The Choosen One {the beast of gevaudan} - Season 1 - Episode 47

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→→→Previously on T.C.O by Horluwa_p1←←←

Let go to the ancient tomb Ben, it’s rumoured that their are treasures their, no we can’t go, what if their is truly supernatural creature there. Everything blacked out and I fainted.

Victor is a betrayal, I can’t control myself from killing him.

There’s a beast in town
I don’t thinking there’s anything that’s going to stop me from killing my love.
Sprinkle your blood on his injured part, he will heal.

Sound of gunshot then fainted,
I’m Chris a beast hunter, your parents are not your real parents, meet my daughter Nina.
Everything you need to know about yourself is inside their.

Blood, what tha f--k!
Concentration is the key, connect with your beast self so as to able to anchor your transformation.
You just completed one out of dozen step to conquering Jovacik.

I tilted my head downward to kiss her.
I’m a kintaga and am here for your heart.
The beast fell down only to surprise me by revealing Mr wisdom.

Mr wisdom is also a beast hunter.
Mrs saltzman likes me because I was the best in her class,
Who could that be,

Mrs saltzman was killed by an animal yesterday night when she was working lately..

Who could have done this?,” I did ”
We were attacked but we’re able to escape unharmed because of our underground building.
I saw as my heart was being detached from whatever was holding it to my body and I died.

Mr Chris and Nina is the traitor.

We didn’t see the oncoming truck,
I gave him my blood and he died.

The ground closed leaving me trapped inside.
The dragon hell dagger has the capability to kill any beast.

I’m the richest man in France.

Dandy is now a beast and it’s my fault.

The ghost rider beast fireball hit me and I passed out.

Come meet at Marseille memorial school if you want your mom and friend to live.

He clawed Chris and my mom on their chest and also pulled out my heart and we all died.

I’m proud of you son, here’s my golden heart, get out here with it.

Please forget about her now and let discuss how we’re going to defeat them
What did she meant by them?….


We head to their underground building and they took turns in telling me all have missed after I was fully clothed in one of Victor’s cloth, from their conversation, I got to know that I was only gone for a week, and they’ve tried their best in saving those who they can save in the brouhaha happening in Marseille sponsored by Patrick.
They updated me about their plans on how they were going to defeat Patrick, but I knew it was .
They will need more than what they were planning to bring him down but with me around, I don’t think they need any plan in bringing him down, I had certainty that I could defeat him alone.

” I’ve seen that you all have already prepared your way to hade ” I said sarcastically and they all gave me a killer eye, but after thinking for a bit, Dandy spoke up
” and do you have any better plan ” Dandy asked with a.submission tone.
” my plan is simple, you just make sure to be alive and I’ll handle Patrick alone ” I said with courage and boldness.

Nina was the first to burst into laughter, while other followed suit , ” and Who is getting his way to hade prepared here ” Nina asked humorously after being contented with their laughter,..

I didn’t know what gave me the impression that I should do what I did, I raised my palm up and faced them

” watch now, because you might not be able to be in the front role to watch it again ” I said concentrating some force and power to my palm and a golden fireball appeared, they were awe struck and surprised while their jaw dropped freely.

” please, who’s getting Patrick the ticket to hade now ” I asked them feeling bossy,
” okay, you get Patrick the ticket to hade and we as a team will get your mom her own ” Victor spoke finding his voice and this led to a pin drop silent.

I just stood transfixed at the spot I was with Victor’s words echoing loudly in my head.

They all took turn to give Victor the killer eye
” he’s going to know later, and he should also be prepared for what’s coming ” Victor retorted in his defence.

I just stood their watching them arguing with him
” what if it ain’t what I thought it to be ” I stated bluntly in my mind trying to wade off the different kind of negative thoughts bubbling in my mind.

“What do you meant by what you just said now ” I asked screaming at Victor in rage which made everyone shifted back a little with fear.

” after your demise, in our course of saving the people, we once met your mom in one of the house she wrecked havoc, and she was already a beast working under Patrick “Victor said moving closer to me, when he got closer, he patted me on my shoulder trying to calm me down
” maybe, she had to swear her allegiance to him in order for him to rescue her ” I came up in her defence not wanting to believe what every message my whole body is trying to pass to me
” no, that’s not it ” Victor retorted sharply,
” she said it to our face, mocking you, that you’re so dumb and stupid thinking she care for you but what she only care for is serving all of Patrick’s order, and some of it was to show you love and care in order to cloud your thoughts and ” I didn’t let him finish his words when I gripped him on his neck snarling wildly and almost strangling him,

Nina and others quickly came to his rescue while I bashed out of the sitting room to the room I woke up to find myself in one of my near death experience.

After some minutes, I came out to join them, my feelings had already being settled then,

They were all gathering around a table which they la!d a paper containing their plans
” I am sorry pal for losing it earlier ” I spoke remorsefully to Victor

” I understand bro, I really understand you ”
he said patting me on my shoulder again and everybody’s face lit up.

” I’m also sorry Ben, I didn’t know that he was a beast and when I knew it was already late ” Becky said with tears in her eye
” it’s okay Becky, we all got played ” I said using my hands to clean the drop of tears on her face.

