Sharon - Season 2 - Episode 31

11 months ago

Although from what I’ve seen her do in long distance races even to me should be enough to convince me that she wasn’t like the others but as a boyfriend who cares, I was much concerned about her that I even tried to talk her out of it.

“I don’t really think you should do this”. I said to her as they were getting ready to start and she smiled at me.

“Hmm someone is worried about his girlfriend”. She said as she struggled to wear her socks.

“Shouldn’t i?”. I asked and she stopped what she was doing and faced me.
“Am glad you are worried about me but on this one you shouldn’t be”. She said and continued.

“You haven’t even done this before”. I protested and she nodded.
“Like hell I haven’t but Jenny did last year so of course I can”. She said then stood up to wear her canvass.

“Is this competition all about you winning Jenny?”. I asked and she frowned at me.
“I thought it was, to you”. She said and I shrugged negatively.

“Well it is to me in some kind of way”. She Confessed and started pacing up and down and I joined her.

“Why? She’s your sister, if She wins you win too”. I said and she scoffed.
“Jenny doesn’t see it that way. She always wants to show her Superiority in everything, you should see the way she brags about it at home trying to make others feel inferior and I sincerely hate it when she does. Not when I’m sure I can do better than her, at least when I win her she’d realise that she’s not superior in everything”. She narrated comfortably but I wasn’t comfortable with it. She was only participating in these just to win Jenny, there was no other reason she did but because of me.

“Why do I feel like this has something to do with me?”. I asked her and she sighed loudly then stopped pacing, I stopped too. She smiled at me.

“You caught me. Of course it has a lot to do with you. The way she always look down on you like you don’t exist and also trying to humiliate you. It hurts me too, and I understand that you’re never going to retaliate so….”

“So, you’re going to do it For me”. I completed her statement and she smiled then gave me a thumb up. She stopped Smiling when she knew I didn’t find it funny. If I had known that she was only participating in these games just so, she could beat her sister for my sake, I wouldn’t have let her. Honestly I did Enjoy seeing Jenny’s face anytime she lost to Sharon but, it was just the games to me, never knew it was like a revenge to Sharon, I remembered what her mum told me about not turning her against Jenny. Seems like it’s exactly what I was doing now just that Sharon was taking it personal.

“Godson!!”. Sharon called me out of my thoughts.

“What are you thinking about?”. She asked and I shook my head negatively then she sighed, came closer and held my hands.
“Listen Godson I know you are not okay with thi….”

“Am I supposed to be?”.
“No I don’t like it either but, I feel like this might change her a little”. She explained and I scoffed .

“Like it has already changed you”. I said and she frowned at me then I walked out and left her at the park, went and sat with Kelvin and Ugochi. It didn’t take long I left and the Games Master ran out and started blowing his whistle for the participants to move to the starting point. Sharon couldn’t take her eyes off me while she walked with her fellow house girls to the place they’d start. Ugochi also noticed it and asked me if we were having problems which I denied of course.
“Then why are you just sitting here?”. She asked and I shrugged.

“Where am I supposed to sit?”. I asked her confusedly.

“I mean you ain’t cheering your girl up..”.
“Am I the only one whose girlfriend is running a marathon race?”. I asked and they both gave me a confused stare.

“What? Is not as if she’s going to the evil Forest?”. I added.

“Are you really sure you’re not fighting again?”. Kelvin asked and I sighed loudly and stood up.

“We’re not fighting and I’ll prove it to you”. I said and they Clapped as I went to meet Sharon at the starting point. They were still being given orientation on how the race goes when I got there she excused herself and came to me. We both said “hey” to ourself then maintained silence for a while looking at each other.
“Am sorry”. She apologized and shrugged.
“There’s no need to be, I just hope it won’t get worse than this that you’d start seeing her as your enemy”. I replied and she smiled.

“I love Jenny and I’d never hate her no matter what, she’ll always be my big sister”. She assured me then her house mistress called out to her to come to the starting point.

