The Choosen One {the beast of gevaudan} - Season 1 - Episode 39

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I backed Dandy and Victor was walking by my side as we made our through the forest.
we haven’t gotten to the middle of the forest path to Chris place when I started hearing a sound at our back, the sound was like when a water is boiling, I asked Victor if he heard it but he replied no.

We continue the journey but we haven’t taking up to 5 steps more when I saw a fireball heading to us with high speed.
On seeing this, I quickly pushed Victor away and drop Dandy roughly on the ground while I quickly lie down flat too, the fireball flew pass me hitting the tree in my front and the tree caught fire at once, lighting up the forest,

I saw another one coming towards me again, but I quickly used my speed to get Dandy and I out of the area.

I couldn’t save Victor because it was too rapid and I wasn’t able to check if he was alright.

I quickly looked for somewhere I presume to be safe enough and dropped Dandy’s unconscious body. Having him with me will only be a disadvantage to me because I will have to be protecting the two of us.

I ran away from the place I placed him in order to secure him.

I headed back to where I presume Victor should be to check if he’s still safe,but when I got there everywhere was already on fire.

I transformed to beast and entered the fire to check him but all my effort was futile.

I was deeply engrossed with the searching that I didn’t notice that another fireball was already heading to me.

Before I saw it, it has already hit me in my chest, the force of the fireball threw me away and I felt as if my heart was on fire, it was very painful and it weakened me greatly.

I tried to stand up but couldn’t, then I saw another one heading towards me again, I didn’t know how I got the strength but I knew I shifted away from there by a mile.

what’s really the beast plan, is it trying to roast my heart before eating it or what? I asked myself as I was finally able to stand up.

I very weak and could barely walk, I felt myself transforming back to human without me being able to control it.

I thought it was because I was very weak.

I knew I was at disadvantage with me being a human, I’ve to be in my beast form im order to fight whatever it might be that was attacking me, as I was still thinking about how am gonna survive without my powers, I saw a wolf running, I knew it was running for safety after it saw that the forest was on fire, I remembered that consuming an animal’s heart and vital organs can make me more powerful, I conjured all my last strength as I ran after the wolf with speed, I was able to summon my claws out, out of my finger, catching the wolf was easy and I slash it with my claw, I deep my claws into it and brought out it heart first,

it looked irritating with blood covering it and dripping down from it,

I shut my eye as I started chewing it raw,
it tasted awesome in my mouth and within a minute, I’ve ripped the wolf’s flesh apart and ate all the vital organs inside it.

The feelings was great and I felt like having more.
I felt my lost strength returning to me and I transformed when I felt that I was strong enough but the fire that always emanate from my body was missing.

But instead of running away from the threat lurking around, I was searching for another animal to devour, the reason was that it tasted great and I couldn’t get my mind off it and I wanted to become more stronger so that I could have a chance against the fireball making beast.
I didn’t search for long before I found another wolf and I did justice to it like the first one.

After finishing all that’s useful in it, the fire lit on my body by itself signifying that I was strong enough.

I lifted my head up and saw another fireball heading towards me again, I quickly dodge it and ran with full speed towards the direction it was coming from but when I got to the place I thought it was supposed to be ,I met no one there.

In a flash I saw another fireball coming towards me exactly from the direction I left, i swiftly dodged it and with full speed again I head towards the direction again but it was also the same result, nobody was there, then from where I stood I saw fireballs heading towards me from four direction at once, I was trapped in the middle of the four of them as they were heading to me with greater speed than the ones of before.
Not knowing what to do I just stood there as I await my doom.

But as it got closer to me, my instinct told me to propel myself upward with full force which I did, and the four fireballs collided which caused a little explosion .

I was surprised at the level at I which I leaped into the air.

I never knew I could do that.

The level at which I leaped made me to land on the road.

Everywhere was silent and the road was blank, there was no one there and no vehicle could be seen passing.

As I landed on the road, I stood up to check if I had procured any injury and in a flash something hit me hard on my back and I fell down, I quickly stood up to attack it but was surprised not to see anything.

I was sure it wasn’t a fireball because there was no fire to prove it.

I stood there confused at what was happening.

I knew that it was the fireball beast that was attacking me but what I wasn’t sure is if it is more than a single beast.

As I stood there confused, suddenly a mixture of dark flame and fire which has different colors like rainbow started circling me, I was trapped in the middle and the fire was circling me on the road with full speed, I couldn’t see anyone ,only fire and flame, I tried to beast run out of it but as I tried it I couldn’t get out of the fire,it was like hitting a mighty shield and with the force I tried to use to run out of it, it was like I hit myself against a rock, I shifted back with pain surging all over my body.

The pain was short and when I got over it, I tried to leap again like I did when the four fireballs were aiming at me, but I couldn’t get out of it.
The shield was also at the top.

When I tried everything possible to get out and couldn’t, I got tired, I felt that all my strength had deserted my body ,I stopped trying and stood there transfixed at the spot waiting for the next thing that is gonna happen.

