Sharon - Season 2 - Episode 29

11 months ago

We all went back to the class and and started arranging our books. Some were happy about it while some weren’t. The teachers that were asked to march us out made sure we didn’t waste much time in class as they pressured us with their canes to start going. The gateman locked the gate once we were outside and some of the boys started chanting victorious gyrations close to the gate Kelvin and the others joined them. Meanwhile me and my two BFFs sat on one of the slabs and watched them in silence. The other few that didn’t join them starting going home. Ignatius was amongst them, he didn’t seem happy to be going home.

“Ignatius”. Kelvin called out to him and he stopped.

“Make all of una release salute for our senior man. Ignacio the Giant,”. Kelvin hailed
“Kpoyaka! Kpoyaka!! kpoyaka!!!”. They all chorused and Clapped for him, this act got him to smile then he waved at them and started going home gently. Except for today we’ve all known him as a gentle guy, he wasn’t our mate at all, might even be older than most of those Ss3 jerks but he never mentioned his age to anyone. Only fate and himself understands why he was in our class.
“Poor boy. He doesn’t seem happy”. Sharon said as we all watched him walk down the tarred road.

“Of course he isn’t. He never loved Violence”. Chidimma added.
“Nobody loves Violence”.I defended and Chidimma scoffed.

“You can’t speak for everyone. If nobody loves Violence really, then we wouldn’t be here”. She said, drawing an anime with her foot.

“We’re here because we had no other choice”.I tried to convince her. All these while Sharon said nothing.
“Of course we didn’t”. She sighed and bent her face towards whatever she was drawing on the ground.

” Yeah but, you both did”. I said to both of them and they frowned at me.
“How?”. They chorused.
“You and the other girls should have stayed back in class”. I insisted.
“Godson don’t start”. Sharon said and looked away.
“You had nothing to do with this, so why should you be here? And what was that you were trying to do back there?”. I asked Sharon.

“I was trying to tell them the truth but…”.
“No. You were just trying to act Jesus. You’d take the whole punishment while we go free”.

“What’s wrong with that? I started this aft…”

“You started nothing, it was me that hit that dude first. I Started it!!”. I insisted.
“Yeah? And who made you hit him?”. She asked then Chidimma jumped in.
“Will you both shut up!!”. She yelled and even the guys that were gyrating stopped immediately and turned towards her.
“What the hell is this Argument about? We’re outside the gate of our school with our school bags because we were all suspended not just the two of you. Why blame yourselves now?”. She asked and when she got no response from neither me nor Sharon, she hissed and walked out and Sharon joined her soon.
Kelvin came and sat next to me as the others continued singing their songs.
“She’s right you know?”. Kelvin said but I said nothing.
“What’s done is done”. He added and I scoffed.
“You don’t get it. Sharon’s always like this, trying to take my place whenever I get in trouble. Does ugo do that with you too?”. I asked him and he shrugged.
“I would love it if she does. There’s nothing wrong with that”. He confessed.
“Maybe but I’m just not comfortable with it. I mean am supposed to be the guy here right? If anyone should be protecting the other it should be me and not her”. I explained and he shrugged then stood up.
“Nobody made it a Law.”. He concluded then went to the others, they all hailed him when he went back, even some of our girls had joined them.

“Wetin we dey do here self? No be say they go call us back, make we dey remove joor”. He ordered and everybody shouted in agreement. I smiled from where I was sitting, it was quite a good thing that Kelvin was my cousin. He wasn’t our prefect but, even Chidimma didn’t have as much influence as he did. His word was always the summary in matter we discussed in class. Everybody started walking towards the road, Chidimma sat inside a parked tricycle at the corner of our school fence. I went to meet her there.
“Hey. Still figuring out what to tell your mom?”. I asked and she scoffed.
“I won’t have to tell her anything”. She said.

“Yes, because the principal must’ve called her already”. She sighed.
“I almost forgot their closeness”. I said but she said nothing, she seemed worried.
“I could sit here with you till she comes then I’d tell her it was my fault”. I offered and she laughed then rolled her eyes.
“You’re so desperate to act Jesus too huh?”. She asked and I shrugged without saying anything.

“Don’t worry I’ll be fine, you should worry about your girl”. She said and I sighed.
“Miss boyfriend’s saviour you mean?”.I joked and she smiled.
“She was just trying to protect you dude”. She tendered.
“I guess so”. I didn’t want to argue with her.

“You might not really want it but, she can’t always help it. You shouldn’t be mad at her for that”. She advised and I nodded.
“I’m not”.
“You’re keeping your gang waiting”. She said and I turned to see Sharon and my friends waiting at the other side, Ugochi joined them today.

“Sure you don’t want to join us?”. I asked and she waved me goodbye. We all trekked home as usual, Kelvin and Ugochi were talking and laughing, Kingsley and the others were also doing the same. But, Sharon and I were quiet all through till we got to where we normally seperated, everybody started saying their goodbyes, ugochi was going our way so, they were all just for me and Sharon. We’d said goodbye to ourself multiple times, then she turned to leave but, I held her back.
“About what I said earlier”. I started and she scoffed.

“Listen Godson I get it okay? I wasn’t supposed to be…”
“No. You were trying to protect me, and I wasn’t supposed to be mad at you for that. In fact I wasn’t really mad, I was just overreacting. I was supposed to thank you”. I Confessed and she smiled.

“No. I am the one to thank you. You defended me without minding the risks. You’d never do it for anyone else, you couldn’t even do it for yourself, remember? But you fought for me so…”.
“I made you disrespect those Seniors remember? You’d never do it yourself”. I cut in and she sighed.

“Yes I know you wanted me to do that but you didn’t force me to, neither did you tell me to. I did because I wanted to be on your side.” She insisted and for a moment I couldn’t say anything to her. I just stood there and watched her, wondering how possible it was for such a wonderful soul to exist. I’d never met such a girl in my first decade as a human, rarely in the movies either.

“Hello are you still there?”. She pinched my arm and I laughed.
“You win, but thank you still”. I winked at her and she winked. I didn’t know where the courage came from but I leaned closer and pecked her on the cheek, she looked as stunned as I was. Before today I’d never hugged her by myself not to talk of peck, She always initiated this. She laughed and pecked me too then hugged me.

“Na so they dey always do everyday?”. Ugochi asked loudly and the others laughed.
“No worry we go wait. I dey like watch them self”. Chisom Confessed and we all laughed.
She still held my hands, after we broke the hug.

“One week is too long, you could come to my house you know?”. She said and I smiled but said nothing.

“Oh I know that smile, forget it I know you won’t come”. She said and I nodded.
“I’d call you though”. I said and she frowned then hit my arm.

“Of course you will. And say hello to Big sis for me”. She asked then ran to join Bully. Whilst Ugochi came and dragged me along with them. We didn’t go home straight, we went to the PlayStation and knocked ourselves out. Non of us were bothered about the suspension, we were rather proud of it.
“Feels good to have a Black in your File”. We always said. We all went home by 2:30pm.
That wasn’t the only time we fought with the Seniors, we fought again when they’d finished their Waec and Neco Exams. But this time we had help from Ss1s. It almost turned to a riot when the Ss2s wanted to join forces with them but, for the intervention of the police invited by the principal. They arrested some of the Ss3s that were caught and some ss1s too but, non in our class. Nobody even knew we started the fight when we ambushed the guys that had ganged me up, credit to the Outlawz.

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