Sharon - Season 2 - Episode 27

11 months ago

“Will you shut your mouth and kneel before I smack this cane on your head!!”. The health prefect yelled and Bully faked a loud cough, followed by a thunderous laugh from our classmates.

“And why would you do that?”. Sharon asked her, folding her arms.
“I will slap your next words off your mouth, if you don’t go to my class right…”.
“You dare not!”. Sharon responded with a more fierce voice and I smiled to myself.
“What?”. They chorused in surprise.
“You want to punish me? Good but, why just me? Am I the only person you saw this morning? Of course not then why do you want to punish just me?”. Sharon fired on, and I guess Kelvin was impressed with her as he hit his desk and every other outlaw did the same.
“This girl dey yarn I swear”. Melody couldn’t control his excitement. The prefects were stunned and speechless at this moment so, Sharon continued.

“Let me guess, you’re scared of them? Yeah I’d be scared of them too. But I tell you what, they’re right y’all are partial. If you really want to punish , it has to be all of us and not just me”. She walked out of their presence and back to where we sat, followed by a loud cheer from everybody except Chidimma of course. She always love doing everything by the book.

The girls left in disgrace with their heads down. Sharon seemed so quiet when she came back.

“Was it worth it?”. Chidimma asked her and she shrugged.

“I don’t know”.
“Come on let’s continue already”. I asked trying to change the topic.
“I’m not in the mood anymore”. She refused. The whole class showed their disappointment as you could hear their hisses and sighs, the ones that gathered around us started walking back to their seat. She bent her head on her desk when they all left, Chidimma whispered into her ear for a while then left too. I went to her desk and she shifted for me to sit and I did. I didn’t need to be told, she didn’t like what she just did, neither did she like the one she did earlier. Her my was probably jugding her. I didn’t want to involve her in this but she already got involved so, I’d definitely be mad if she didn’t follow our steps. I crossed my arm around her neck and bent my head close to hers.

“What’s the matter Cherry?”. I asked her and she shook her head.
“Nothing, I’m fine”. She said and I sighed then sat up.

“I know what’s bothering you”. I said calmly and she raised her head to look at me then buried it on the desk again.
“You’re sad you disrespected those girls because you think is wron..”.
“Of course it’s Wrong”. She cut in and I shrugged.

“Then why did you do it?”. I asked and she sat up and gave me a shocked look.
“Because of you Godson”. She whispered and made to bend down again.

“Well I never asked you to”. I pretended and she faked a laugh.

“Of course you didn’t. Go ahead and tell me you didn’t also want me to do it and you didn’t enjoy it”. She asked and I said nothing. She was right, even though I didn’t say the words, I definitely wanted her to shun them. Almost everybody wanted to see that. Even if what she did was wrong, she was right too. Those Seniors were so partial then and they never pretended about it. Whenever they want to punish, their sisters,brothers, school sons and daughters are never included even when they are also guilty. No other class was courageous enough to object and so we saw all of them as cowards. We were already prepared for them in any level, we always scouted the yet to be completed new Library for planks and packed them at the back of our class. We packed a little more in our class at the Extreme end where no one wood see it, then covered them with a big bag. Call us savages like Chidimma but, we’re what we are.

“Okay you’re right. I did want you to and I enjoyed it”. I Confessed and she made bend down again but I stopped her.

“You did what you had to Cherry, what you told them was the truth…”
“Some truths are best left unsaid”. She cut in and I sighed.

“Not all the time. Sometimes you must say it ….”. We were still arguing when someone started shouting her name from the stairs Descending, it was a male voice and it got louder as it descended. When it got nearer I knew who owned the voice, it was the male Disciplinarian prefect. It was obvious why he was shouting her name with such rage, I wanted to ask her to leave but, I couldn’t.
“Where is that stupid lunatic being that calls herself Sharon”. he roared as he galloped into our class followed by the three girls. Sharon sat where she was without looking up.
“If I call you again you won’t like me!”. He barked. Sharon raised her head and let out a loud hiss before she stood to go answer them, I held her hand to stop her from going.
“Come on Chuks, I’ll be fine”. She smiled, and I left her to go. As she got closer to them, I also got off my desk and walked closer to where we packed those planks. I didn’t care what anyone had in mind, not even Kelvin. If that dude should lay his hands on Sharon, he was going to receive double.

“So you’ve grown wings now huh? And you think you can fly past your boundaries just because you are close to the Headboy? Lie down here right now”. The stonch guy shouted.

“What sort of a prefect asks a girl to lie down? Am sorry senior but I can’t do that neither”. Sharon stood her ground which infuriated the guy much more and he made to unbuckle his belt, I on my own part uncovered those planks immediately and picked one.
“Are you mad!!!”. He roared as he drew closer to Sharon.

“I said I can’t…”. He slapped her across the face. The sound of the slap was like bomb in my heart, and it woke my beastmode.
“You are dead you bastard!!”. I yelled as I ran towards him, before he could retreat I’d caught up with him. I started hitting him with log hard on any where it landed, I didn’t care. Kelvin and the others joined in, the girls ran back upstairs immediately to notify their classmates, while we panel beat the poor boy and threw him outside our class door to his fate. Kelvin took over immediately .

“Make all man gallant defend this class oh. Bully go import those materials enter sharperly. Heys all these girls make una comot for here now!!!”. He threw orders immediately. The girls trooped out in fear but Sharon and Chidimma were still stalling, that was I caught grip of myself again and ran towards them.

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