The Choosen One {the beast of gevaudan} - Season 1 - Episode 41

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I opened my eye and saw myself on a bed, the atmosphere was filled with the smell of herb, I looked at my side and saw Nina in Chris embrace, she was crying while Chris was patting her head tho he was sober too but he was not crying.

With the support of my hand I sat up and called their attention, I was very surprised when Nina jumped on me embracing me tightly, Chris too came over and hug me shortly.

” where is dandy and Victor “? I asked them after I was finally able to free myself from the embrace of Nina and the two of them became moody again.
I was surprised with their change of mood and was scared also,

Could it be that they are already dead, I asked myself but quickly wade the thought off.
” can you walk ” Chris asked forcing a fake smile out of his face

” I think so ” I replied him trying to get out of the bed and Nina assisted me in doing so.

We got out of the room and I was surprised to see many rooms apart from the one we got out from.

I thought it should be Chris and Nina’s room only ,maybe with one or two guest room but that wasn’t the case, the corridor was long and rooms was everywhere, we started
Walking along the corridor and we stopped when we got to the entrance of one of the room , Chris unlock the door and we entered, I saw Victor sleeping on a king size bed and he covered himself with blanket,

I thought at first that he was dead, I ran to him and removed the blanket from his body, but I was surprised to see him sleeping soundly.
” my bad ” Nina suddenly spoke up for the first time,

” what do you mean by that ” I asked her thinking it was because they deceived me with their change of mood earlier.

But it wasn’t so as she brought a plastic containing blood,

” he sustained fatal injury due to the fire and he was dying, so I had to take your blood in order to heal him even tho you were dying ” she elucidated remorsefully.

” it is alright, you didn’t do anything bad, so don’t have to feel down ” I replied and she cheered up,

It was then that I remembered that Chris was also dying when we were still inside the forest and here is walking and acting normal like he wasn’t injured before.

I turned to face Chris with an eye that depicted that something isn’t right, As if on cue about what was going on in my mind, he retorted “I’m also sorry, tho it’s not mine but hers ” he retorted facing Nina.

” I didn’t take for him alone ” she retorted pointing at Victor

” Victor ” I chipped in to inform them of Victor’s name
” yeah ” she replied ” you were dying and I didn’t know what to do, I had to heal my dad with your blood because he was also dying, and I knew he will have better idea of how to help you which I was lacking. I did it without his consent but I couldn’t watch you die without doing anything ” she retorted defensively
” it’s okay ” I replied her with a sweet voice that can melt a dragon’s heart.

After she’s settled down, I asked them which room was Dandy placed in and they went sober again .

“Follow me ” Chris ordered heading out of the room, I covered Victor back with the blanket before proceeding out of the room following Chris and Nina.

He took us to the main room ( the sitting room ) which I was the first time I came there .

He picked up a remote on the table and switched on the big Tv in the sitting room, he pressed some keys on the remote and it displayed from where we got to the spot where Nina pressed the remote and I was hit by the fireball, Nina really tried there or else I would have been caught by the beast, when she pressed the remote and the fireball hit me,the fireball force pushed me away from the spot where we were supposed to go down, I had already dropped them before I was pushed by the force of the fireball and transformed to human, Chris has also lose his consciousness, and the round metallic object that serves as their elevator has already started going down, Nina quickly jumped out from it and landed on the ground, she ran towards me and grabbed me, in a blink the ghost rider beast appeared, he started walking magnetically as he watched me lying helplessly on the floor, he muttered some words amidst evil laughter but I couldn’t hear the words, I asked Chris to give it more volume and to replay the part the beast talked, which he did

” No one escape me, I have never lose will never lose especially against a little beast like you ” he spitted this words amidst his evil laughter and Nina couldn’t help but watch him angrily,

It bent down and tried to grab me but Nina threw something at it face but he dodged it quickly but Nina was also fast as she quickly threw another one which landed on his face causing an explosion, and everywhere was filled with smoke,the smoke was very much that we couldn’t see anything from the tv, and when the smoke cleared, we’ve already disappeared from there, the beast’s skull emanating fire was nowhere to be found on his neck when everything cleared, but it only took it some seconds before another one appeared.

It grew right from its neck and it was more deadly looking than it former own blazing fire,
It started running through the forest, the camera wasn’t able to pick it ,it only picked something similar to lightening, it was too fast for the camera.

After some minutes it came back to the spot where we escaped,

It roared angrily and everywhere shook.

Then it disappeared again and came back with Dandy who was half dead, the fire affected him much, he was already healing but it was slow because I expected to have healed finished since the time the beast used its fire to burn him off its head.

He held Dandy by his leg making him to dangle in the air.

” I will smoke you out by taking all the people you cared about ” the beast roared loudly before it dissapeared with Dandy.

My leg lose it strength and I fell down to the floor,
I was very scared and I felt myself trembling on the floor, I knew it was going after my mom.

Nina tried to help me get up but I shrugged her off.

