The legend of the dragon king - Season 1 - Episode 30

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Blood Sacrificed Thousand Refinement

Actually, without Mang Tian’s urgings, Tang Wu Lin had already moved over to inspect his own creation.

Compared with its original state, the metal had already shrunk by one circle and the originally lustrous silver had turned into a dull grey colour. Tang Wu Lin’s first impression was that the object possessed a deep, reserved, and simple quality.

Engraved on the surface of that gray metal were endless layers of a wave-like pattern, as though it represented unlimited life force. What was even more surprising was that when Tang Wu Lin looked, it felt as though there was a connection between him and that piece of metal.

This feeling was extremely strange. It was as though that piece of metal were a part of him.
Mang Tian’s voice resounded from behind him. “To be honest, I had never expected that you would succeed on your first try. This result is due, in part, to your body and its physical abilities. Most importantly, it was possible because of your comprehension of the process while you refined it. I did not recognize the wrong apprentice; in this regard, you are a genius. Even if your battle spirit is unsuited for forging, your ability to comprehend, along with your innate divine strength has more than made up for that gap.”

Tang Zi Ran looked at Mang Tian in astonishment. He understood this old friend of his. With his personality, being able to praise someone with such high regard was something that happened rarely.

“Mang Tian, you better not spoil this son of mine.” Tang Zi Ran laughed.

Mang Tian looked him in the eye and said, “I have already restrained myself.”

Indeed, he did not give praise to every aspect of this achievement. He did not mention that Tang Wu Lin had actually broken a new record of being the youngest individual to achieve this. If news of his age and his achievement were to be spread, it would definitely lead to a large uproar in the blacksmithing world.

“Do you understand what the Thousand Refinements are now?” Mang Tian asked Tang Wu Lin. His method of teaching was different from others, he would usually not give a lot of guidance and would only speak when his disciples had attained enlightenment through practice.

Tang Wu Lin nodded his head and said, “It was as if the metal had gained a life of its own. Every time I struck it, I could hear the sounds it was making.”

Mang Tian smiled yet again. These two days he had smiled more than he had in the past year!

“Not bad, what you said is true. The Thousand Refinements create vitality. The Hundred Refinements purifies and removes the impurities. The Thousand Refinements bestows life into the metal. The Thousand Refinements was originally a method created by us blacksmiths to infuse life into a metal. The metal that has life can then be considered to be the most precious by us, and in turn this can allow it to awaken its innate special qualities.”

“The Thousand Refinements creates vitality?” Tang Wu Lin silently mulled over those words before his eyes lit up in understanding.

Mang Tian continued, “This is your first Thousand Refinements work. Traditionally, in the blacksmithing world, when a blacksmith creates their first Thousand Refined work, this object should undergo the Blood Sacrifice, in order to forever be part of the blacksmith’s belongings.”

“Blood Sacrifice? What is that?” Tang Wu Lin asked curiously.

Mang Tian continued, “If one were to say that the Thousand Refinements were to bestow life to the metal, then the Blood Sacrifice would be to let it become one with your blood vessels. It would become a part of your body. Combining the Blood
Sacrifice with a metal that has undergone the Thousand Refinements, this would result in your blood vessels having the same improvement, being able to bring out stronger innate qualities!”

At the side, Tang Zi Ran couldn’t help but shout out, “Brother Mang, if every Thousand Refinements requires the Blood Sacrifice, how much blood will a blacksmith lose?”

Mang Tian retorted, “If you don’t understand, don’t blabber rubbish. Do you think that every Thousand Refinements produces an object worthy of using the Blood Sacrifice on?

“A blacksmith’s first Thousand Refined work will have to undergo the Blood Sacrifice, as this is our tradition. From today onwards, very few objects will require the Blood Sacrifice. Usually, only when one is wholly satisfied with the result would one do so. Once you utilize the Blood Sacrifice, this piece of metal can only be used by the individual. Even if others were to attempt to forge with it, it would not be possible as the metal would not recognize anyone else. Even if they tried, the metal would just shatter; it only recognizes its master.”

“Thus, a Thousand Forging’s work, would usually not undergo the Blood Sacrifice. Unless the client wishes to use their own blood to do so, then it would work. Tang Wu Lin, I want to emphasize to you on this point. In the future, unless you really need the metal and the Thousand Refinements is successful, do not easily utilize the Blood Sacrifice. That will only harm your vitality.”

“Yes, Master,” Tang Wu Lin promised as he nodded furiously. His eyes, however, were already focused on that piece of Heavy Silver.

“It’s yours.” Mang Tian smiled as he said it.

Wu Lin replied in shock, “But Master, I cannot afford it.”

Mang Tian continued, “This is what you deserve, this Heavy Silver might have a price on it, but the Thousand Refinements is priceless. Also, as per the rules of the blacksmithing world, regardless of whomever provides the material, for the first work produced by the Thousand Refinements , it belongs to the blacksmith who made it. Being able to undergo the Thousand Refinements, that tungsten hammer is not very suitable for your use. With the size of this Heavy Silver, it is perfect for producing two hammers. Before you leave to for an intermediate academy, first finish crafting this. I also want to see what your first Thousand Refinements work’s awakened special quality is.”

“Are you really giving it to me?” Tang Wu Lin’s eyes shone with happiness as he asked.

“Do you think I still want to fool you?” Mang Tian retorted. “It’s no longer early, go back tonight and rest well. Come again tomorrow to forge your Heavy Silver hammer.”

“OH YEAH! Thank you master!” Tang Wu Lin cheered happily. He gave a deep bow to Mang Tian before grabbing the Heavy Silver and hugging it.

As the Thousand Refined Heavy Silver was grasped in his hand, Tang Wu Lin could feel that it was extremely heavy. This piece of Heavy Silver was approximately 150 kilograms in weight! When one looked upon it, it didn’t seem all that large.

Metal in hand, Tang Wu Lin could feel what his Master had said about the connection with his blood. He could already feel that this Heavy Silver was a part of him as he held it. This feeling was both wonderful and strange. If he were to use this material for his forging hammer, what kind of result would that bring?
For the next few days, Tang Wu Lin was immersed in the forging process. Blacksmithing brought him a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

What he didn’t know was that only after he finished the Thousand Refinements had Mang Tian truly recognized him as his disciple, to the point where Mang Tian stopped his work to patiently teach Tang Wu Lin.

Three days later, the Heavy Silver forging was finally complete.

Looking at the hammer on the forging anvil, Tang Wu Lin’s heart was filled with pride. When he had just finished the Thousand Refinements on the Heavy Silver, that was just the base of what was to come. Now, this was truly his first complete Thousand Refinements work.

Looking at the appearance of the hammer, this Thousand Refined Heavy Silver Hammer was no different from the Thousand Refined Tungsten hammer. Even its size was similar. The difference was that the weight was several times heavier. If not for Tang Wu Lin’s strength combined with his spirit soul’s strengthening, even moving the hammer would not have been an easy task.

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