The legend of the dragon king - Season 1 - Episode 62

2 years ago

(Gu Yue vs Xie Xie)
Gu Yue didn’t even spare a glance for him. Instead, she looked all around at her surroundings with complete curiosity.

Wu Zhangkong shot her a glance. “Looking down on your opponent isn’t the smartest behaviour.”

Gu Yue said, “I’m not looking down on him!” Although that’s what her mouth said, her eyes seemed to be saying that Xie Xie wasn’t even worth looking down upon.
Wu Zhangkong spoke no further. He diverted his attention back to the students who were running instead.

Although Tang Wulin’s pace couldn’t be considered fast, it was exceptionally steady, even with the two metal shirts he wore. Like this, Tang Wulin somehow ran at the forefront. The person behind him was Zhou Zhangxi, whose body’s strength undoubtedly gave him an advantage in physical training such as this.

Tang Wulin’s attention was diverted to the center of the field as he ran. He was curious as to why this girl had suddenly appeared.

Right as he looked at the new girl, Gu Yue, she’d also turned to look back at him and their gazes met. Gu Yue had a meaningful look in her eyes, which gave Tang Wulin the impression that her eyes were exceptionally sharp.

Twenty minutes soon passed.

Xie Xie shot forward and went through a few exercises. His body was once again brimming with energy.

Wu Zhangkong nodded. “Stand thirty meters apart from one another and prepare.”

Xie Xie retreated backwards, each step moving him back at an equal distance. From start to finish, Xie Xie’s gaze hadn’t left Gu Yue.

He felt threatened when he’d first seen this girl, and now treated her whole heartedly as a worthy opponent.

During the battles between Tang Wulin and Xie Xie, Tang Wulin hadn’t been the only one who had benefitted. Xie Xie had gained from them as well. At the very least, he understood what it meant when even a tiger had to hunt a rabbit with all of its strength.

It was only once the two of them were thirty meters apart from one another that Gu Yue’s gaze stopped wandering and settled on Xie Xie.

“Begin!” Wu Zhangkong simply announced. In the wake of Wu Zhangkong’s shout, Xie Xie immediately released his martial soul and flew towards his opponent with his maximum speed.

His explosive power was truly astonishing. He launched forwards like a vigorous cheetah. The thirty meter distance between them rapidly closed.

Gu Yue didn’t seem to react at all. When she finally raised her hand, Xie Xie was but ten meters away from her.

The Light Dragon Dagger sparkled as it struck forth. Xie Xie hadn’t released his soul skill immediately. Since he was only a one ring Soul Master, he only had one soul skill. Good steel is to be used on the cutting edge of a blade, so he had to wait for best opportunity to erupt with the soul skill. Furthermore, his opponent seemed to have a slow reaction time, so maybe he wouldn’t even need to use his soul skill.

At that moment, the pace of the running class five students on the track grew even slower. All of their attention was diverted to the battle occurring in the middle of the field
Xie Xie was the most formidable person in their age group, so they thought that this new girl definitely wouldn’t be able to defeat him.

A soul ring appeared from beneath Gu Yue’s feet. This soul ring was the same as Xie Xie’s; it was actually a hundred year yellow soul ring.

However, Xie Xie was already right in front of her. It was too late for her to do anything now, unless she were an Agility System Battle Soul Master.

Was she? Definitely not.

A green halo burst out of her chest, but Xie Xie was right in front of her now. His Light Dragon Dagger was poised to stab into her shoulder.

The green light lingered and Xie Xie’s Light Dragon Dagger stabbed into it. Unexpectedly, a force began pressing on him from both sides, like a blowing gale. The Light Dragon Dagger stopped in mid air, unable to continue its t----t forward at all.

Immediately afterwards, Xie Xie was dumbstruck when he saw the green light around Gu Yue turn red and a fireball about the size of a fist appeared right in front of him.

Xie Xie certainly proved himself as an Agility System Battle Soul Master. At this critical moment, he ferociously twisted his waist in mid air and spun horizontally.

That little fireball missed his face by a hair, only being able to scorch a few hairs on his head.

Just as his foot touched the ground, Xie Xie launched himself back, putting quite a distance between him and Gu Yue..

‘What was that power just now?’
After several hops back, he had opened up a distance of 20 meters between the two of them. When Xie Xie looked at Gu Yue now, a serious expression could be seen.

Gu Yue’s eyes flashed with a twinkle of surprise. Naturally, she hadn’t raised her hand so late due to a slow reaction time, but rather, it had been deliberate. It had all been for the sake of ending the fight in one attack.

However, she had never expected Xie Xie’s reaction to be even faster than her’s. He had actually been able to avoid that fireball!

Her serious graze pierced through Xie Xie, while Wu Zhangkong gave her a similar look. This was because Wu Zhangkong hadn’t been able to discern what Gu Yue’s martial soul was. Just what was this girl’s martial soul?

That green light seemed to be of the wind element, but that fireball was clearly of the fire element. Could it be…? She has twin martial souls of the wind and fire elements? If this was the case, then it would truly be picking up a precious jewel.

Xie Xie was a bit short of breath, but he shot towards Gu Yue once more. His speed was clearly faster than before, and he didn’t go straight at her this time, rather, he circled around Gu Yue with lightning speed. His speed was so fast that others weren’t even able to keep up with his movements. Like this, the distance between the two of them rapidly closed.

The yellow soul ring on Gu Yue’s body twinkled, concealing her spirit soul. She simply stood there calmly, not even turning to face Xie Xie as he circled her.

As the distance grew closer and closer, Xie Xie suddenly exploded forth, sliding forwards at a slant. When he was just five meters from Gu Yue, his hundred year soul ring suddenly shined brightly, and he waved his Light Dragon Dagger, sending a blade of light flying towards her.

Hundred year soul skill, the first soul skill of Xie Xie’s Light Dragon Dagger – Light Dragon Blade!

The yellow light blade flew through the air while issuing out a dragon’s roar. The light grew more and more brilliant. The strangest thing, however, was that as it got closer to Gu Yue, until it was finally only one meter away from her, it suddenly twisted in the air and changed directions.

That was right! This was a powerful hundred year soul skill. Moreover, it had come from Xie Xie’s high class martial soul.

Unfortunately, the opponent he faced today was truly unreasonable. Right as the Light Dragon Blade was about to slash Gu Yue’s shoulder, a green light appeared once again, meeting the light blade with extreme precision. It was almost as if the green light were also a light blade, only a green colored one.

The green light blade wasn’t as powerful as the Light Dragon Blade and was chopped apart in moments. However, that moment’s delay allowed Gu Yue to take a step out of the way, completely avoiding the Light Dragon Blade.

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