The Choosen One {the beast of gevaudan} - Season 1 - Episode 45

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I’m sure many people reading about me right now will say that my life is f----d up, you are all right because I know myself that my life is more than f----d up.

My whole life is a mess.

I was born with the ill fate of shouldering a great and deadly responsibility which my dad left me with.

Deducting the 250 years I lived in darkness, at my tender age of 16 which supposed to be fun filled , partying, playing pranks, get into fight, and lot more. But here I am fighting with something extraordinary

I’ve lost my mom, I’ve even caused the death of my love’s dad.

I don’t really want this life tho I want the power it gave me.

I’m immature, call me that.

And my greatest crime is leaving the people of Marseille at the mercy of an evil beast.

I’m sure their day and night will be filled with terror, everyone waiting for the time their death will locate them,

People moving out of Marseille in order to secure their family’s life and theirs.

How am I going to rest in peace knowing fully what I left behind.

It’s been seven days since my soul has been moving in an hollow land, everywhere was dark, I barely see my front, seven days without food or water, no rest, no sleep, all I did was walk and it doesn’t seems to have an end,

I have it iin my mind that it was my punishment.

My punishment for being careless ,for throwing my people into the abyss of danger ,getting the one I called my life murdered without being able to do anything than dying without a fight
The only thing that illuminate light in this land is a dusk moon.

I was even surprised to how I knew I had spent seven days in this place without the change in weather or day.

All I just did was walk.

In this place, their was no living things, not even plant. The only thing present was the sand I thread upon in my journey.

My throat was dried and my body was irritating me.

Sweat was clamoring all over me through out my journey and fatigue dwell with me.

I wished I was given another chance to make things right, even if it’s to start breaking into prisons to get hardened criminals and people on death row and start devouring their hearts in order to get stronger,
I don’t mind.

But everything was too late.

I knew I was journeying to hade, but I thought I was being punished and that was why I wasn’t provided with any ride.

I was damned to trek to hade.

As a child, I always imagine that the journey to hade will be through a boat on a sea or river.
Maybe this route was made for we the ruthless sinner ,so that we can be punished a bit before getting to hade,

And seeing that my mom and Chris were not with me, it means they must have taken boat to hade, they might even be waiting for me at the entrance so that they can spank me a bit before they will enter.

I knew myself that I was a big sinner, and I knew I’m worth the punishment even in ten folds, even if the Creator forgive me, I can’t forgive myself.

On the fifteenth day of my walking, I suddenly started hearing the chirping of birds tho I saw none.

I knew I was closer to wherever it was I was going. My soul felt refreshed at this discovery, and I saw myself hastening movement.

But no matter how fast I walked, I wasn’t getting anywhere, it was like I wasn’t moving at all tho I knew I was walking, and the chirping of the birds was getting louder the more step I took,

After hearing the sound of birds, I had to trekked for another seven days before I finally saw a sun illuminating from the nothern side and a big tree covered with green leaves , it was a beautiful sight as different varieties of birds was seen displaying their magnificent beauty round it, they were many, some were flapping their wings to make drum beat while some were busy singing.

The tree was beautified with green leaves, and the different colors the different birds were emanating made it looked more beautiful, but something was surprising at the sight, below the tree on the ground, their was no dried leave.

The ground was neat as if someone was taking care of it, sweeping and making the surrounding neat, then I moved further to scout the area and I was right with my assumption as I saw a lone building erected in the hollowed land, the ray of the sun was directly on it, it looked like a bungalow from the exterior view and it looked normal if not for the direct ray of sunlight on it.
I moved closer to the building, it has a small door that I knew I will have to tilt my head downward a bit in order to be able to enter it. “Could it be that it’s dwarf(s) that is occupying the house ” I thought in my mind as I made to grab the handle of the door but I was shocked as the door opened by itself,

I sighed deeply as I entered, I feared nothing because their was nothing else to lose except the way to hade.

I was surprised when I entered the room, it looked like the underground room inside the ancient tomb. No, it was the room. Everything inside the underground was present inside the, ranging from all the drawings and paintings to the artifacts on the shelf, the only difference was that two chairs were inside it.

“How is this possible “? I asked myself loudly as I was mesmerized by the building, ” Because I loved the building so much ” I heard someone spoke behind me and I turned at once to look at the person but I saw no one,

Was it my ear playing trick on me or their is a ghost inside the room, but if their is a ghost inside, I should be able to see it because I’m also a ghost now, I thought in my mind as I continued to view the room.

“Come have a seat ” I heard someone spoke again and this time it came from behind me again and I swiftly turned and was surprised to see my dad occupying one out of the two chairs present inside the room.

” your mom really loved this ” he elucidated as I made to sit down on the second empty chair inside the room.

” these room was hers, it was her secret place of getting away from the strenuous feat of being a princess, it was just an underground room situated in an empty tomb which king Davala made for himself When he was young to be buried when he dies,and for all the other kings that’s going to rule after him to be buried, he was the one who made this underground room for his precious girl to play in, then, your mother was the only child of king Davala and his wife.

She loved the underground building so much and always frequent their to play.

