The Choosen One {the beast of gevaudan} - Season 1 - Episode 46

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Opportunity they say comes only but once, but it was different in my own case, I was given another opportunity to make things right after misusing the first one, a second chance at life, not many people get that kind of chance,

I’m just a lucky guy who always have good and kind parents who are ready to make me happy even if it will make them sad, ranging from my real dad, and to my foster mother I thought, not until I discovered what I would even not have wish to discover.

I knew my dad was happy giving me his heart and I was also going to make sure I don’t let him down.

I will make sure the heart comes in handy.

I will make sure I put a good sleep to the eye of the people of Marseille, not make the cry of the dead ones to be in vain, and avenge my love ones.

I now have the power to do so,
I am now the undisputed beast of Gevaudan
As I flew up to the little brightness that was up, my body system kept on changing, I knew it was to adapt to the new power inside me.
After flying for some minutes, I was getting closer to the ring shaped brightness, the brightness was widening and in no time I entered the eye blinding brightness and I felt myself being loss into the brightness.
I later found myself and opened my eye only to see myself in a very dark place.
I was wondering what could have happened, ” did I lost my way to earth ” I asked myself feeling restless, I tried to move my hand but it was impossible to do so, it was like I was locked inside somewhere or barricade by somethings.
I felt something cold resting on my chest and with force I got my hand their and picked it, without seeing it I knew it was the dragon hell dagger, seeing the dragon hell dagger on my chest only means one thing,

My soul had reconnect with my body and I’ve already been buried.

The person who buried me must have placed the knife on my chest, I presumed it was the handiwork of Patrick, he must have buried me with the dagger because he thought I can’t come back to life again since my heart was gone and the knife will also be useless in his hand because it can only work in my hand.
” whew, he really saved me the stress of having to find the dagger ” I smiled to myself as the thought crept through my mind,

I held the dagger upward and pushed it up expecting for it to hit a plank but I was surprised when I heard it tear through a bag and entered the soil, I drew the dagger back and some soil escaped into where I was.

I switched on my beast eye, it was 50 times more brighter than the one I had before, it was like I was in broad daylight, “s--t, f--k Patrick ” I cursed under my breath when I discovered that he buried me inside a body bag.

I tried to transform but it was impossible, after many trials I resigned as I lay inside the body bag quietly .

I was tired and I rested, I didn’t know when I slept off..

When I woke up, I was not feeling alright, I was suffocating and due to this I was irritated, my body hovered with displeasure and I was trying hard to breath.

After severe pain of displeasure, I passed out.
I woke up again after some minutes, and it was the same again, I was suffocating again, I knew if I don’t find a way out of the earth, I will keep on facing the torment of suffocation,

I am immortal so I can’t die but the displeasure it caused me was too much.

I passed out again the second time again after many trials to transform.

When I woke up again, it was still the same,
But this time my hinge to survive was strong,
I screamed loudly as I used all my strength to force my transformation.

When I’ve completely transformed, I busted out of the soil .

I dusted the soil on my body when I got out and viewed my surrounding.

Everywhere was dark and all I could see were trees, the chirping of crickets filled the air.

That was when it occurred to me that Patrick buried me inside a deep forest.

My stomach started grumbling meaning that I was hungry

Then I heard somethings running towards where I was, I stood my ground waiting for whatever it might be, then I heard the howling of wolves.

I smirked when I heard it and deducing from what I was hearing, it’s more than a single wolf.

I was happy because I was very hungry and some foolish animals were already on their way to offer me themselves as dinner.

I quickly transformed back to human when I heared their steps close by.

I didn’t want to scare them away.

It was their alpha that first made an appearance, while others followed suit.

The alpha stayed in front of me snarling while others encircled me, they were seven in numbers including their alpha.

I smiled as they kept on moving closer to me with their eyes emanating light, their tooth growling fiercely,

When they were close enough,

I released the claws of my right hand, they were more sharper than my former one, very sharp and longer.

In a speed of lightening without turning, I killed the seven of them not allowing any to escape.

I burped when I finished all the vital organs inside the last one.

I felt satisfied after devouring all.

Then the next problem followed, that is getting out of where I was.

I did not know where I was and the path leading out of their.

I stayed at the spot where I was not wanting to get lost in the forest.

Then I heard the sound of a bird, I tilted my head upward to look at it because I was surprised that a bird could still be flying at that time of the night.
It was a big bird and it was flapping it feathers as it goes it way, I wished the bird could come down and show me the way out of the forest, that was when I remembered that I now have a wing.

I didn’t know if will work on earth or if it was just made for the hollow land which I just came from.

I tried to bring it out but it wasn’t coming forth,. I concentrated all my effort to my back in order to bring it out but it wasn’t working.

After many trials and failure, I gave up.

I sat down hopelessly on the ground thinking what will happen if I don’t quickly find my way out of the forest to help my friends.

Then another idea scraped my mind,
“What if I’ve to be in beast form before the feather can come out ” I asked myself rhetorically.

I stood up and transformed at once, that was when I noticed that I was now bigger than how I was before, the fire emanating from my body was gold in colour.

Seeing this gave me a tingling of hope that my feather was going to come out .

I concentrated some of my power to my back and yes, the feather came out.

It was also gold in colour matching the fire emanating from my body.

It was a beautiful sight to behold.

I flapped my wings as I started defying the law of gravity.

When I was in the air, I was able to have a clear view of my surroundings,
” f--k you Patrick ” I cursed under my breath again when I discovered that where he buried me, apart from the place been situated inside the forest, it was also surrounded by water, making it almost impossible for anyone to get there.
I flew higher in order to be able to see if i can see any street light or car light in order to trace it back to get home.

