Heart of a lucifer - Season 1 - Episode 16

1 year ago

I woke up around six in the morning, there was nothing to do so I took my bath and order for food. They served rice and stew which I consume gently, I called Joie and she told me she will come around nine or ten.

I put on some clothes and walk downstair, I came out from the hotel and started strolling along the road with my earpiece on, the environment is cool and nice just like an estate, I saw a place they were playing basketball I sat on the field watching them, after some minutes I saw a beautiful girl jog pass me, she was wearing complete sport wear with earphone, I was tempted to jog with her but am not putting any sport wear, maybe I will see her again tomorrow.

Around nine I was in the hotel bar when Joie called me that she’s coming,.

“What do you want me to buy for you?” She ask.

“Anything you buy I will take” I replied.

“Okay dear, hope you are ready to take me out?” She ask again.

“Sure, just come first” I replied.

“Are you inside or outside?” She ask again.

“Baby are you tense?”

“No, why do you ask?”

“Because it seems like you are afraid”

“Maybe I am, a little, I have never visit any guy in a hotel before” she said.

“Relax nothing will happen I promise” I said.

“Thanks love”.

I was drinking wine when she enter the bar, she look around and then saw me, she came over to me smiling.

“how are you honey?” She ask.

“Am good, just lonely and thank God you are here” I said.

She smile again and then took my cup, she poured some wine and sip.

“What did you eat this morning?” She ask.
“Rice, what about you?”
“Haven’t eaten anything yet, just tidy up the house, took my bath and rush here because I know you are bored” she answered.

“Thank God you know, you look more beautiful in reality than I imagine” I said.

“Stop the flattering joor”.

“let’s go in na” I said taking the wine

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