The Choosen One {the beast of gevaudan} - Season 1 - Episode 42

1 year ago

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I’ve been many kilometers away from home
before I my brain sent me the signal.

I had to made a u turn and started another
journey towards home.

I stopped abruptly at the door by decreasing
my speed when I was about to get there.
I quickly turned the door knob and entered
the house because I was naked,

I entered and met the sitting room in
disarray, I knew something was wrong at

I quickly ran to my mom’s room and my
greatest fear was confirmed as I met what I
was expecting meet
a message was left for me on the wall inside
her room, it was written boldly with blood
and the message goes thus

I stood their looking at the writing on the
wall as if their is another hidden meaning to

I knew Marseille memorial is my school, but
why will the beast ask for ameeting there,
being unable to deduced the reason was
setting my head on fire. I knew the reason it
fixed the time to 10 pm was for it to be able
to transform.

My mind was troubled, I knew going there
alone is a suicide mission and taking my
friends with me is the same thing as
massacring them.

My leg was becoming weak and it couldn’t
hold my body again, I sat on my mom’s bed
thinking about what I was going to do.

I was scared of facing the beast and I was
also scared of losing my mom.

I remembered she asked me not to trade my
life for hers but that’s impossible for me to
do, but come to think of it, I’ve already spent
much time on earth tho I was oblivious to
those years I spent.

I was extremely hungry as I sat on the bed
thinking, I knew I will need all my strength
in order to face the beast at night tho even
if I eat every food I could lay my hands on, I
don’t stand a chance against the beast.
I tried to wave the feelings of hunger I was
feeling aside and concentrate on the task at
hand but it was impossible.

I felt like it been more than a month since
have eaten..

I head to the kitchen and opened the fridge
to see if their is any beverages inside,
drinking it will help arrest the hunger a bit
and allow me to think of my plan.

But as I opened the fridge, I saw nothing
inside, it was empty.

I became shocked at this because ever since
I’ve been able to decipher my left from right,
our fridge has never been empty, I looked
everywhere inside the kitchen and nothing
edible was found.

I thought of ordering but my condition
couldn’t allow it, it’s not polite to hear that
someone whose world was kidnapped still
has the audacity to
order for food.

Then my eyes shifted to the cutlery space
,and caught glimpse of a knife, ” s--t ” I
retorted as I remembered about the dagger
my dad gave me.

But I don’t know if there’s going to be full
moon that night or not,

The hunger vanished at once as I ran into
my room and wear a cloth to cover my nakedness,

I took another extra one inside my bag and
back it as I head outside. The reason I took
the cloth was to assure myself that am
going to win tho in my heart I knew I’ve

I locked the door firmly with my own key in
order not to allow Chris and company in, I
knew if they got their way in, they will see
the message the got rider beast left and
they will try to assist me,
which I knew will not end well.
As I walked slowly heading to the ancient
tomb with my hand firmly on my bag’s
handle, my feet was hard to lift and I
dragged it on the floor, people merely
looking at me will know that my life is a

” Benjamin ” I heard a feminine voice called
my name, without turning to confirm the
caller, I knew it was Peters.

I turned slowly to answer and I saw her
standing at the balcony of her ancient
structured bungalow house, tho the house
has been renovated to make it have a taste
of the modern world but still, it isn’t hard to
tell that it wasn’t built in this era.
She head inside as I heed her call signifying
that I should follow her.

Mrs Peterson lives alone,no relative, no
children, tho I heard her two sons are in the
state pursuing their career, but have never
seen them come visit her before.

Her sitting room as usual was neat, the
inner structure of the house depicted that it
was built in the 80s, the fireplace has been
restructured but it still has the taste of the
80s ,the brick and the design gaveit out,
Her sitting room was very large ,but
occupied by few things.

Mrs Peterson should be in her early 60s,but
she doesn’t looks much like that, she has the
face of a youth and she’s still agile, she dress
moderately and am sure she spend a hell of
time to make herself look good.

I heard from my mom that her husband
died when she was at age 42,and since then
she refused to marry, taking up the mantle
of widowhood at that age was kinda
confusing to me, with her look now, I knew
surely that she will still be hot then with
many suitors filing to get her for themselves.