She asked her dad to build another tomb for himself because she is not ready to share the tomb with any dried bone and king Davala obliged to her because her word was the king’s command.

When we started brewing the flame of love blazing between us, she brought me to this place and trust me son, it felt very good.

All those paintings, we painted it together, after you were born, you also love this room as you’ve never shed tears inside it before.

You will play around while your mom and I make out.

I changed all the locks of the room and the tomb when I started having the feeling that I will soon be gone, I did it with the assistance of one of my wizard friend, he made my blood which also flow through you to be the only key for it.

He narrated his love story with my mom in a way which gat me ashamed of myself, but that was then in the olden days, they are kinda faithful then, always with a girl, maybe they ain’t have enough girls like we do now, I elucidated bluntly in my mind as I watched him continue his story, but something seemed off, or am in another kind of trance, I’ll know when he’s through with his story because I didn’t felt like interrupting him .

” knowing fully that I was going to die soon, I made preparations for myself so that my soul won’t be lost, I asked a powerful sorcer to create this place for me so that I can stay in it till I’ll be able to get my golden heart and fly my way out of here ” he narrated with a bright expression
” what do you mean by a golden heart and fly your way out of here as how ” ? I asked him confused
” I am a beast who have thread this earth for 1250 years without killing any innocent human, the Creator already has a gift for beast who doesn’t have the blood of an innocent person in its hands till he walks the earth for 1500 years, the Creator will grant a beast like that a golden heart which will turn the beast to undisputed beast, filled with power beyond that of an evil beast, and the most awesome aspect of the power is that a golden feather will be bestow on such beast to reign with the birds of the earth” he said standing up from where he was sitting and turning his back on me,

And suddenly ,a big golden feather emerged from his back, he looked like an angel
I stood up unknowingly as I was awe by the magnificency of the feather,
” here in this world, I’ve completed the remaining 250 years and the golden heart was bestowed upon me” he said sheathing back the feather into his back. “With this feather, I can fly my soul out of this place and resurrect my body
” but since you’ve gotten what you want, why didn’t you get out of this place and clear the mess you caused before this happened to me “? I asked him with bitterness in my voice
“Because of you son “he replied with a countenance which showed that he was proud of what he said

“Me” I asked surprised and he replied yes.
I knew something like this might happen, so I insured you the day I insured myself to this place, and when I got my golden heart, I was tempted to fly out of here, but I thought what will happen if you later die, there’s no way you’re getting out of here, so I stayed so I could give you the heart so that you can fly out of here.

” no, you can’t give me the heart ” I retorted slowly , “why” my dad asked with a surprised expression

” I’ve fumbled beyond going back to earth again, I’ve lost love ones and I don’t believe in myself that I can make things right again, so it will be good if you fly out of here and set things right yourself ”

” don’t say that son, everything you did on earth was beyond my expectations, I’m always proud of you everyday, happy for how fast you developed, you care for your people and did all it took to protect them and they all know it even the dead, you’re worth this heart son, agree to accept it and it’s yours, be fast son, your friends are getting worned out
doing what you’re afraid of doing ” he elucidated in a gentle manner
” but what will happen to you if I take the heart ” I asked with empathy
He came closer to me put me in a warm embrace ” nothing will happen son, I will just be without heart like you are ” he answered and I disengage myself from him to check my chest, and yes, their was no heart in it, I couldn’t believe that I didn’t notice it since the vast of days I spent inside the place and despite my chest being open.

” but you won’t be able to live again if I collect it ” I said taking my gaze away from my chest,
“it doesn’t matter son, I’ve lived many years on earth and I wish for nothing than to see you live more than I do ” he replied with tears forming in his eye.

I didn’t know when I started crying, he moved to the portrait of my mom “your son has growned up very well love ” he elucidated placing his hand on the portrait, then he did something that amazed me, he brought claws out of his hands and deep it into his chest and brought out his heart, it was gold in color, and the blood that dripped down from it was also gold in color.

” come here son, let your mama witness this ” he said motioning me to move closer to him.

My legs became heavy as I dragged it along to where he was.

He inserted the golden heart into my empty chest and right then I felt myself became very powerful, my chest closed up at once and my body system also changed.
I screamed as I felt new surge of adrenaline, energy, heat and power circulating my body.
I felt my back itching me and a beautiful golden feather emerged from it.

“I am proud of you son ” my dad said patting me on my head, “follow me ” he added going towards the shelf that led to the secret room and I followed him with my feather still protruding from my back like an archangel.

He added pressure to the edge of the shelf and it opened, he entered and I followed him.

After we got inside, he started walking to the wall of the other side of the building and to my surprise, he opened a door, I stood there transfixed at the spot I was, looking at him .

He motioned to me with his hand to join him and I did, at the other end of the door was great darkness, my dad pointed his index finger to the sky and I traced it with my eye and saw a little brightness in the sky, it was like a small moon between mass darkness.

” fly to that bright place and you’re out of here son ” he said trying to hide the tears forming in his eye.

I hugged him deeply ” i love you dad and thanks for the heart and the golds ” I whispered into his ear as he smiled. I disengaged myself from his embrace as I started flapping my feathers and I saw myself flying upward.

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