Heart of a lucifer - Season 1 - Episode 17

1 year ago

We walk inside the hotel and then into my room, she went to sit on the sofa, I guess she’s scared that am going to have sex with her, I don’t want her to feel bad or scared.

“So when are we going out?” I ask.

“Anytime you are ready” she answered.

“Where are you taking me?”

“A nice place, not too far from here” she said.
“Okay then”

I took another cup and went to sit with her, I placed the cups on the table, I poured wine on one and sip, I was looking at her and she was shy to look at my face, she wore a blue handless gown, the gown reach her kneel and I can see her fine skin, I didn’t fill the other cup I just use mine own on her mouth and she sip it, I dropped the cup on the table and use my right hand to touch her face, I turn her face to me to make sure we are looking at each other eyeball to eyeball, she was robbing her hands together and breathing fast, she’s just too beautiful and the environment is so calm and romantic, I promise her I won’t touch her but I just can’t help myself, I draw my lips closer to her and as I wanted to kiss her she got up quickly and rush to the door.

“I thought you are ready let’s go out na” she said with innocent face.

“Okay then” I said and pick up my phone and wallet, I followed her out and close the door, outside the hotel she stop keke and we enter, I don’t know where we are going but she knows.
We return to Iwo road where I came from, and enter another taxi to dugbe we stopped at one big hall, I think they called it dugbe mall, the mall is large and nice too.

“Where are we dear?” I ask.

“You can call it multi hall, it can serve as cinema, bar and clubbing, not to forget shopping too” she said.

“Waoh, it’s really big and nice” I said following her from behind as she walk into the mall.

“Oh yeah, come here in the night you won’t want to go back home, last time me and my elder brother came here I didn’t want to go back” she said.

“Oh well I don’t blame you sha”.
We enter the hall where they club and everywhere is buzzing with music, people are even dancing self like a strip club, there are different tables occupied by different people.
“Let’s look for a quiet spot to sit, I don’t want all this noise” Joie said.

“What? You are not going to dance for me?” I replied.

“Ha you want me to dance, even if I want to dance I will dance for only you, not here where everybody will be seeing me” she said.
“Okay then”

We walk to a spot with dim red light, you can’t see the person sitting close to you except by what the person is putting on, there is one sofa chair still available so we went there to sit, we sit facing each other, we drop our phone on the table and then she ask.

“So what would you like to drink sweetheart?”

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