She lives a simple life, and tried everyday to
hid the fact that she’s lonely
But there’s no doubt that she isn’t lonely.
Her home was not a stranger to me tho it’s
been long since I came to pass time with

She loves having my company tho I don’t
know the reason.

I play with her alot like we’re of the same
age, she takes me as a friend and not as a

We discussed many things and I ranging to
her romantic life.

But all stopped when I got enrolled in high

Everyday is a life of the party for me, I gat
less free time to chitchat with an old lonely
woman who is not boring.

” sit down ” her voice pulled me out of my
thought as I sat on one of her chair
MRS PETERSON : you look tired, should I get
you water
ME : I’m okay peters
MRS PETERSON : you know you can’t lie to
me, merely looking at you, I know you’re
ME : ( yeah, she’s right, she knew me well
almost up to my mama level ,we’ve stayed
together for long and that made her knew
my silent ) I’ve changed great deals through
this year, it ain’t like my before, the language
my mood spoke then is now different from
now ( I elucidated trying to convince her
that am not hungry but my stomach gave
me away as it made a grumbling sound )
MRS PETERSON : ( smiled mockingly ) I think
your mouth and stomach aren’t in
correlation ( she retorted as she stood up
and head to her kitchen without allowing to
raise up any defence for myself )
As she head to the kitchen, I started viewing
her sitting room, tho it been long since I’ve
visited her but it isn’t much different from

On the wall close to where her reading table
was place near her dining spot was some
portraits with names clearly written under it,
the portraits according to Mrs Peterson
depict the image of her ancestors ,some
were painting while others depict the era
when flashbox (camera) was introduced,
tho that wasn’t my first time of seeing the
portraits but it hasn’t caught my
attention before, I only view it then as
normal pictures, but looking at it now caught my

The portraits were arranged after one
another depicting the imtroduction of
modernization, from the start it was
painting then black and white pictures
followed, then gradually a bit of color was
introduced, following the lane till full color
was visible.

What caught my attention with the portrait
was in the painting aspect, the first portrait
there has the pictures of two people, there
arms across their shoulder,
and under it was PETERSON COOPER &

The two name rang a bell in my head, I
knew have heard it somewhere, then I
remembered that my surname was
Marseillaise ( my full name is Marseillaise
Benjamin ) then I remembered the history
I’ve been hearing ever since have turned to
a beast, the name of our family hero, the
conqueror of Gevaudan was Patrick
Marseillaise, and that aid me to remember
the name Peterson Cooper, it was the last
name my mom mentioned when she was
informing me about the founding families, I remembered that I asked her about
the last name but she was unable to tell me
who it was or the family that it is due to the
other topic about why she wasn’t the mayor
that we were engrossed in.

” so Mrs Patrick is the last in the founding
families of Marseille ) I retorted in my mind.
But something seemed strange about the

Captain Patrick looked so much like
someone I knew but I couldn’t remember
the person.

I was deeply engrossed with the portrait
that I didn’t noticed when Peters entered
with a tray filled with baguette and a cup of
fruit juice.

She dropped It on the table and came closer
to where I was standing, I was startled
when I noticed her present and she laughed
” looks like you’ve started to develop
feelings for this portraits now ” she said still
” are you also part of the founding families ”
I asked her not complementing her sense of
humor. She replied yes
ME : I see, but why aren’t you in any high
position in the administration of Marseille
MRS PETERSON : ( smirked ) just like your
mom, I prefer to just offer the council my
knowledge ( she replied boastfully )
ME : alright, but why is captain Patrick in
your family’s portrait
MRS PETERSON : ( I expected her to be
surprised that I knew about captain and ask
me how I knew him but she wasn’t
surprised and she didn’t ask me anything )
they were close friend and we couldn’t find
any portrait which consist of him alone,
every of his portrait we have, captain Patrick
was present in all of them. I think he would
have got himself a personal one if not that
he didn’t live long, oh I meant they all didn’t
live long.
ME : they didn’t live long as how? ( i asked
surprised )
MRS PETERSON : I believe you know about
the first founding family
ME : yes
MRS PETERSON : according to history, when
they claimed Gevaudan ,they lived for
sometime before they started dying, captain
Patrick died last in a fire outbreak which
occur in his house and that was the end of
the five friends
ME : okay ( I replied her still looking at the
painting of captain Patrick trying to
remember who I knew that resembled him
so much )
MRS PETERSON : I know about you and I also
know about what happened to your mom
( she said drifting me away from what I was
trying to remember )
ME : ( I was surprised that she knew about
me since all this days but I wasn’t ready to
ask her how, the information I needed then
was everything pertaining to my mom’s
abduction ) you mean you saw my mom
been kidnapped by the beast ( I asked her
trying to be sure if I heard her right
MRS PETERSON : let talk while you’re eating
because I know you still have somewhere
important that you’ve to be ( she said taking
pleasure in sitting down on one of the
chairs inside the sitting room while she left
me standing pondering if I should eat the
food or not. I was already salivating to eat
the food because of the hunger tumor
developing inside my stomach, after short
deliberation, I sat down and started
munching on the baguette sipping the juice
down my throat to compliment it as she
continued her discussion )

