Blind revenge (battle of the gods) - Season 1 - Episode 17

1 year ago


The people i killed with my own hands were
standing face to face with me.

I wished the ground could just open and
swallow me up to save me from this shame
but that was just a mere wish which can
never come true.

I tried to disappear touching the star on my
wrist but it didn’t work.
“oh!!! Am finished!” I said in my mind.
“don’t try to use your powers here, it won’t
work because now, you are in the
demarcation between live and dead. I know
you must be wondering who i am. Well, i am
Elmer your grand father” The man who i
didn’t knew before told me.
“please forgive me father, i knew not what i
was doing, i………..”
“we know!” They all interrupted me.
“we know Malcolm, your father deceived you
greatly. It’s not your fault” My grandfather
told me.
“grand-dad but what i don’t understand is
why my father killed all his brothers even
including his only son” I asked him

Malcolm could be seen walking angrily,
pacing around the palace.
“my son why are you angry? You don’t need
to be angry” I told him.
“don’t tell me that! I overhead your
discussion with your so-called chieves” He
said which surprised me.
“meaning what??…. Are you spying on me?”
I asked him.
“put that question aside! Why plan in
making my younger brother the emperor.
What you are about to give to him is mine!”
He shouted with rage.
“you are too full of evil! If i should hand-over
Rome to you, you will destroy it and it’s
people!” I shouted back at him.
“i am the supposed emperor and you know
the choosen one shall come from me.
We shall see!!!” He said looking at the sky
and left the palace angrily.


So, that’s it. He wants the throne but he is
too full of evil.


“father, one more question. Uncle Nicholas
told me i have superior power as the
choosen one. Then why is it that Malcolm’s
power overshadowed mine?” I asked.
“your hair which is the source of your
superior power
had been removed by him. In order for you
to regain it, you will have to recover the
hair” He told me.
“boy, you have to go back. We will allow you
go back and correct your mistakes. Malcolm
had turned Rome upside-down as we are
talking, just take a look” Robin, the emperor
spoke for the first time and invoked a big
screen on the wall of the gate.
On the screen, Malcolm could be seen
laughing loudly.

He had imprisoned all the citizens of Rome
by changing them to images and had
changed all the palace security guards to evil

Nicholas was the only one normal but he
was locked in a cage.

I wept when i saw Rome, my hometown.
The urge to return back to earth became
great in me.
“Immediately you land on back on earth, go
to his house in the jungle and take the little
box in his cupboard. Your hair is there!”
Robin said and touched me with a staff, i
disappeared and found myself at Malcolm’s
house in the jungle.

I opened the cupboard and took the box.
I couldn’t open it. It was locked with some
kind of super power.

I tried and tried but it was all to no avail.
I was about giving up when i remembered
what faces the whole of Rome.
I channelled all my powers to hands and
forced it open with great force.

I was surprised with what i saw in the box.
In the box was one long piece of golden

Before a blink of an eye, the hair attracted
itself to my head and i felt great power
surge through me.
It was as if i could carry the world with my

I went outside the house, gave it a simple
kick and the whole house fell down flat like
the wall of Jericho.
“Malcolm, we shall see!!!!!!!!!”
(Action music plays in background)

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