Blind revenge (battle of the gods) - Season 1 - Episode 16

1 year ago


“you, what are you doing here! What are
you doing in my premises?” He barked out
when he saw me.
“brother, where you are sitting down is not
yours. You know that yourself” I told him in
a cool tone.
“shut up, i am not the one who was
suppose to take over from your stipud
father?” He shouted.
“but what you should know is that he is also
“keep quiet, i don’t care!!!” He interrupted
“know that you are not a legitimate emperor
of this empire, you eliminated the emperor
and his brothers through the choosen one.
The choosen one would have eliminated me
but……………………….” I was saying when he
interrupted me again.
“oh!!! I even forgot, i thought you had
joined your brothers and ancestors but here
you are! Darlington must be a fool” He
“now, all of you leave here now!” He
commanded the chieves and they all ran out
of the chamber in fear.
Oh!!! they are under a spell. Malcolm is really
evil god. I don’t know why my father gave
birth to such a wicked and evil god” I
thought in my mind.
“brother! You came here in peace but won’t
leave here in peace!” He told me bringing
out his powerful sword.
I also brought mine out even though i knew
i couldn’t stand a chance against him. I
cannot fight and subdue him.
(Action music playing in background)

I regret my actions, i wasn’t wise all this

I had lived my life like a robot been

The moment he killed me, the moment the
stipud and foolish man i was told is my
father killed me, i saw myself on a lonely

The road was not too narrow and not too
wide too. It was a lonely road as there was
nobody not even a single soul on the road.
There was no plant infact nothing like a
living or non-living thing on the road only

Yes, that’s how a person like me should be.
A person who don’t reason before they

A person who killed his uncles thinking he is
taking revenge.
I had been walking and walking for a day
now and had not seen the end of the road.
It was as if the road i was taking has no end
as i continued walking. “maybe this is the
punishment for my evil deeds, punishment
for my foolishness and my stipudity” I
lamented and continued my journey. .
I hadn’t walked up to 2 hours more when i
saw something at my front but it was still
very far from me as i couldn’t tell what it
was. .

The unknown thing i sighted far away from
me gave me a little hope and fastened my
steps. I walked for about 30 minutes before
i got there and what i saw surprised me. A
gigantic golden gate stood firmly on the.
There was no way i could move further.
I stood there for about 5 minutes before i
decided to knock.

I knocked the gate and i became
dumbfounded with what i saw.

A man who i didn’t know including
Herbert, Patrick and Robin(the emperor)
appeared directly at my front….
“oh!!! They
will reject me!” My conscience was judging

They just stood looking at me without a

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