The legend of the dragon king - Season 1 - Episode 35

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The wall in front of them was precisely a part of Eastsea Academy. Not too far off were the large stone academy gates which gave off an imposing feeling.

Eastsea Academy was a large academy which was actually comprised of both an intermediate academy and an advanced academy. Liu Yu Xin was a student of the advanced academy.

One simply couldn’t assume that the intermediate academy and the advanced academy were just a single step apart from each other. In reality, the two had a myriad of differences between one another.

The intermediate academy still fell under a compulsory education, so it didn’t require any tuition fees. Eastsea Academy was a Spirit Master academy and the intermediate academy took up two thirds of the total area. On the other hand, the advanced academy, which only took up one third of the area, was still the most important part of the academy.

As long as one was a Spirit Master and resided within the greater area of Eastsea City, or had a recommendation letter, one would be able to enter the intermediate academy and receive a Spirit Master’s education. They would study at the intermediate academy for six years. After graduating, students would then be able to take the entrance exam to enter an advanced Spirit Master academy, but no more than a tenth of the applicants pass.

Advanced academies weren’t part of the compulsory education, so a series of rigorous exams would be used to test the applicants. Anyone who was accepted into an advanced academy would definitely be considered an elite.

If it was said that elementary academies taught the basic Spirit Master and battle spirit knowledge, then intermediate academies taught students how to use this knowledge and the direction in which they take to cultivate their battle spirits. Their studies still wouldn’t truly begin until they entered an advanced academy.

Tang Wu Lin passed through the gates and began walking on a wide, tree-lined road that cut through a courtyard. The road was paved with limestone, which gave it a simple and unadorned appearance.

Liu Yu Xin smiled. “For the sake of everyone’s safety, the academy doesn’t allow the use of vehicles within its grounds. If any vehicles enter campus grounds, they will have to immediately head off to the side and enter the underground parking lot. The advanced academy division is on the west side, while the rest of the campus is part of the intermediate academy.”

Thanks to this senior sister’s introductions, Tang Wu Lin quickly understood that the academy wasn’t as simple as he had first thought.

The intermediate academy’s school building was located on the east side of the campus grounds. It was a massive building with twelve floors in total. The upperclassmen would be in the higher floors while the newer students would be on the lower floors. Being a first year student himself, Tang Wu Lin would be attending classes on the first and second floors.

“Those are the administrative offices over there. Go on over and report in. Your dormitory should be behind the school building. If you need anything in the future, come over to the advanced academy and find me. I’m a first year in class one of the advanced academy.”

“Thank you Senior Sister.”
As she looked at the junior brother who had thanked her countless times, Liu Yu Xin couldn’t help but giggle and smile. “No need to be so restrained. The atmosphere in the academy is very good. I wish you good luck. You’ll be assigned a class once you’re done reporting, then you’ll be tested. You’ll gain some benefits if you do well in these tests.”

Tang Wu Lin’s eyes followed the departing figure of L

iu Yu Xin until he couldn’t see her anymore. It was only then that he entered the administration building.

Thanks to the recommendation as well as the metal placard Liu Yu Xin had given him, the enrollment procedures were completed without a hitch.

Two sets of the school uniform were provided free of charge, as well as a dormitory key. He wouldn’t receive any learning materials until his first class.

He had been assigned to class five of the first years. From now on, he was a new student at Eastsea Academy.

Tang Wu Lin greeted everyone as he walked past the school building. He soon arrived at the dormitory, which was nearly as tall as the school building as it also contained twelve floors. His dorm room was on the second floor, room number 205.

The corridor was noisy and in disarray as countless new students were reporting in during these last few days. The noise also wasn’t limited to just the new students; parents who accompanied their children were also contributing to the chaos.

After some difficulties, Tang Wu Lin was able to find his dorm room. The door was already open and there was already someone inside.
Inside of the room were two bunk beds, enough to accommodate four people. In addition, there were two square desks, four chairs, two cabinets and a roof lamp. This was the entirety of the room’s features.

The two bottom bunks were already occupied and the occupants cast their gazes towards Tang Wu Lin as he walked into the room.

The one on the bottom left bunk was even taller than Tang Wu Lin. He was at least half a head taller than Tang Wu Lin in addition to having a thicker build. He had short hair and eyes that bulged outwards somewhat. Even at such a young age, he had an air of ferocity around him.

The student on the right side was thinner and weaker looking in comparison. His young nose was already supporting a pair of glasses, giving him a scholarly appearance. In fact, he was even holding a book at that moment.

“Hello, my name is Tang Wu Lin. I have just arrived.” Tang Wu Lin looked at the two occupants on the left and right bottom bunks, acknowledging them as he introduced himself.
The frail looking student nodded and said, “My name is Yun Xiao.

Tang Wu Lin smiled as he nodded in acknowledgement. The tall student on the other side rolled his eyes and said, “Newcomer, clean the room first.”

Tang Wu Lin was a newcomer so he was unclear about the current situation and could only nod. “Oh.”

There was a broom in the corner and a cleaning rag along with a washbowl on the table. He took the bowl and went out to fill it up with water.

Yun Xiao shot a glance at that tall student. “Zhou Zhang Xi, what are you pretending for?

Zhou Zhang Xi mischievously laughed and got off from the bed. “You’re the mastermind, so you won’t interfere. I don’t like how pretty that newcomer looks, so if we’re going to be staying in the same room from now on, I need to give him a show of strength. These chores are his to do now. As long as I tell him to do it, he’ll go do it. He’s clearly a soft egg. If I don’t bully someone like him, then who else would I bully?”

Yun Xiao sighed. “Be careful so you aren’t met with retribution.”

Zhou Zhang Xi snorted in disdain. “By him?” As he said this, he grabbed the things Tang Wu Lin had put on the top bunk.

He unzipped the cloth bag and shook all the things within it onto the floor. There was some plain clothing, some goods for personal use and a quilt scattered all over the floor.

Yun Xiao stared blankly at him. “You’re crossing the line here!”

Zhou Zhang Xi laughed, “Look, look! What are these toys? Could that brat be a beggar? This blanket even has a flower stitched into it. How ridiculous.”

At that moment, Tang Wu Lin returned with the washbowl.

He was shocked the moment he entered the room. The floor was scattered with his things and Zhou Zhang Xi was holding his bag.

His blanket, clothes and personal goods were all over the floor. Even the two uniforms were on the floor.

The floor was dusty and clearly, his things had already been covered in dust.

“What are you doing!?” Tang Wu Lin put down the washbowl and furiously asked.

Zhou Zhang Xi curled up his lips. “I’m not doing anything. I’m just looking at what a bumpkin like you brought here.”

“Pick it up!” Tang Wu Lin’s voice had already turned cold.

Zhou Zhang Xi raised an eyebrow with narrowed eyes, making him look even more fierce. “Who do you think you’re talking to?”

“Pick it up!” Tang Wu Lin’s voice was almost sinister now.

Zhou Zhang Xi frowned as he stared at Tang Wu Lin. He stepped on the blanket, forcefully rubbing it into the floor. The place he stepped on was precisely the flower design that was stitched into the blanket.

Dumfounded, Tang Wu Lin could only mumble, “That was embroidered by my little sister…”

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