Blind revenge (battle of the gods) - Season 1 - Episode 21

1 year ago

Final Episode

Title: It is done!


“Great trouble and havoc faces the choosen
one and Nicholas!” Robin shouted to the
hearing of the others.
“what? Mucas
combined with Malcolm? This is not good!!!”
Patrick exclaimed. .
Elmer just stood transfixed at a spot, he was
very angry and confused. The choosen one
who had lived before Darlington came and
was very angry when he saw the handwork
of Mucas. “i am going again to end the
fool!!!” He shouted.
“i believe you choosen one, you can go! Go
in peace and come in peace” Elmer said
relieved. .


“This is not normal at all, how come, how
come the b---h overpower me?” I asked
myself still lying weakly on the floor.
Immediately, i saw Nicholas running
towards him to attack him and i felt sorry
for him.

I knew he wouldn’t stand a chance
against him.

“nooo!!!! Don’t…………….” I was shouting to
stop him but i haven’t even completed it
when i saw Nicholas flying unconsciously in
the air.

He flew to where i was and landed heavily
on the ground.
“gosh!!!” I exclaimed.
“i know you might be wondering how i got
this kind of powers now! Hmm, i am not
Malcolm only. I am now Malcolm and Mucas.
Two in one!” He said.
Before i could say “Jack” i saw Malcolm and
somebody like him too standing in front of
me. He entered into Malcolm again and it
dawned on me how Malcolm became strong
suddenly. “time to silence the choosen one,
hahhahahaha!” He shouted and ran towards
me. .
Immediately, i felt great power surge
through me and i stood up at once. Malcolm
got to where i was but i raised him up with
just one hand and threw him far away.
Nicholas face brightened up when he saw
this and he also got up shouting happily.
Immediately, someone who i looked like
came out of me which made me surprised.
“i am the choosen one who had existed
before you! That man who combined with
Malcolm to end you is my father, he was an
evil god just like your father but i ended his
live! He is back for revenge!” He told i and
“so, you mean they will kill me?” I asked.
“when i am here? No!” He answered.
“so, you will combine with me??” I asked
“i won’t combine with you, the power will
be too high! What i will do is just to give you
my hairs” He said and immediately, his hairs
separated from his head, flew to where i
was and combined with my hairs, thereby
making it long.
“thank you!” I and Nicholas said the same


I was very happy when the other choosen
one combined his hairs with Darlington.

All i have to do now is to sit down
comfortably and watch the super fight.

Malcolm stood up and was walking to
where i was when he immediately saw the
other choosen one.
“what??…… You, what are you doing here?”
He asked.
I guess it was Mucas speaking not Malcolm.
“i am always your doom evil father! I came
to end your live the way i did back then!”
The choosen one replied him.
Malcolm ran towards me with force but i
just stood transfixed at a spot waiting for

He got to where i was and gave me a super-
punch but i didn’t shake an inch.
He gave me a kick to my face but i didn’t feel

He wanted to attack me again but i held his
hands and gave him a kick which sent him
to the floor.

I took my super sword and immediately
stucked it in his stomach.

“so easy!” I said.
Immediately, the other choosen one
congratulated me and left with his hair.
The whole of Rome who where turned to
images by Malcolm came back to live.

Peace and harmony was restored fully back
to Rome.

“and the crowned Emperor of this great
Empire is Nicholas!!!” The high chief
shouted and placed the royal crown on his

Everybody clapped and rejoiced.
“i want to dedicate this day to Darlington! A
strong and brave man. Truly, you are the
choosen one without you, Rome would have
been down now. You liberated us out of the
hands of Malcolm, my evil brother. You will
be remembered all day in the land of Rome!”
Nicholas said and a round of
applause was heard from the crowd.
Darlington was with his girlfriend in the hall
and he was very happy too.
In one side of the hall, three gods who had
died were busy dancing and singing, they
were no other persons than Robin, Patrick
and Herbert.

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