” so what’s the plan” I asked feigning to be interested in whatever they were planning, but what’s sure is that whatever they were planning, I had zero interest in it.

Victor proposed that we attacked that night since they know where they were staying now.

I stood against the plan of attacking that night, and they all obliged when I gave them my fake reason for it.

My main reason for not wanting them to attack that night was to go alone, I wanted them to sleep then make my way out unknown to them.

The urge to ask them where Patrick and my mom was staying was high but I fought against it because I knew they were going to suspect a foul play by me asking.

We had a mini party for my return and they all went into their room after getting high on some alcoholic wine, little did I know that we were all playing ourselves.

I was happy when Nina dropped the remote of their round metallic elevator on the table before heading to her room.

They all resigned to their room by 11:55 pm
and I waited for 35 more minute in order to make sure they were fully gone into the wonderland before trying to sneak out.

I picked the paper they were using to plot their plans and after going through it thoroughly, I was able to discovered that the new abode of Patrick and my mom is Marseille memorial, my school.

I picked the remote on the table and press the only single key on it,

I almost jumped out of my skin when I saw siren light emanating from every corner of the room with it’s blazing alarm.

As if on cue,everyone of them started trooping out of their room dressed up.
” going somewhere without us ” Nina asked me smiling mockingly at me.

” I told you guys that I know him better, his silent, is always easy for me to decipher ” Victor added boastfully.

That was when I knew that Victor already knew of my plan and had already informed them to get ready,

Nina brought out another remote and flashed it mockingly to my eye
” devil ” I murmured under my breath when I discovered that she swapped the remote, leaving the fake one there knowingly.

She pressed the remote in her hand and the round metallic lift came down, we all stepped on it and came outside.
” I presumed you all know where am heading to ” I said speeding out of sight as we all got outside.

I knew that I was more faster than Patrick and stronger than him, but what I was not sure about is if I still got my whole mom’s situation under control.

I don’t know if I will be able to harm her even as she’s a betrayal.

My reason for leaving my friends and speeding off by myself was to kill Patrick and my mom before they got their, but thinking about my mom, I was almost forced to go back and meet my friends so that we can go according to their plan that I fight Patrick while they deal with my mom, but I decided against it and sped to Marseille memorial.

Everywhere was silent as it felt like their is no living being in the vicinity.

I walked to the pitch with the dragon hell dagger firmly held in my hand.

I knew they would be watching me wherever they were but I was ready for any unexpected attack.

Then as I was walking steadily, I suddenly felt myself stepped on something, before I could quickly take my leg away from their, and run some water started spraying automatically on the field, but something was odd about the water,
Its touch on my body made me to become paralyzed,

I couldn’t move any part of my body, tho I was fully aware of what’s going on around me.
The water stopped spraying after I’ve gotten wet with it.

I tried to force my transformation but I couldn’t transform.

Still trying to transform, I heard footsteps coming towards where I was.

I stopped trying to transform and looked at the person coming, without stressing my eye, I knew it was Patrick and a hidden rage bursted inside me, I started jerking furiously in order to set myself free but I only succeeded in doing nothing, it was deep inside me that I was jerking but it wasn’t effective outside,
All I was doing external was just looking like dummy.

He was shocked when he got closer to me and saw that I was the one, he held a sword in his hand and I wondered what it could be for.
” look who’s risen from the ” he said accessing my face with his hand to be sure I was the one.

” Jeanne, come out here, we have a surprise guest ” he said shocking me.

Jeanne was my mom’s real name tho many people doesn’t know it, because they all refer to her as Mrs Marseillaise, even before she got married, she was referred to as miss Marseillaise.

My shock was broadly expanded when my mom beast speed to where we were.
Her facial expression shows that she was very shocked on seeing me and bow her head down in shame.

Tears started trooping down my eye as it was confirmed by me that my mom was really a betrayer.
” why ” I screamed at the top of my voice,
I was surprised that I was able to speak, I thought my mouth was also paralyzed, she didn’t reply me, she just stood their looking down, she couldn’t make eye contact with me.
” I thought it was your little beast friend that was going to come, but since my trap caught something more bigger, it’s better I take my bounty now ” Patrick said stretching the sword in his hand towards me, he transformed at once and the sword got lit up with the flame from his body.
” another dragon hell dagger ” I muttered weakly
” no, dragon hell sword not dagger ” Patrick replied using the sword to lift my head up.
” and trust me, you’re dying for real now ” he added laughing wickedly at me.
He made to stab at my heart with the sword but someone suddenly shielded me and the sword penetrated the person, my eye was already closed when Patrick made to stab me ,
I opened it and saw my mom facing me, backing Patrick with the sword protruding from her chest ,
She rested on me with blood coming from her mouth.
” I’m sorry son ” she said as she later gave up ghost and her face turned pale.
I screamed loudly as I felt all my muscle releasing itself,
I held her in my hands as I wept bitterly on the floor.
” you’re such an amazing and lucky guy, you never cease to amaze me, it will even take an evil beast more than 2 hours before it muscle can start working when come in contact with herb of Pishak mixed with the urine of an alpha wolf ” Patrick said pacing around me with the sword pointed to me while I mourn my mom
” but it took you below 15 minutes to overcome it, bravo ” he added clapping his hand, he moved closer to me and touched my mom on her chin
” oh poor Jeanne, I knew she’s loved you for real when it was all supposed to be fake ”
” what are you trying to say here ” I asked amidst tears in my eye
Patrick laughed before answering me
” when it was precisely 250 years, I knew it was time for you to start growing, Jeanne’s parents were the one in charge of you then, I met with them and told them about myself, I revealed to them that they were my descendant,I told them of my plan about you and what I’m going to offer them, but those fools had the gut to reject my offer and tried to flee,

