Sharon - Season 2 - Episode 28

11 months ago

“What are you both doing here?”. I asked trying to catch my breath. I was scared deep in my mind but had shake it off. They were both shivering in fear too.

“Godson what have we done?”. Sharon asked in a panicky voice as she held onto my hand tightly.

“We didn’t do anything okay? Now let’s get you both out of here”. I said boldly then grabbed their hands and led them out of the class to the B class where the other girls had also went to.

“Please don’t go”. Sharon pleaded as I found them a place to sit.

“You’re not really going back there are you?”. Chidimma added and I faked a smile.
“I started this, I have to”. I said then made to run out then an idea struck me and I paused then turned to the boys in B class, they were still our classmates after all.

“Jss2 boys! E don set oh! Make una come join us make we march down those Jew men them”. I tendered and they roared in agreement. I had succeeded in recruiting more force to our side, so, the little fear I had, vanished. We marched to our class immediately. The brawl has already started, the guys that came with me joined in immediately. I stood there at the Entrance and watched what’s happening. They were beating us and we were beating them too, thanks to our weaponry. They only had their belts and cane as weapons while we had more. I saw one of them stamping on Smith whom was struggling to hide under the desk. I felt like leaving him to his fate but on a second thought, he was fighting my fight. I picked up a log and ran at the the guy from behind, unaware to him. I hit him twice, one on the head, and another on the back and he staggered back in much pain. I used that chance to drag Smith up and we ganged him up and threw him of the window. I couldn’t make out anybody’s face in the fight so, I didn’t know who else to help. I only recognized the strongest and oldest guy in our class ; Ignatius when he lifted the social prefect high and sent him crashing, he also threw a sitting stool at another. I’ve never seen him in Violence before so I was stunned. He even lifted a desk with ease to hit one but the person retreated. Seeing him in such action gave me much morale. I picked two woods and charged at anybody in trouser. We were definitely winning, it was either four, three or two people against one each. Soon some teachers came in and started flogging the ss3 boys back to their classes but they just couldn’t control us on the other side so we ceased the chance to hurl sticks at the retreating boys. When they all ascended up we went outside and hurled the sticks through their windows. It took the man ‘o’ war cadet men that always operated at our gate to calm us. The B boys ran back to their class immediately. The cadet men made us enter under our desks, whipping randomly on anyone they want. Kelvin and Bully were made to lie down flat on the tiled floor while they stamped or climbed them repeatedly. Kelvin’s hand was bleeding, seems one of the Ss3 guys stabbed him, he used his handkerchief to tie on it once they left him. Jekwu had a cut on his head and arm, don’t know what happened to Melody because he was limping when were being marched to the admin block. Others only had belt scars on their body. Me and Kingsley was amongst the few that were spotless. Sharon caught up with me on the way, she hugged me and didn’t even mind the cadets and teachers with us.

“Hey soldier boy”. She joked looking me through, as we walked together.
“Am okay miss”. I assured her and she smiled. I looked back and saw all our class girls led by Chidimma and ugochi trailing us.
“Where are y’all going?”. I asked Sharon.
“We’re coming with you guys of course”. She said proudly

“No not you. You are not”. I protested.
“Why? Because I didn’t fight? We’re all in this together remember?”.
“What if we get flogged?”.
“Then we all get flogged. End of discussion”. She insisted. I knew that no persuasion would change her mind now so I let her be. We were marched in a single file to the admin block. They made us lie down there under the hot sun, while our girls knelt down close to us without being asked. The principal came out, walked past us to the classroom areas and not long after we saw all the Ss3 students both the class that fought and the ones that didn’t marching home. Some were making threats, I didn’t see the disciplinary prefect amongst there wounded, but most of them were injured.

“Godson your own don finish, I swear!”. One of them threatened. I didn’t even look at his face.

When they all left, the principal returned with the Headboy and went into her office. She came out soon and started looking us through.
“So you have decided to turn this institution into your war zone right. At this age you’re already behaving like savages, in fact that’s what you’re. Causing commotion in these Environment. You miscreants”. She ranted. She went on to call us names and making threats.

“Now I want to know who started this fight, and you better fish them out quickly or you all are going home”. She threatened but no one winced, nor sighed. We all buried our faces on the ground. She went on threatening and threatening but got no word.
“Okay then all of you should go and books while I sign your suspension Lett…”.
“I did. I started the fight”. Sharon said from where she was kneeling and I raised my head immediately. The principal asked her to come over and she stood up and started walking towards her.

“No she didn’t. I did”. I heard myself say, then I stood up. Sharon frowned at me.
“No you didn’t”. She protested.
“What? You’re going to go on suspension for me too? That’s not happening”. I protested too.

“Shut up the both of you! You think I’m here to joke? Who started the fight for the last time!!?”. She scolded.
“I di..”

“We both did”. Sharon cut in.
“Well not just the two of them ma’am. I was among too”. Kelvin said and stood up then Bully hissed.

“I thought we weren’t supposed to say anything. Well I was there too”. Bully said and stood up.
“Me too” Kingsley joined.
“Well the truth is we all started the fight Ma”. Chidimma said and stood up. I could see the VP. Academics Smiling, the principal was stunned for a while. She didn’t know what else to say, after a while She asked Me, Sharon and Kelvin to meet her in the office and we obeyed quietly. Once we got to her office, she switched to a kind voice and asked us to tell her what happened. Sharon narrated everything that went down to her without skipping a detail, She asked if what Sharon said was the truth and we both nodded. She smiled and shook her head then asked us to wait outside with the others. We could hear her scolding the Headboy as we walked out. After a while She came out and started her longtalk again.

“Whatsoever transpired between you and the prefects did not call for you to arm yourselves and fight, you’re not touts nor savages but students in a noble institution. If they were misusing their posts you come report to us and we’d take action. The Disciplinary prefect is yet to regain full consciousness in the Clinic, Lord knows what y’all did to him”. She preached. After so much sermon she asked all of us to go pack our bags too and go home on a week suspension for causing pandemonium in school.

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