The legend of the dragon king - Season 1 - Episode 60

4 years ago

(Beat Me and I’ll Act Dignified)
As he was kicked back into the encirclement, Tang Wulin discovered that his soul power was being consumed rapidly. In no time at all, ten levels of soul power had been used up.

Papapa! One by one, the upper grade students broke free of the Bluesilver Grass.
Tang Wulin had bound so many people simultaneously, but they were able to break free of the Bluesilver Grass with their greater level of soul power. After breaking, the side-effect of his variant Bluesilver Grass revealed itself; his soul power was quickly depleting.
“Brat, you dared crash into me!” The upper grade student shouted as he swung his fist towards Tang Wulin’s face.

“Stop!” Mu Xi sharply shouted.

The male student resentfully stayed his hand, but he still shoved Tang Wulin onto the ground.
Tang Wulin finally noticed that Mu Xi was the one who had previously released that blazing light. Shockingly, two yellow hundred year soul rings rose up from her feet. Atop her head was a golden ball of light that blazed like the sun. On her left shoulder was a small, round flame, pulsing with energy. It seemed that this flame was her spirit soul. It’s blaze was momentarily restrained, but the surrounding temperature had still risen by a few degrees.

What kind of martial soul was this? It had an aura of power around it.

The other upper grade students hurried to get out of the way as Mu Xi walked towards Tang Wulin. Although her martial soul’s heat had been restrained, it was still as imposing and valiant as before.

Two rings. That meant she was already a Soul Grandmaster.

“I am Mu Xi of fifth grade’s class one. I want to compete with you in forging. If you have any desire to continue studying in this academy, then you can’t decline,” Mu Xi coldly stated.

Ever since she was a child, Mu Xi had been an exceptionally competitive girl.

Tang Wulin glared at her. He hated people who threatened him the most and soon, his stubborn side took over.

Right as he was about to speak, an ice-cold voice intervened.

“If you guys want to live, then stop spewing so much bullshit and screw off with your henchmen!”

Mu Xi’s expression soured as her slender and tender body grew taut. Her eyes, however, revealed a trace of surprise. Others wouldn’t know what was going on, but she was able to clearly feel a cold s£nsat!on on her neck. She felt that if she moved even an inch, her throat would be slit.

She didn’t dare move, not even to release her martial soul.

“Make all of those guys leave!” An eerie voice came from her side, accompanied by a face. Wasn’t this Xie Xie?

Xie Xie wasn’t much shorter than Mu Xi, so he was able to wrap one arm around Mu Xi’s shoulder, while his other hand pointed his Light Dragon Dagger at her waist.
“You scoundrel. What do you think you’re doing?” That previous upper grade male student spoke out.

Xie Xie coldly answered, “My patience is limited. If you believe that I don’t dare to act in the academy, then you can try my hand.” As he said this, Xie Xie exerted pressure through his Light Dragon Dagger, causing Mu Xi to cry out in pain.

“All of you, leave!” Mu Xi quickly shouted. She could clearly feel the killing intent from behind her. After all, she was only 12 years old. In a situation like this, she couldn’t help but succumb to her rising fear.

The upper grade students had no other choice, so they began to leave. Right at that moment however, a thunderous voice bellowed out, “Stop!”

Xie Xie’s whole body shivered, he immediately put away his Light Dragon Dagger and his invisible Shadow Dragon Dagger. Immediately afterwards, a tall figure picked him up like a baby chick.

Intermediate division’s teaching building.
“Out with it! What happened?” Teaching Director Long Hengxu asked with a frown.

Mu Xi said with her head lowered, “I was just looking for Tang Wulin to have a a forging competition with me.”

Xie Xie sneered. “You brought a whole group of henchmen to our first grade dorm. Is that how you senior students find people?”
Long Hengxu coldly glared at him. “Didn’t you threaten your senior student with a blade? What would you have done if they hadn’t stopped? Would you have really killed her?”

Xie Xie’s lips began to twitch as his gaze swept the senior students with disdain. “I can’t say for sure.”

Long Hengxu turned towards Tang Wulin. “What about you? You’re the one who acted first. Do you have an explanation?”

Tang Wulin eye’s had a gentleness to them, but his expression was extremely resolute. “When I was just a child, my dad explained some principles. When I entered the elementary academy, he told me that if he found out I was bullying my underclassmen, he would ruthlessly lecture me. However, if the older students bullied me, then I should hit them back without any hesitation and he wouldn’t blame me at all.”

As he looked at the child in front of him, Long Hengxu was surprised to find that after acting as the Teaching Director for so many years, he had finally met someone who could leave him speechless.

“Well said! I don’t think my student has done anything wrong either,” Wu Zhangkong said with an ice-cold voice as he walked into the office.

Long Hengxu’s expression soured. “Teacher Wu, have you already forgotten the most basic of manners, such as knocking?”

Wu Zhangkong coldly apologized, “Sorry!”
Long Hengxu’s face twitched. ‘Where’s the sincerity in this guy’s apology? He’d already caused headaches for the advanced division’s Teaching Director. And now, even after being transferred to the intermediate division and being tasked with the worst class, he hasn’t changed at all!’
“The big taking advantage of the small, huh? You guys sure have some skill!” Wu Zhangkong’s ice-cold gaze swept through Mu Xi’s group of fifth grade students. “Taking advantage of the small isn’t something I would do, but if I find that you’ve provoked my students again, I’ll beat up the teacher in charge of your class.”
Long Hengxu furiously said, “Teacher Wu! Please conduct yourself with dignity!”
Wu Zhangkong coldly answered, “If you can beat me, then I’ll act with dignity.” After speaking, he grabbed Xie Xie’s head with one hand and dragged Tang Wulin with the other. They left the teaching building.

“You…” Long Hengxu angrily got up, wanting to stop Wu Zhangkong, but then he recalled the things Wu Zhangkong had dared to do in the advanced division. After recalling these things, he no longer had the courage to stop him. This guy was simply a madman.
“You guys! Every single one of you will face a round of disciplinary action. You truly are skilled if you can bully the weak as the strong!” Red hot anger sprouted out of the Teaching Director, completely directed at these fifth grade students.

After leaving the teaching building, Wu Zhangkong released Tang Wulin’s hand and walked in front of them.

As he gazed at Wu Zhangkong’s tall and straight back, Tang Wulin hastily picked up his pace to chase after him. “Thank you teacher.”

Wu Zhangkong indifferently said, “You didn’t do anything wrong, so there’s no reason to thank me. No one is allowed to delay my classes.”

Xie Xie caught up to them, a rare smile plastered on his face. “Teacher Wu, you were so cool just now! I truly admire you. Even if you give us hellish training, I won’t complain at all!”

“Remember your words,” Wu Zhangkong faintly said.

“Xie Xie!” Tang Wulin pulled on Xie Xie’s arm. “I have to thank you too.”

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