Blind revenge (battle of the gods) - Season 1 - Episode 13

1 year ago


When i got there, i saw him weeping. He
was laying on the bed.
“hey! Why are you crying murderer?” I asked
in a cool tone.
“i am not a murderer, why did you refer to
me as a murderer?” He asked me back
sitting on the bed. .
“because you and your brothers killed my
parents!” I shouted back at him with rage. .
“see choosen one, we are not murderers
and we haven’t in anyway killed your
parents” He told me. .
“so what are you trying to tell me?? That my
master is lying?” I asked him. .
“your so called master is your father, he is
lying. He is a great lier and confused you!”
He said smiling. .
“i don’t still understand you” i said.
“your father whom you call master had
confused you due to the fact that he is the
god of confusion!” He told me. What he was
saying was now dawning on me.
“by the way where is your hair? You are
suppose to have long hairs as the choosen
one” He told me which surprised me. .
“i have no hairs and why am i always been
referred to as
choosen one?” I asked him curiously.
“i know your evil father will hide all this from
you to accomplish his evil goal. You are not a
human being, you are a god but not also an
ordinary god. You are a god created and
sent to Rome to protect Rome. You have
superior power over all other gods
including your evil father but the source of
that superior power is your long hair but
now, it seems the long hairs you are
suppose to possess had been removed by
your evil father when you were still little” He
revealed to me.
I was shocked and surprised at the

I believed everything the man said, it’s
nothing but the truth.
“so, you mean Malcolm is my biological
father?” I asked.
“yes boy, he is. He is just deceiving you” He
told me.
“and why do you think he is after the royal
family of Rome?” I asked him because i
don’t know why he wants the royal family
“it’s a long story choosen one! That’s a story
for another day but for now, you have to go
and meet your so called master, lie to him
that the mission is accomplished and hear
his reply” He told me.
“ok, i trust you but promise me you will tell
me why Malcolm wants the royal family
down” I told him.
“no problem!” He assured me.
I touched the star on my wrist and zoom, i
disappeared and reappeared in the jungle.

I was happy when the choosen one had left,
at least he had begin to know the truth.
I was able to talk sense into his head and to
convince him as i am the god of peace.

When i got there, the door to our old house
was locked.
“where had this man gone to?” I asked
I pushed the door open, went inside and
saw a letter on the table.
I took it and looked at it.
***Darlington, welldone. I know you had
eliminated Nicholas and your next target is
now. No time wasting.
Location: Utah Forest, near the stream.
Target: unknown……………
Date: 18th January 2014.
I was surprised, why the forest? Why the
target is bearing unknown and where my
master or father(i don’t even know) had
went to leaving that letter for me.

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