Blind revenge (battle of the gods) - Season 1 - Episode 20

1 year ago

Trouble time.


“how, how, i mean how……………….” He
stammered wanting to ask a question but i
interrupted him because i read his mind.
“oh!!! You mean how i got back my hairs?
Hahhahaha. When you get to hell, the devil
will explain to you” i replied him.
“how are we going to handle him now?”
Nicholas asked me in a low voice.
“you take care of these guards, i attack him
direct to prevent him from escaping” I
replied him more like a whisper.
“nice idea!” He said.


“see all you have to do now is to distract
that one with golden hairs from coming to
me, i need to go and meditate” Malcolm told
his assistant in fear.
“ok master, trust me” He assured and ran in
speed to block the choosen one who was
also coming in speed to attack Malcolm.
The choosen one was very angry when he
saw someone blocked his way.
“who the f--k are you?” Darlington asked in
“i am Chevron!” He replied.
“leave my way now!” The choosen one
“for you to attack my master? No way!! You
have to kill me first” He replied. “then you
die!” The choosen one replied and Chevron
brought out his sword. .

Meanwhile, Nicholas was on a hot and fierce
battle with Malcolm’s evil warriors.

They were so many and were attacking him
simultaneously. It got to a stage, he decided
to use his invisibility or he might end up
losing his precious live. He changed which
made the evil warriors confused.
“where are you? Show yourself!” They
shouted in fright and confusion. “hahaha”
Nicholas laughed and started slaying them
one after the other. .

Malcolm ran towards a room, he was very
afraid because he couldn’t withstand the
choosen one’s power. He got to the room,
knelt down, closed his eyes and was
Suddenly, a god appeared.
His appearance was just like Malcolm’s.
Malcolm has a perfect resemblance of him
and there was no difference between them.
“who are you? Why do you look so much
like me??” Malcolm asked surprised.
“i don’t look so much like you. I am you and
you are me” He replied.
“how???” Malcolm asked.
“i am Mucas and i will tell you a story now”
He said.
“5000 years ago, i existed in Rome and back
then, the choosen one before the present
one came through me. I was an evil god so i
wasn’t allowed by my father to inherit the
throne and i was the senior among my
brothers. I decided to take the throne by
force but the choosen one, my own son
killed me. So, i decided to reincarnate and i
also made sure to program everything that
happened to me into you too” Mucas
revealed which shocked Malcolm.
“so you mean my own son, the choosen one
will kill me now!” Malcolm poured out in
“no! That’s the mistake i wanted to correct
when i reincarnated. I will combine myself
with you. I will enter inside you which will
make you and i to be one thereby making
our power to be at the same level with the
choosen one” Mucas said.
“hahhahahaha, thank you! I will accept
that!” Malcolm said relieved.
“good! After killing the choosen one, i will
come out of
you and take the star in his wrist so that i
can be a living god again and two of us will
reign and rule the world!” Mucas told him.
“i like that!”
Mucas said some incantations and before a
blink of an eye, he entered Malcolm.
I felt extra-ordinary power when he entered
I couldnt control it. So, i fell down and got
up some minutes after.
“Darlington, wait for your doom!” I shouted
and marched towards i left them before.
I had killed Chevron and Nicholas had
finished his targets too. He really tried.
We were searching for Malcolm when we
suddenly saw him.
“don’t worry! I will take of him” I told
Nicholas and ran to attack him but
surprisingly, he reversed my attack and gave
me a super kick which sent me flying on the

I flew unconsciously back to where Nicholas
was standing and fell down.


“what?????……………………….” i exclaimed

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