Then the flame and fire started conjuring together to create a huge demon.

It was more than a demon, it figure is evil, it looks monstrous.

It should be like 18 feets tall, it’s head was not of a beast own but skeleton, it was emitting fire like that of ghost rider, I thought ghost rider was just a movie but I was wrong because the real ghost rider was standing in my front, just that the one standing in my front was more bigger than Johnny Blaze and the fire emanating from this one’s head is of different different colors mixed with dark flame which made it looked more evil and he doesn’t have chain in his hand but long and sharp claws and neither was it wearing a jacket. And trust me, he isn’t on a motorcycle.

I was very scared on seeing it and I tried to run away with my beast speed towards the opposite direction but as I faced back to run, he was already in my front. I thought it was another beast but when I checked my back, he wasn’t there again confirming that he was the one.

How could he be so fast I asked myself as I stood at the spot I was looking at it with fears written all over me.

That explain why I couldn’t see it when I was trying to track it earlier with the fireball, and how he was able to throw four fireballs from different direction at once. It was incredibly fast. I knew that I couldn’t outrun it so I stood there ready to attack it.

But what I couldn’t deduced was why it was after my heart with all the powers it had
( N.P :- I’m using it to the beast because I don’t know if it is male or female then )
Maybe it wasn’t after my heart, maybe it knew about the gold and wanted me to get it for it.

The beast just stood there waiting for me to take my next move, I knew it was enjoying extorting me of my strength and the game it was playing with me like the villain in the movie CREEPSHOW.

I wasn’t ready to play to it tune again so I just stood there.

” What do you want from me ” I asked it when I saw that it wasn’t making any move, then in a swift moment, my leg was hanging in the air as the beast hijacked me up, I was very small compare to the beast, I should be like 12 feets tall, tho I was like 9 feets when I was just transforming.
” you know it yourself ” he roared loudly and I felt my ear paralyzed as my head was simultaneously facing it’s own.

It was still speaking but I couldn’t hear anything again, ” if I can lose my hearing when I’m in my beast form when the ghost rider beast roared, then what would happened if I’m in my human form ” I said to myself as I watch the beast mouth moving but couldn’t hear a single thing .

Then it started laughing wildly, tho I wasn’t hearing anything but I could tell that he was laughing by it facial expression.

I was curious to know what it could have said that made it to be laughing.

Then it threw me down hard making me to crash against the hard granite the road was made of.
From his expression, I knew it asked me to run, I took my chances as I ran into the forest which was already on fire.

I was running very fast, more faster than my usual speed, I also felt that I was more faster than before.

As I was running, I heard the sound of something coming towards me with force, I thought it was the beast, I stopped to attacked it unknown to me that it was a fireball.

I turned back and the fireball hit me on my chest, it threw me hard on a big tree in front of me, I fell down to the ground half dead, I transformed automatically to human and I was having excruciating pain on my chest, I knew my heart would have already been half roasted.

I started coughing out blood, I couldn’t lift a muscle, I was dying and I knew it.

In the blink of an eye the beast appeared in front of me.

My eye was already blurred, my vision ain’t working again.

But I knew it was the beast.

Then I felt it claws on my chest as it use its other hand to pin me against the tree.

My vision became a bit clear as I saw the beast move it claw back a bit and tried to insert it into my chest with force.

I knew I wasn’t going to survive the blow so I just shut my eye waiting for my end.

I suddenly heard someone scream in front of me, I opened my eye to see Dandy in front of me, he was in beast mode.

He covered for me and received the blow but luckily for him it wasn’t on his chest, it was a bit below it.

He screamed in pain as the beast withdraw its claw from his body.

The place where the beast inserted its claw into Dandy’s body was burning inward and Dandy was screaming in pain.

The beast angrily hijacked him and threw him away.

I couldn’t run away because I was very weak.

The beast smirked as he inserted his claw into my chest, the pain was very crucial as I felt myself burning inward, its claws hasn’t gone deep into my chest when Dandy jumped on its head, hitting it very hard with his claws on its skeleton head.

The beast left me and I was surprised when it summoned more fire out of it head, the fire was much that it sent Dandy flying away from its head, I knew that we were not supposed to be hurt by fire but the ghost rider fire is different, I also felt the tremendous heat the fire has where I stood weakly against the tree.

I prayed in my mind that Dandy survive because the fire was very hard and it burnt him directly because he was clinging to the beast head.

The beast returned to me and tried to finished everything quickly in order not to be intercepted again.

Has it tried to deep its claws into my chest, I heard someone crack a gun and shot it towards us, the person shot thrice ,each bullets following suite behind themselves, but the beast was very fast as it quickly disappeared from there and the three wooden bullets hit my chest as I fell down and blackout

To be continue…

who could have shot the gun, Chris or Mr wisdom??
Is Dandy still alive?? what happened to Victor???
What happened to Ben after been shot with 3 wooden bullets on his chest and he is also in his human form when it happened & also weak???
feed all your curiosity in the next episode

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