I found it difficult to sleep, so I came outside
in the midnight to watch the waxing
gibbous moon of this month before I saw
something like fire entered your house and
ran outside like it didn’t happen
ME : you know I hate geography, will you
please explain the meaning of waxing
gibbous moon to me ( I muffled through the
bread in my mouth )
MRS PETERSON : ( she laughed before
answering me ) that is semi circle shape of
the moon, the phase of the moon before full
moon appears
ME : (cut in abruptly ) you mean there’s
going to be full moon tonight
MRS PETERSON : yeah, but don’t you want to
hear the remaining part of my story
ME : no, I already heard what I needed to
hear ( I replied her laughing ) but to keep
me busy till I finish this( I pointed to the
food I was eating ) you can tell me some of
the history of the five friends that you’ve

She obliged to my request as she started
telling me stories that were breathtaking
about the five friends, my eating became
slow and Ifelt my eye became heavy, her
word started fading away in my my ear and
I slept off.
I woke up and I found myself on a couch, I
rubbed my eye surprised that I was
sleeping, i viewed the room I was in and it
looked similar to Mrs Peterson house, “Mrs
Peterson house ” I exclaimed as I jumped
out of the couch and ran outside, it was
already past dusk, I ran back inside to check
the time on her old looking wall clock and
the time was 8:20, I couldn’t believe that I
slept more than 8 hours, I thought it was
because of exhaustion.

Without bading peters bye, I ran out of the

I first thought of beast speeding to the
ancient tomb but I shut against, I don’t
want to waste my energy because I’ll need
more of it when I face the ghost rider beast.

I stopped a taxi, and as I was about to hop
in, I remembered that I didn’t have any cash
on me.

I begged the taxi man that my mom is in an
emergency situation and I have to get to her
soon and I don’t have anymoney on me.
The taxi being a gentle man helped me.

I thanked him as I alighted a kilometers to
the ancient tomb thanking him.
I ran inside the ancient when the taxi man
had left, I unlocked it with my palm and I
entered switching on my beast eye.
I remembered the spot where I saw the
underground lock, I quickly located it and
use my palm as the key to unlock it.
I ran down the stairs when it opened.
Getting to where I was going now was easy
unlike the first time when I knew nothing
about the place.
I took only the dagger as I head out of the
underground building.

As I got out of the tomb and locked it with
my palm, I heard a beast roared at my back.
Even without turning I knew it was Jovacik,
there was different between Jovacik roaring
and the ghost rider beast roaring, Jovacik’s
own was like a cat mewing compared to the
ghost rider beast roaring which I will like to
qualify as a lion roaring.

I knew that Jovacik couldn’t beat me again,
I’m now stronger compared to when we
always fight before.

I transformed quickly as I turned to face him
with the dagger in my hand.

The dagger didn’t change or seemed special
even when it was a full moon night, I
dropped the dagger and set to face Jovacik.
When I turned, I didn’t see him but I was
prepared as I kept on snarling.

He suddenly jumped out of nowhere
heading towards with a big punch, I quickly
bent down and rolled to the front in order
to dodge the blow.

I quickly stood up and turned to face him,
he was snarling at me and I snarled back .
He head towards me with speed and I also
did the same, when I got close to him, I
quickly swerve to my right and slash him on
his rib.

