Once Upon A Corper - Season 1 - Episode 18

1 year ago


We were running as fast as we could but our pace is being drawn back by the injured Ahmed. At most times, I will try to carry him on my shoulders to run I don’t have enough strength to do that. I just left the hospital some hours ago and I still find myself in this kind of ditch.

God help me! I breathed underneath me while still running

Then I heard the gun shot. Paaaaaaaaaw!
Where did that come from? Janelle and I were still running then we noticed Ahmed was now running at a lower speed. When I stopped to look at him, he fell down.

I’ve been shot. He said faintly
Oh God! I lamented
We were being chased. There is no how I can help him right now. I have to get Janelle into safety.

Eze! Let’s go. Janelle said
I left Ahmed and continued running.

Sooner or later, I could hear the footsteps of people running after us reduced. Janelle and I decided to catch ourbreathe again.

I need to go back. I said to Janelle
She looked up to me like someone insane.

Go back to where? She asked
I need to save Ahmed. I can’t just let him die in the hands of those guys.

Going back will be suicidal
I have to give it a try Jane. I have to.

Then we began to walk back again to the den of the kidnappers.

The kidnapper’s den
Fred was seen so furious with his guys
How can you allow her to escape from here? He asked angrily
What do you want me to tell Chief?

It’s been over two weeks that we’ve been on this assignment and just some few hours to the completion of it, you guys fluffed it. He said again angrily.

We need to get them. He said with a voice of authority standing up.

The two other guys looked at him and matched towards the building to get equipped and jet out for the search of the Senator’s daughter and the corper.

Meanwhile, Agent Wright was still working on his laptop trying to track Agent Ola. He was about giving up when the computer displayed the tracking signal to 65 percent.

Mere looking at it, he sat upright to get the exact location of the signal.

He punched the keyboards on his laptop then Pam, pam, pam.

Yep! I got it. It’s time to get to the field again. He said to himself as he marched to his room to get equipped.


Eze was walking gently back to the dungeon with Janelle walking closely behind him. One of Fred’s boys, who just finished smoking weed was outside the building peeing when he noticed some movement. He hid behind one of the mahogany trees there, only to see the corper and the Senator’s daughter coming towards the building.

See this mumu o! See person wey we wan burn weydey put petrol for body? He muttered to himself.

He held his gun close to him and walked gently through a path that will lead towards the back of the Corper and the Senator’s daughter.

Stop there! He shouted
Eze and Janelle froze at the spot!

If you move an inch I will blow your head. He said again moving closer

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