I summon little courage and move my lips closer to hers and then kiss her, her lips is soft.
I remove my lips thinking she will say something or object, she didn’t say anything so I move my lips closer to hers again.

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