I turned at once and gave it a superman
punch on his head and he fell down due to
the impact of the punch.

I moved closer to him, and tried to raise him
up, he quickly locked my head umder his
armpit, he held it tight and it became hard
for me to breath.

I was trying my all to free myself from him
but he was keen on strangling me to death.
When I was frustrated, I started shaking
with anger and the fire emanating from my
body changed, it was more furious than me
normal fire and it was darkishly red.

I thought the heat hit at him as he quickly
released me.

I stood up with blood shot eye.
I wasn’t in control of myself again.
He tried to launch an attack towards me but
I stopped it with a single hand, I hijacked
him up with one hand, and used the other
one to punch him on his face.

After much trashing from me, he became
weak, I drop him on the ground and deep
my claws into his chest.

He growled in pain, I felt my hand touched
his heart and round it against it.

I pulled it with force and he roared in pain
but I was unable to remove it.
Then I heard a wolf howl,
I looked towards the sky and saw that the
moon was already displaying it elegancy in

The full moon was out, I head towards
where I dropped the dagger and picked it.
As I picked it, I watched as the fire
emanating from my body, goes down my
hand towards the dagger, the dagger lit up
in fury and I became scared a bit.

I smirked when I understood the situation,
As I turned to head to Jovacik and finish my
incomplete task, he was already gone.

I stood there mesmerized, I couldn’t
decipher where he could be, then out of
nowhere he appeared and hit me hard on
my head with a mighty punch.
The fire emanating from my body changed
at once and I got hold of myself.
I quickly charged at him with the dagger in
my hand, I made to stab him on his chest
but he held my hand midway to it.

He kicked me on my leg we fell down
together, we were trying to take charge, he
will flip me and come on top me punching
me and I also did the same.

The dagger was already off my hand.
Then it got to a time When he flipped me
and I didn’t have strength to do the same.
He was on top of me landing me deadly

After he saw that I couldn’t do anything

He deepened his claw into my chest and I
felt it round my heart.

Ge smirked wildly when he felthis claws
around my heart and he tried to pull it.
This time it wasn’t easy for him to pull it out
as I wrenched in pain.

I almost gave up hope of surviving not until
I looked at my side and saw that the dagger
was just a few distance to my hand reach.

I stretched my hand towards it but was
unable to get it, I felt some of the muscles
holding my heart cut as Jovacik kept on
pulling it.

I jerked furiously when this occurred and I
was able to get closer to the dagger, I
stretched a bit and I was able to take it.
The dagger lit at oonce as I held, I channeled
more of my strength into it and it started
blazing much fire.

Jovacik stopped pulling me heart on seeing
this, and I cut him on his face with the

His face lit up at once and he left me as he
screeched in pain out of sight.
I stood up and checked where he injured
me on my chest.
It was already healing.

I knew Jovacik will be back soon and a wild
idea scraped my mind.

I focused my attention and ear to
everywhere to discover when Jovacik will be

When I heard him coming, I held my ground
and when I saw him in sight, I started
running and he followed me.

I was running towards my school with the
thought of using Jovacik towards my own
I knew the ghost rider beast would have
been waiting for me in school, they were
both after the same thing i.e my heart.
I knew it will lead to a battle between them
and the ghost rider beast will surely win
Jovacik but I will still have a chance to defeat
the G.R.B with Jovacik fighting at my side.

Jovacik was keened on catching me as I also
was keened on getting to school.

Thanks to the improvement in my speed, he
was at my back not able to get hold of me
until I got to school.

I stopped abruptly as I entered the school
and saw some people dead on the floor.
I checked to confirm who they were and
was shocked to see the mayor, our Dean
and Mrs Peterson in their own pool of blood.
Jovacik also made a stop at my back and
was snarling loudly with rage.

Then all of a sudden, the halogen bulb on
the field on and I saw my mom with Becky
tied together .

” I’m sorry ” I heard Becky mumbled under
her breath,she looked like she has sustained
fatal injury but my mom looked okay.

Then I saw someone walking towards them
holding a long chain whose figure of the
person in the chain I recognised to be

When the person came into view, I was
shocked to my marrow

” Mr wisdom ” I spoke inaudibly and from
my back I heard someone pronounced
PATRICK with surprise

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