“I have to go” . She said and started walking towards them, then She came back again.

“One more question though. Is it true? Have I really changed?”. She asked looking into my eyes and I smiled.
“Well my dad once told me that an angry man can say anything”. I quoted and she nodded.

“Could you do me a favour? Be here when we return i want you to be the first person I’d meet”. She pleaded and I laughed. I was yet to say anything when her house mistress came dragged her along to the starting point. I stood their watching her as she jumped up and down to boost her fitness. I couldn’t be less proud of her from where I stood, she was the youngest amongst and was also the liveliest not withstanding.
“On your mark!”. The Games Master yelled and they all approached the starting line.
“Go cherry!!”. I screamed and she smiled wildly, Jenny’s frown could be easily noticed from her stand as she glared at me. Once the whistle went off immediately, the ones that didn’t know much the game started running fast to lead in the front, but Sharon seemed to know a lot about the game as she started as slow and consistent as she could, so did Jenny.
“See you soon dear!”. She said to me as they ran past me. I trailed them till they got to the gate and I was stopped by the gateman.
“You got this cherry!! I know you do”. I had suddenly returned to the”Encouraging boyfriend” being. It’d take a while before they returned but I didn’t mind waiting there at the gate. I squatted down at a corner staring at the already closed gate as if she was still there, for a moment I wished I’d joined her, I wouldn’t mind falling on the road so long as I was going to run a long part of the road with her, would have been a lot of fun for both of us. The gate man came out and saw me still squatting there and he came closer.

“Go on kid! She’ll be back before you know it”. He said and I smiled at him then returned back to the car park. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that he knew about us, Everybody did except if you were blind or you just didn’t want to believe what you were seeing. We were both famous for different reasons, She was a pretty girl and sporty too and I belonged to a gang that always caused pandemonium in school so, it was definitely hard for us not to be noticed together. While I waited at the park, my heart was filled with regrets; it was supposed to be me in that race and her cheering me on. It was supposed to be me running all those races, what sort of a coward am I?. There and then I decided i was going to participate in one game for my house, there wasn’t much outdoor games left, it was just tug of war, senior high jump, 100 metres final and football final for boys. Football was the only one I could participate in for my house and lucky for me we were in the finals. I sprang up from where I sat and went to search for our house captain and when I saw him, I told him of my intentions to join our house football squad in the finals and he scoffed.

“Why? Your wife’s house are in the finals too or they don’t need an extra leg?”. He asked but I didn’t respond.

“Run along mate, our squad doesn’t need it neither”. He said and started leaving.
“Well I’ll enjoy watching them beat you from the stands”. I shouted after him and he paused and laughed a little.

“I’ll be counting on that”. He winked at me and left. I was disappointed but I didn’t let it get to me, why should it even get to me? Our house was never going to choose me in any game, they all hated me; the Seniors hated me for being an outlaw and the house officials hated me because I was always supporting Sharon instead of our house.
Soon Melody came to tell me that the runners were returning and I ran to the gate immediately to see those that made it. The male Games prefect(Sharon’s house) was the first to return followed by two boys from our hostel. The first six to arrive were boys then the Female games prefect(Jenny’s house) arrived, they were all been applauded as they commenced to the finishing line but, I didn’t care about any of them, Sharon was the only person I wanted to see. It didn’t take long and i saw her advancing towards the gate, others hadn’t figured out who she was yet but I didn’t need a soothsayer to tell me it was her. I wanted to run out of the gate, approach her and lift her off her feet but, Kelvin stopped me.

“That’s Sharon am sure”. I informed him and he nodded.

“Of course is her but, she hasn’t finished the race yet”. He reminded. Then I remembered what Sharon had asked of me to be the first person she’d meet when she’s back, I sure as hell wouldn’t be the first if I stood here so, I zoomed out to the field with speed, I could hear their applauds when she made it past the gate, and I smiled to myself as I ran to the field.

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