Sharon - Season 2 - Episode 30

1 year ago

Weeks After we’d returned from the suspension, the principal announced that the heats for the Interhouse sports would commence the next week. Sharon was so happy, she could finally participate in the junior games. She took it so serious, but i didn’t because I was never going to be picked in any competition, so many junior boys were better than I was. But it didn’t stop her from making me train with her everyday, she always came with her complete sports outfit. She’d change into them, then we’d jog around the field the field for as long as she wants. She believed I was her trainer but meanwhile she was the one training me, even when I was exhausted, I didn’t quit because I was holding her hand so I didn’t want to look weak to her nor the others that were in the field. The first day we rounded the Field ten times, the second eleven and so we kept moving. After the jogging she’d try her heights in high jump, and long jump too. D--n she was good. On the fourth day I introduced a new pattern, after jogging around we’d end it with a race. That was my mistake, because as unfortunate as I was that day Chidimma and some few of our class girls were watching us, Kelvin and co were in the small field too. When we started the race, I was already exhausted by the jogging my muscles were aching but I thought I’d win her no matter what because she was a girl but, she surprised me. She won the race, our class girls laughed at me and so did the guys, I couldn’t stand the embarrassment so I challenged her again. She advised that we rest a little first but I insisted. We ran the 100 metres again and I ran as fast as my heavy legs could carry me but I couldn’t out run her rather we ended in a tie. I collapsed to ground immediately we reached the finishing line and she fell on me as we both panted heavily. Chidimma came and gave us some water to drink, then mocked me for not being able to beat Sharon. I knew she was joking but I really felt embarrassed, I stood up and excused myself from them to leave then I realized I had a mild strain on my left leg.

“Oh here we go!”. I hissed loudly as I struggled to walk. Sharon sprang up to help me immediately.

“Godson what’s wrong”. She asked as she tried to hold me but I refused.
“Don’t worry I’ll be fine”. I said to her.
“But you are…”.

“I said I’ll be fine! Now could you go back to your training please?”. I almost barked at her and limped back to class. I’d never trained so hard before all my life, it turned out she was more fit than I was and I used to think otherwise. I just limped to my seat and sat down quietly. It didn’t take long and she walked in too and sat with me, I couldn’t even look at her face.

“I told I’ll be fine”. I reminded her.
“I know you said that”. She said.
“Then what are you doing here?”.
“Training is over for today”. She said and I turned to look at her.

“I don’t want to interrupt your so much important Interhouse training so..”.
“Godson it’s not as important as you are to me”. She said and handed me the lucozade boost she was sipping, I reluctantly collected it and gulped it down in a blink which got her laughing.

“Easy dear”. She said caressing my hand.
“I still think you should…”.

“Godson stop pushing me away”. She interrupted before I could say what I wanted to.

“Am I?”. I asked confusedly and she shrugged.

“Anytime you’re in pains you try to get rid of me, it’s not really my fault that I care so, I can’t help it. Why am I your girlfriend if you’re just going to handle everything by yourself?”. She poured out bitterly and I sighed. She was saying the truth, I always tend to push her away whenever she wants to help but, that’s because I wanted people to see me as a strong boy that can always walk through his pains. I couldn’t say anything for a while so, she scoffed and stood up to leave.
“You’re right, am sorry”. I apologized and she turned to me with a smile on her face.
“What?”. She asked as she sat down again slowly.

“You’re right, am sorry. I guess I never thought of it that way”. I Confessed and she shrugged.
“Can I see it then?”. She asked and I frowned at her.

“See what?”. I asked and she sighed.
“Your leg?”. She said.
“But you don’t even know what’s wrong with it”. I said as I raised the leg slowly and placed it on her laps.

“Well I know that my Boyfriend feels pain on his left leg that he can barely drop it on the ground”. She explained as she carefully dressed the leg on her laps.

“So what do you wanna do?”.I asked her curiously.

“First aid for a muscle injury. Now don’t panic it won’t hurt”. She said and started massaging my leg.

“You sound like a nurse when you say that”. I joked and she smiled. She kept massaging my leg and I was enjoying every touch till it got to the injured part, the pain I felt when she touched their was much that I couldn’t pretend.

“Ahhh!! Did you have to touch there?”. I screamed and she frowned at me.
“Easy baby, it’s just a massage”. She tendered and smiled.

“For the record your hand hurts and did you just call me a baby?”. I grunted In pain.
“Yes but just not the way you’re thinking”. She winked at me and I hissed. She kept coming back to that painful spot but I ignored the pain by just staring at her face while she smiled at me, her cute face was the pain relief I needed and it did the magic. I didn’t even notice when she was through till she pinched me with her nails.

“What are you staring at?”. She asked and I shrugged.

“My fake nurse of course”. I whined and she pinched me again. After that day I never trained with her again, she wouldn’t even let me.

The Heats soon started and her practice wasn’t in vain, Her only third was in the 200 metres race( she didn’t partake in the 100 metres). She won In the others however;400,800,1500 and 400 relay. It was quite a day to be proud of my girlfriend. Anytime she came up to run, I’ll always cheer for her house not minding that I was wearing green. Who cares? After all I didn’t chose to be in that house, it was just a random picking and I wasn’t representing them in any games. Jenny didn’t seem happy always losing to Sharon but guess who loved that sight? Me.
I was always at the Finishing line to welcome her on any race to the annoyance of Jenny and my house masters and mistress, at a point one of our house officials came and asked me to takeoff their shirt, which I obliged happily and retained my sports wear. Lucky for me our school sports wear was yellow So it turned out I was unofficially Sharon’s house mate. Sharon had succeeded in securing almost all the junior female golds, the only one she didn’t win was the jumps and throws(which she didn’t partake). I on the other hand had replaced her house mistress on her duties, I was like her coach and trainer. The only thing I’d say to her before any game was: “Just don’t let Jenny beat you” and we’d both laugh. Most of the glucose I was asked to give her always ended in my mouth. The day for Marathon race came, She and Jenny were the only juniors amongst the girls whilst the boys were all Seniors.

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