I felt like crying but tears wasn’t coming,
” it’s been up to how many minutes when the beast took off with Dandy ” I asked both Nina and Chris and Nina replied me that it has been up to 7 hours.

” 7 hours!!” I exclaimed loudly,
I tried to get my phone inside my pocket but discovered the cloth I was wearing doesn’t have one, it’s was then that I notified that I was putting on a nightie,

I knew it must belong to Nina ,
” where is my phone ” I asked almost screaming ” it wasn’t on your naked body when I brought you in ” Nina replied angrily.

I knew i was the caused, I was transferring my aggression on her even when she did nothing wrong but saved.

” I’m sorry Nina, but I think my mom is in trouble ” I replied her sounding calm.

Chris quickly ran to the section I said looked like a CIA office with many televisions that is displaying everything and everywhere Marseille.

There was a small panel in front of the TVs containing some buttons and a J0yst!ck.

He pressed some of the buttons and one all the TVs started displaying my neighborhood including my house, it was there that I saw that we were already in morning .

I passed out for a long period of time.

Chris was controlling the TV with the J0yst!ck, reversing back to the night and we watched keenly, then suddenly, I noticed a light enter into my house and it came out at once, Chris and Nina didn’t notice it so asked Chris to pause it and he should reverse it slowly which he did,

Then it got to the part when I saw the fire , they also saw the fire but it was still fast despite slowing down the camera, it was like it didn’t even entered our building but we’re sure it did,
We didn’t know if the beast took my mom or not but seeing it making
a stop in my house made me scared.

I told Nina to hit the remote for their elevator.

” I’m going to check if she’s safe ” I muttered with fear, my feet was already trembling,

Chris asked Nina to follow me but I declined, I was going to beast speed home, I don’t care if it’s in broad daylight,

I told them of my intention and they were against it, reminding me of how unsafe it is, but I wasn’t ready to bulge to their opinion.

My mom’s safety first.

As I turned to go, I saw Victor standing behind us, God knows when he has been there,we were all engrossed with what we were watching and didn’t know When he got there.

He was wearing an oversize trouser and top .
I knew it belongs to Chris because of its size.
” I’m following you ” he said as he came close to where we were.

I explained to him the danger of following him, tho I knew we were already in the morning and in reference to what Chris told me before that the beast is a Nightiolf ,and it’s impossible for a Nightiolf to transform in the morning,
” that’s the reason it’s after my heart, it wants to become a full beast ” I deduced bitterly in my mind.

I wasn’t ready to exposé Victor to any danger again but I knew the type of person he is, when he is keen on doing something, he always have his way of doing it.

Even if I leave find a way not to bring him with me, he is still going to find a way to do so.

I wish I have a sleeping portion, i would have use it on him.

I told him that I’m going in beast form and it will be impossible to have a passenger
with me because we’re already in the morning and I won’t be fast enough to avoid been seen.
I asked Nina and Chris to follow behind me and they should bring him along, I will waiting for them at home, he seemed pleased with that as he bailed on pestering to follow me
” before you leave, let me check if it’s safe to do so first ” Chris uttered heading back to the big TV.

He pressed some keys on the remote and the forest came to view.

It now looked empty, flame filled everywhere, only few trees escaped the fire,

He switched to the camera recording the entrance of the forest, we saw fire extinguishing tankers halting, then the emergency personnel started ordering them to do their task.

” do you think it’s safe to go “? Chris asked me in a tone that depict that he’s against me going.

” I’m going ” I replied him changing to beast.
Before my full transformation, Nina quickly jumped on me and kissed me, my transformation paused at that level as I also took my time to reciprocate her kind gesture.
After breaking up the kiss, she brought her
mouth closed my ear
” make sure you’re safe till we get their ” she uttered pressing the remote.

I ran into the gravity defying object and it took me out of there.

As I came to the top, I beast speed at once and I was awed at the rate at which my speed increased, I knew I was more faster than Jovacik now but what I couldn’t depicted was why or how it happened ,

I knew the firemen will be surprised when they saw a fire ran past them, as i saw some suddenly dropped the pipe in their hand.

I had to quickiy maneuver my way through them in order not to allow the water they were spraying to touch me because I don’t know the consequence of it.

My new gained speed made my running to became awesome, my mind recalibrates to the speed at which things are whizzing past me and this provides the s£nsat!on of entering another dimension.The wind was absolutely insane,
the sides of the road started to blur due to vibration, wind turbulence and adrenaline.

I was so lost in the great feelings I was deriving from my speed that I even ran passed my house.
I’ve been many kilometers away from home before I my brain sent me the signal.

I had to made a u turn and started another journey towards home.

I stopped abruptly at the door by decreasing my speed when I was about to get there.

I quickly turned the door knob and entered the house because I was naked,

I entered and met the sitting room in disarray, I knew something was wrong at once.

I quickly ran to my mom’s room and my greatest fear was confirmed as I met what I was expecting meet

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