Once Upon A Corper - Season 1 - Episode 20

1 year ago


Breathe in and close your eyes. I heard the voice within me talk
With a full force, a replica of me came forward and advanced towards Fred and his boys. Whhooop!

I only see those types of move in the movies and also from one of my best wrestlers of all time, Hit man. My Shadow, oops. Probably I should say I could see myself attacking Fred’s boys who was close to me. What happened next, I cannot really explain. For a moment, it was me and then it wasn’t me. The next thing I knew, I had Scorpoby the neck, lifted him off his feet and slammed him on the ground and in the process, he hit his head on a stone. They call it Choke slam right? Only Undertaker and Kane does that in WWE.

Fred and Triangle left Janelle who scrambled off the ground quickly and took her white vest which had been torn into a rag to cover herself. They looked at Scorpo who I guess was unconscious and then they looked back to the tree where I was tied initially but nothing was there anymore to their surprise.
For the first time, I saw fear in their eyes. I on the other hand felt good, like I had relieved myself of some burden and I couldn’t feel any pains anymore at that point.

I felt free, alive and volatile and I loved that feeling.

Can I ask you guys something? I said, breaking the silence and startled the both of them a bit
Who sent you to kidnap her? (Pointing to Janelle)

Hey Mr. Corper. Do you think you can startle us with this your little show of braveness or heroism? Fred said
Who do you think you are? Triangle said pointing fingers at me?

I laughed and watched them with a disgusting look
Why not let’s end this here? Man to man? Drop your weapons and let’s do this. I said to them beckoning them to come to me like how Shinsuke Nakamura does when his tempo is high in WWE or when he is about to deliver his Japanese finishing move called “Kinshasa”

Fred dropped his weapon while Triangle did same. They both advanced to me at once with all their strength and their mighty fist. I dodged them both and hit them both with my left palm at the back of their head.

They were surprised by my move.

They advanced this time with more power and I must confess Fred was good with his fist. Two of his quick punches hit me across the jaw but I still managed to hold my ground and still continue fighting. I saw Fred advancing towards me then I did a sweeping kick and swept him off his feet. Triangle surge forward when he saw Fred was now having an upper hand against me. I stood up from where Fred was and focused on Triangle who was more of a novice. In no time, I finished him off with a brogue kick when he tried to rush me down and he snapped his neck in the process. I stood up unknowing to me Fred was up with a short knife.

At the exact time I was about to turn to face him, I felt a sharp pain t----t into my stomach. And who else, but Fred still grinning with a wicked smile.

No! Janelle screamed from where she was watching.

I looked at Fred, then to the knife which was still stuck in my stomach. I removed it and blood was gushing out of me.

Mr. Corper, when next you come back to this world, you don’t meddle with other people’s business. He cocked the gun in his hands and with a swift and the last strength in me, I threw the knife with me, targeting his forehead and the knife get stuck into his forehead. In some seconds, he stood then fell to the ground dead.

I smiled to myself, glanced at Janelle the last time then I felt my eye lids closing gradually. My knees failed me and I fell before everything turned black.

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