Blind revenge (battle of the gods) - Season 1 - Episode 14

1 year ago


I decided to visit the location which was
described on the book by my master or
father. I was curious to know the unknown
target that was hiding behind the only
stream of Utah Forest. .

I decided to walk to the location on foot
instead of using my super-powers.

Everything Nicholas told me was replaying
on my head as i walked down to the stream.
“so master Malcolm is my real biological
father?” I asked no one in particular. “well,
time will tell. I will confirm it” I added still
walking on the bushy road that leads to the
stream. .

15 minutes later, i got there and saw

“is this man playing with my brain or
“i hate all this!” I shouted.
I hate to be deceived,that’s one thing about
“where is that unknown target???” I
shouted and started searching, i searched
around the stream. .

I was already tired when suddenly, i heard
the rustling of leaves on top a tree. A man
on mask jumped down from the tree.
“who are you?” I asked the masked man
“hahahaha, you don’t need to know!” He

The voice of the man looked a little bit
familiar but i couldn’t really fathom whose
voice was that. .
“why don’t i need to know?” I questioned
“because you don’t deserve to know!” He
said smiling.

I could tell he was smiling because of the
adjustment of his mask. “are you the
unknown target?” I asked him a little bit
angry with his boring conversation. “yes
and no…. I am an unknown and also a
known target” He said still smiling. “then, let
me do what i am here for. No time for chit-
chat!” I told him bringing out my sword. “ok
boy, no problem!” He replied and also
brought out his sword.

I was the first to attack as i dashed towards
him with my sword but he swiftly reversed
the attack and gave me a heavy kick to my
stomach. I fell down as i groaned in pains.
The man laughed and waited for me to
regain balance instead of attacking me. I
regained balance and stood up.
“now, i ask you again! Who are you?” I
asked him surprised and dumbfounded by
his strong attack.
“no time for chit-chat, as you said earlier” He
said and ran towards me to attack me. His
purpose was to cut me with his sword.
I managed to block his sword with mine.
He gave me a strong heading direct to my
face and i lost balance.

I staggered backward and hit my head on a

It was as if live was sU-Cking out of me….. I
closed my eyes and saw Nicholas.
“be strong, don’t give up!!! Try harder!” He
encouraged me.

I quickly opened my eyes and a thought
flashed through my mind.
I quickly changed to invisible-mode and he
changed too.

I jumped high and wanted to give him
super-kick with my both legs above the
ground but he surprisingly revised the
super attack by Catching my legs mid air and
released me on the ground.

I landed heavily on the floor and was too
weak to get up.

I saw the masked man coming towards me
with his sword.
He took of the mask and i was very
surprised and dumbfounded on seeing him.
He was no other person than
Now i know i had been blind all this while,
he had been using me in the assassination
of the royal family of Rome. .

“you are surprised?” He asked smiling.
“no, b---h! Stipud father!” I shouted.
He smiled and immediately stucked his
sword on my stomach.

There were flashes of lightening and a
heavy thunderclap the moment he died. The
choosen one is dead!
“hahhahahahaha, mission accomplished! All
the royal family gone. Now it’s time to claim
the throne!!! Hahahahahahhaha” Malcolm
laughed. A laugh which can be described as
an evil laugh………………… .

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