After flying higher almost to the cloud level, I started seeing some small lights, they were in a long row which signifies that they were street light, tho they were so tiny like Lampyridaes ( fireflies ) but I knew it was because of the height I attained.

I started flying towards there and the light kept on increasing its size and I saw that flames were erupting from it,

I increased my speed and when I got closer, that was when I knew it wasn’t street lights,
It was some set of house closed to each other that were on fire.

I quickly descended on the floor, and with speed I ran inside the first one closed to me to see if their is any survivor, but their was none,
Everybody inside the house were all dead.

I was amazed by this and move closer to one of the dead.

That was when I knew that their death wasn’t caused by the fire, their hearts and vital organs were missing as their bodies were been ripped apart.

The fire was just to cover the track.

I searched the remaining buildings and it was also the same.

Tears formed in my eye when I discovered this, everyone was dead because of my immaturity and inability to fish out friends from foe.

With rage I flew up and head to Patrick’s house but when I got their, I met no one.

I searched through all his house but got nothing of importance their.

Then I entered into his secret room,, the one I entered last time.

Nothing was inside again.

Thinking it was a lost cause I made my way out of the place.

As I wanted to get out, I saw something on the floor that amazed me, even without picking it I knew whose own it was,

It was a pink ribbon I got for my mom when she clocked 25 and ever since then, she always wears it out .
I picked it up and yes ,i was right, it was the ribbon and I was sure she didn’t have it on when Patrick kidnapped her because I saw it in her room that day.

With many thoughts conjugating in my mind,
I used my beast speed and ran to my house only to see everything down, it was already burnt down including Peterson’s own and some house beside ours.

Everywhere was silent, danger omen filled the air.

I walked slowly to the road and was surprised not to see any movement on it even vehicles,
On the roads of Marseille, their is no boring moment on it, even midnight always feel like daytime, vehicles passing, hookers pacing around and the street nigga doing what they know how to do most.

But now, everywhere was dry, it doesn’t even feel like people are still staying in Marseille.

I beast speed to the abode of Chris and Nina.

I knew if my friends are still alive, they will be there. I transformed to human as
I stood at the spot where Nina always press the remote ,expecting her to press it when she see me standing on it but nothing happened.

After waiting there for ten minute and nothing happened, I decided to take my leave.
As I was going, I suddenly heard some sort of mechanical sound at my back,
I turned back but no one was there,

Some few seconds later, the spot opened and all my friends came up, but they were with different kinds of weapons,

Nina with an arrow, Becky with a rifle, Victor with a pistol which am sure contained wooden bullets and Dandy with nothing in his hand but he transformed at once when they got to the top surface.

I sighed a sigh of relief when I saw them, I wanted to run to them when Becky shot at me,
I was very fast now, so it was easy dodging it,
They all joined her as they kept on attacking me, but it was all a waste, Dandy came forward to me and tried to hit me but even in my human form, I was stronger than him, I was only guarding his attack, I didn’t attack him.

But he wasn’t stopping, then I heard an arrow coming from behind me and I swiftly moved away and it hit Dandy.

He fell to the floor and groaned in pain,
I quickly moved back to him and pulled it out.
I raised him up and spoke
“Why are you attacking me, can’t you recognize me again “? I asked Nina who was at my front.
” you can’t trick us Patrick ” she barked at me.

That was when I got it, they thought it was Patrick who camouflaged with my face.
” no, it’s me, I am Ben ” I replied her, I knew someone was already aiming at me from my back and I was sure it was Victor, I knew Nina had already seen him ,and was trying to distract me from knowing,
” okay I believe you ” she said moving closer to me,.
I ran away from her and in a second, I already have Victor in my grasp,
I held the two of them in my hands.
Then I whispered to Victor some events that only him and I knew about,
And with shock visible in his eye, he screamed ” he is Ben, he is Ben ”
I released him and he ran to Nina
” it’s Ben ghost ” he screamed at her and I laughed, I released my hold on Dandy
” I am not a ghost , I’m the real Ben ” I said and the two of them ran towards me to embrace me,
I heard Becky footsteps too running towards us and she also jumped on me which made all of us to fell down.
We stood up laughing,
Victor pinched me on my cheek and I hit his hand which made all of us excluding Dandy who was groaning on the floor, to laugh again.
” how is this possible, I thought, no, we thought we all saw it when Mr wisdom… ” I placed my index thumb on Nina’s lip to stop her from completing her sentence.
” I’m back and that’s all that matter,” I spoke with smile on my face.

Then suddenly, two neat palms glued to my face, it was a slap from Nina and Becky at the same time
” hope you know what that’s for ” they spoke in unison and I shook my head shamefully.
I knew they’ve both known that I was dating the two of them and this resulted to my mood being down.

” no need to be sad, we will settle it after we’ve settled Mr wisdom ” Nina said when she noticed the change in my mood.
“But what happened to my mom ” I said brightening up a bit when I remembered about the ribbon I saw ,

Their mood changed at once when I asked about my mom and this made me thought it was because she was dead but little did I know that I was wrong.

They all took their time in looking at themselves before Victor finally spoke up
” you don’t want to know pal ” he said with a sober countenance.

” what do you mean by saying that “?I asked with a concerned expression
” please forget about her now and let discuss how we’re going to defeat them ” Nina replied trying to urge me to forget about my mom
” what did she meant as them ” I asked myself rhetorically

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