Once Upon A Corper - Season 1 - Episode 21

1 year ago


Two weeks later…

Kim was sleeping on the chair which was close to the bed where Ola was la!d. It’s been two weeks since Ola have been under serious intensive care and watch. One of the Doctors at Mac Phil hospital in New Jersey, Dr. Pearce was seen entering the ward. As he stepped in, Kim woke up.
Hey! Dr. Pearce said

Hi Doc. Good morning. Kim said yawning
Morning Kim. Hope you are good. Dr. Pearce said putting on his glasses with a stethoscope in his hands.

He moved to Ola and checked his heartbeat for the mean time again. After some time, he scribble some things in the file in his hands and sighs.

He should be up in a matter of days. His heartbeat is okay and his wounds are healing pretty fast more than we thought. Something must be amazing about him. Dr. Pearce said again
I pray he wakes soon Doctor. Kim said soberly
People who sustains this kind of injuries spends up to three months in the hospital and the wounds don’t heal in time but in his case (Pointing at Ola), it’s just strange. His wounds are closing up and …..

Just then, Ola slowly opened his eyes…

Oh My God! Ola! Kim screamed and rushed close to him.

Hey easy Kim. He is not strong for that yet. Dr. Pearce said

Dr. Pearce examined Ola again and he helped him to sit up.

Where am i? Ola asked
Kim held his hands and looked into his eyes.
You are here Baby. You are back in US.I thought I was going to lose you. Wright told me about what happened and how he was able to get to the place where he met your lifeless body. He took you to the hospital but your condition got worsened. After the Doctors in Nigeria saw your condition isn’t getting better, Wright contacted the headquarters In New Jersey and you were brought back here. Kim explained.

How long have I been here? Ola asked
It’s been 8 days dear. Kim said
Where is my cell phone? I asked
Kim provided my cell phone and I immediately put a call across to Agent Wright in Nigeria.
Phone rings…

Hey Man! Glad you are alive. Wright said excitedly

Thanks for your timely save brother. I said
Hey man, I was doing my job. But you still have some explanation to make when we see. How were you able to finish off those guys? Wright asked

That’s a question for another day. I said.
How is Janelle? I asked almost immediately
Then Kim’s face changed

Janelle? You mean the Senator’s daughter? Oh I mean, our new president’s daughter? She is fine. Senator Silva was declared winner of the presidential election three days ago.
Where is she? I asked

The last time I heard from her, she should be in Australia now. Her father sent her to Australia immediately after the incident.


Phone dropped dead
******************************************************************************Back in Nigeria
Phone rings…

Yes, this is Chief Wilson, I need you to get me the full information about that Corper. I want him dead. I will pay you any amount you want. I am not going down alone.

Consider it done… the receiver said
Do you think Chief Wilson will be able to get Ola killed.

Watch out for the Season 2 of Once Upon a corper

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