The legend of the dragon king - Season 1 - Episode 63

2 years ago

(Elemental Mastery)

Xie Xie hadn’t considered the possibility of defeating his opponent in a single move. Thus, as his Light Dragon Blade flew was flying towards Gu Yue, his body sprang towards her as well. While Gu Yue was pacing away from Xie Xie, he had already calculated the distance and appeared on Gu Yue’s side with his Light Dragon Blade raised. The outcome seemed like Gu Yue had clashed against his dagger.
This unexpected move had even earned a nod from the strict Wu Zhangkong. Although Xie Xie’s cultivation hadn’t reached two rings, he had started to grasp the profound meaning of being an Agility System Battle Soul Master.

Tang Wulin had his eyes on this match as well. This allowed him to deeply experience the huge difference between him and Xie Xie. His first win was an unexpected victory, and his second was because of the strange golden scales. But in reality, Xie Xie’s abilities were far above his.

Xie Xie’s landing point was a meter away from Gu Yue. This position was within his predictions, allowing him to be within a suitable distance to attack his opponent, but still with sufficient space for escape. Facing a powerful opponent allowed him a chance to further release his potential.

However, this opponent was unexpectedly tough.

As soon as the tips of his feet touched the ground, Xie Xie felt a sudden suction from the ground, as if stepping into a muddy swamp. He lowered his left leg with a previous intention to spring himself up, but it had changed instantaneously into a ground attack.

Gu Yue staggered and her body tilted slightly forward which allowed her to successfully avoid Xie Xie’s attack. At the same time, an icicle shot out from her hand.

Its target was not Xie Xie, but the area underneath his feet.

The icicle struck onto the mud puddle that Xie Xie’s left foot was in and hardened. Xie Xie’s leg was stuck.

Gu Yue turned and waved her hand, a fireball appeared and flew towards Xie Xie.

In this close proximity, it was impossible for Xie Xie to dodge, even if he was an Agility System Battle Soul Master.

However, at this point of time, Xie Xie revealed his true capabilities.

His Light Dragon Blade appeared, and slashed accurately at the incoming fireball. The fireball smashed into a cluster of embers.

Gu Yue raised both her arms and released both the icicles and fireballs continuously. With only a Light Dragon Blade, Xie Xie was soon unable to block off Gu Yue’s shots. But at the same time, he raised his left hand and the glint between his eyes glowed more intensely.

As an Agility System Battle Soul Master with Twin Martial Souls, his movement and speed capabilities were strapped off, but he still had confidence in fighting a close ranged battle.
Both of them had one soul ring, which meant that they hadn’t reached rank 20 in cultivation. With the gift of twin martial souls and a rank 18 soul master, Xie Xie was confident on winning against his opponent by competing purely on soul power consumption.
Light Dragon Dagger and Shadow Dragon dagger. Both danced in the air and struck precisely at Gu Yue, who collapsed in defeat. It demonstrated Xie Xie’s incomparably precise judgement

Wu Zhangkong’s eyes reflected an array of colours, not only for Xie Xie’s performance, but Gu Yue’s as well.

Ice, Fire, Earth, Wind – these four elements had been displayed in her match with Xie Xie. And the display showed a variation of skills in both control and attacks.

Though Wu Zhangkong didn’t fully understand where Gu Yue’s soul skills originate, judging from her ability to utilise four elements all at once with a soul ring proved that she possessed a superior martial soul!

A cold grin broke out from the corner of Xie Xie’s mouth. ‘Though you are strong, your soul power is incomparable to mine. I possess twin martial souls, and I’m ranked 18. Even by competing solely on the soul power consumption, I can defeat you.’

It was obvious that everyone else was a one ring Soul Master. Xie Xie started feeling the frozen mud loosening and managed to free himself from the shackles that bound his leg, the situation had turned in his favour.

However, at this very moment, he caught the grin on Gu Yue’s face, shortly followed by a white ball of light from his opponent’s hand instead of fireballs.

The light bursted before Xie Xie’s eyes and blinded him instantaneously.

‘Not good!’ A voice inside Xie Xie called out and his pair of daggers started waving before him, in hope that by using an intensive series of attacks will fend off the opponent’s blows.
“Good. Let’s stop here.” Wu Zhangkong voiced out.

Xie Xie’s sight was only regained after ten or so seconds, but his eyes were clouded with tears.

“You’ve won.” Wu Zhangkong pointed his comment towards Gu Yue.

Xie Xie argued, “Teacher, I didn’t lose! My attacks were very intensive and she didn’t manage to break it with her attacks.”
Wu Zhangkong voiced out coolly, “You’ve lost, just take it. While you were anxiously waving your daggers about, she had already moved to your side.”

Gu Yue grinned, the silver light on her body blinked and shot out three meters horizontally. This stunned Xie Xie. ‘This… What ability is this?’

Gu Yue looked towards Wu Zhangkong, “Teacher. So, am I admitted into this academy now?”

Wu Zhangkong nodded his head, “I’ll definitely fulfill my promise. However, tell me what is your background, and what was that martial soul of yours?”

Gu Yue brought out a piece of letter from her chest, “This is a recommendation letter from my elementary academy. And as of my martial soul, it is Elementalist.”


Wu Zhangkong questioned himself on the fact that though he had seen much and widened his horizons, this was the first time he had heard of the existence of this martial soul.
Gu Yue’s match with Xie Xie had displayed her shocking and unrivaled abilities in the following six elements – ice, fire, earth, wind, light, and space.

One has to know that within the types of martial souls, possessing even one type of element would have been a miraculous existence. But possessing all six of the elements, that would’ve been hard to imagine.

When Gu Yue noticed the shock in Wu Zhangkong’s eyes, she shared more about her abilities without the intention to hide, “I am able to control all six elements, but, I am unable to attach my soul ring onto any of these elements. Thus, although I can control the change in elements, it is hard to strengthen them. My first soul skill is Elemental Tide. It allows my soul power to hold on for a long period of time, and at the same time, allowing me the ability to better control the strength of the elements.”
After hearing Gu Yue’s descriptions, Wu Zhangkong finally understood.

As expected, there was absolutely no way to have that kind of control of all the elements and an unusually powerful soul per element. She only had one martial soul, not six. The ability to control all six elements at the same time would mean that she wouldn’t be able to specialise in any one element and all of the six elements didn’t come with additional soul skills. What Gu Yue had displayed a moment ago derived from how she was able to control the elements, as well as their release.

No wonder none of the abilities seemed particularly strong, and it was only under Gu Yue’s clever application that allowed her to defeat Xie Xie.

However, this martial soul of Gu Yue’s was definitely a superior one, and it wouldn’t pale in comparison to twin martial souls in any way. Disregarding other abilities, her mere use of the earth element to construct a swamp to trap Xie Xie, and her use of ice element to freeze it was a sign that she had some knowledge in making use of the elements’ properties to her advantage. If she were to be trained appropriately, it would be possible to groom her into a genius Soul Master.

Wu Zhangkong continued, “Good. I’ve understood. You are now a part of our class, 1st Year Class 5.”

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