Blind revenge (battle of the gods) - Season 1 - Episode 15

1 year ago


I knew at once that something bad had
happened. The sudden thunder and
lightening was not just an ordinary one.
The thunder continued amidst flashes of
lightening which made me surprised the
“what is happening???” I screamed in fear.
Suddenly, a white bright light shone around
the hotel room i was lodging in and my
father appeared.
“This must be serious….. My father came
without been summoned?” I asked within
“my son, it is more than serious” He told me
which surprised me.

So, my father can read someone’s mind.
“what’s happening father?” I asked
“great disaster faces Rome, great trouble
awaits Rome for light had been eliminated
by darkness, the choosen one had been
eliminated by the evil one and Rome will live
to regret it” His voice echoed out to my

I deduced from his voice that he was sad,
very sad.
Immediately he said those words, he
disappeared out of sight.

I fell down and wept sorrowfully.
“The situation at hand now is a difficult one.

My elder evil brother is the strongest
amongst us all.

The only who could defeat him is the
choosen one but now he is gone. He was
killed by his evil father.

The lives of the citizens of Rome are now at

Who could save them from this???

But i will be ready to defend Rome with the
last drop of my blood. I won’t allow evil
Malcolm to destroy and lead Rome astray” All
this things were going on in my mind as i
continued weeping.


I sat in the bamboo bed in my old house at
the jungle.

It was already morning and i had just
woken up.

A smile escaped my lips when i remembered
part 1 of my goal is accomplished remaining
part 2 which is to claim the throne. My right
which my father gave to my junior brother
long time ago.

“the royal throne of Rome being left empty
for a while is taboo which means the
councils of chiefs will actually meet today to
decide who will be the emperor
as Robin didn’t have any successor and for Darlington, rest in peace. I have to kill you because you will never support me in the terms of my ambition and you might kill me ” I
thought to myself.
“i must go and dislocate that meeting and
crown myself as the emperor”
“hehehe” I laughed.


I decided to visit the palace that morning to
know what was happening there and also
know who the successor will be.

I got up from the bed i was sitting down,
dressed up and walked to the high way to
board a taxi that will take me to the royal

I can just get there at once by disappearing
but i kicked against it.


I wore a royal robe, locked the door and
disappeared from the jungle at once and
therefore reappeared in the emperor’s
chamber at once.


The chiefs were already there debating on
who’s going to inherit the throne when
they saw somebody they have not seen for
years, Malcolm.
He went directly and sat down on the
throne, he took the royal crown, wore it and
shouted in voice like thunder.

“i am the new emperor! Disobey me and you
won’t go unpunished!” He said.
“hail! Hail!! Hail!!! to the new emperor!!!
Your Empire shall reign in fullness and joy
and we shall reign with you as you live
long…………………….. Long live the empire!” They
shouted at once.

The gateman opened the gate and i went

I greeted the security guards and Robin’s
wife then went straight to the emperor’s

I was dumbfounded with what i saw.

Behold was Malcolm sitting on the throne
and wearing the royal crown, holding the
royal staff and the chieves were busy
bowing down for him.

Oh!!! They had been confused by the evil
god of confusion………………………..

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