Blind revenge (battle of the gods) - Season 1 - Episode 19

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I and Nicholas were marching directly to
Malcolm’s secret evil hall to attack but to our
surprise, we were blocked by his evil
warriors halfway.
“who are you and where do you think you
are going?” Their leader shouted in terror.
“we are your worse enemy and also your
worse nightmare. We came here to end your

Hope satisfied with the answer?” I replied
him in a provoking manner.
“strike!!!!” He commanded and all the armies
more than a hundred ran towards us with
their swords.
“please be careful!” Nicholas told me.
“i am the one who is to tell you that!” I
replied him and the battle started.

It was a very rough but easy one for me as i
slew Malcolm’s evil armies like chickens.
Only a blow or a kick from me will send one
to the ground.
Nicholas on his own side was trying, he was
fighting with his sword but i was using no

Before the count of 7, he had killed one.
That’s how we killed the guards who
blocked us on the

“that was tough” Nicholas breathed.
“yea, if you say so!”


“Something is wrong somewhere.
Something is wrong.
I am having this feeling that the being who
is attacking us now is not just an ordinary
being, i can smell he had killed all my guards
i sent there. No!”
“master, so you mean you haven’t seen the
enemy up till now?” My assistant asked me.
“no! I suppose to see him but i couldn’t.
That’s one of the reason i said he is no
ordinary being” I replied.
“so, what are we going to do now?” He
asked me.
“i think i have to send more of the
warriors!” I replied him and commanded
some of them to attack the unknown
attacker again.
“hmm, someone is trying to get on my
nerves. No worries, i will surely get you. I am
Malcolm the great emperor of Rome!
Nobody touches the tail of a lion and live to
tell the story!

That being has touched the lion’s tail and
won’t go unpunished”


We had finished eliminating the evil armies
and it wasn’t up to 5 minutes, we saw
another troop coming.
“oh my God!!!” Nicholas shouted.
“i already expected this before, i am not
surprised” I said and stood waiting for them
to come.

Nicholas also stood and we waited for them.
They got to where we stood and another
battle began.

This ones were more stronger and swifter
than the first set but it was also nothing for

Only one blow or a kick silences one.
Nicholas also was trying on his own side.
It was a tough and rough one.

“this meeting is postponed. What we should
be contemplating on now is how we can
overpower this enemy” I told the few ones
left with me in the meeting.
“no problem sir!” They all chorused.
“fine” I said and called my assistant.
I invoked more power into his body so that
he can be strong enough to stand by me.
“thank you master! Am grateful” Chevron
thanked me.
Chevron was the name of my assistant.
[b] .

We managed to kill all of them, they were
very many.
After eliminating them, we continued our
walk to our target’s secret hall.


When the choosen one and Nicholas got
there, the door was locked.
Out of fury and anger, the choosen one
pushed the door open with force.
Meanwhile, Malcolm and his armies were
inside when the door was pushed open.
Everybody was surprised.
Nobody not even a god can open that door
except an evil god because the door was
locked with evil.

Malcolm was very surprised and
dumbfounded to behold the sight of
Darlington and Nicholas.

What surprised him more was how he came
back to life and how he got back his hairs.
“Darlington???????????…………..” He exclaimed.
“no his twin brother! Hahhahahahaha”

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