I killed them and disguised it to look like an accident, then I went to meet Jeanne who was the next to take over the responsibility, all I did was promised her immortality, the ability to live without aging, dying and having enormous power,
I didn’t have to persuade her before she gave in.
I was the one who asked her to gain your 100% trust and to shower on you abundant love, but I think the love got into her head,
But I think she loves the power most, she doesn’t want you to know that she betrayed you that was why she asked me to make it look like she died while trying to save you.
Can you see, mixed love but that a thing of past now, all that remain is for you to die ” he said trying to stab me with the sword again, I just glued to the spot where I was without moving, as the sword was about to get to my chest,
An arrow flew out of nowhere and hit the sword away.

All I just did was sat on the floor with my mom in my hand, I’ve totally lost it, I thought I could bear the thought of losing her, but I couldn’t, even as it was that she betrayed me.
Patrick with rage disappeared from my front and in no less than 10 seconds, I heard Dandy screamed and that did it, it was like my dad was speaking to me because I heard his voice clearly
” if you don’t get over it now then you’re going to lose your friends and over it all, you’ll lose yourself ” his voice said to me and I felt myself transforming at once,
Patrick was about to stab Dandy when I got to where they were, I beast speed towards them and hit the sword away from his hand,
He smirked as he turned to me, he made to punch me but I held his fist midway,
I landed him mine on his face and he fell down,
I climbed on him and was passing out all the angers embedded inside of me to his face with my fist.

He later succeeded in pushing me away, and tried to beast speed to escape but I quickly intercepted him,
He made fireball out of his hand and directed it at me, but I caught the fireball in my hand, he made another and threw it, but I threw the one in my hand towards it and it hit it causing a minimum explosion,
Then I saw Patrick running around in a small circle,
I just stood where I was wondering what he could be doing ,then all of a sudden he flew up and was flying like a Superman, that was when I knew he was channeling the fire and heat in his body to his leg to act as a force to propel him.
Seeing him fleeing away with his little trick, I quickly discharged my feathers and chased after him.

He was flying fast but his speed couldn’t beat mine, when he saw that I was getting closer, he suddenly threw some fireball at me which I was fast to dodge,

After trying everything and couldn’t get me off his back, he suddenly stopped facing me which also made me to stop few distance away from him in the air.

Then he did something that amazed me, he made a fireball from his hand then controlled some of the fire emanating from his body into it making the fireball to increase its size blazing more fire was coming out from it.
He aimed it at me and I quickly made a fireball from my hand and aimed it at the oncoming fireball of his, when they both clashed, my fireball scattered his enormous fireball and head straight to him hitting him on his chest and I think he blacked out as he started falling freely to the ground and I followed him,
He landed on the ground with a loud thud and he transformed to human at once.
I quickly beast speed to where my dagger was and picked it and return to Patrick who was groaning in pain on the floor.
I moved closer to him and held the dagger up to stab him, but he surprised me when he opened his eye amidst pain which I could easily tell as he kept on groaning
” please don’t kill me, I once save you when you were still a baby “he said begging for his life
” and I won’t repeat the same mistake you did ” I said deepening the dagger into his chest.
He groaned loudly and died.
I transformed to human retired to the ground beside Patrick tirelessly.
I started hearing footsteps running towards me, even without checking, I knew they were my friends.
I knew they were going to jump on me when they get closer to me so I stood up ,and when they were in sight, I took to my heel and they pursued me.
→→→→→Two Weeks Later←←←←←

With my bag firmly backed at my back, I was already on my way out of Marseille,
tho my friends tried their best in talking me to stay but I couldn’t stay.

My whole life was lived in Marseille ,since I was a baby till I’m now 266 years old, but what has it given me, betrayal,

Staying will only keep on adding injury to my emotional status, I think I’ve to stay away from there for some period of time before going back.
After the defeat of Patrick, everything was back to normal, the townsmen and women are all going about doing their things without fear.

Houses that were burnt were being renovated by the government and the good and sweet aura of Marseille found it way back.
I didn’t bid any of my friends bye before leaving, I only wrote a letter down and placed it where they will see it.

I handed the safety of Marseille to their hands and left them with 10 bars of gold each.
Where do I head to?, I don’t know but I think Beacon hill will be safe to pass the time with 20 bars of gold loaded inside my bag



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