Sharon - Season 2 - Episode 26

1 year ago

The next term was a tough one for our class with the Seniors, they tried so much harder to enforce their authority on us and we on the other hand were more mean on ignoring their authority like never before. So it was just us against the school but we didn’t care. Kelvin always made us come late, and whilst the Seniors would be apprehending latecomers we’d walk past like they’re not even there most especially when it’s the female prefects. Sharon stopped following the school bus totally that term and always trekked home with us but, I always made her divert with Kingsley and Bully instead of coming with me to see our house. All my siblings already knew I had a girlfriend named Sharon thanks to sister Eunice but it was just her who has seen Sharon In real life and I wanted it to remain so. Moreover I didn’t know how I’d introduce her to my mum. It sounded so awkward to just call her my classmate but, how weird would it sound to my mother’s ear if I introduce her as my girlfriend? That’s another reason I didn’t want her to know where I lived.

On this fateful day, Me and my gang were coming late as usual, getting closer to the gate and we met Sharon seated on one of the slabs outside with her hand towel, she was still looking the other side when we walked closer.

“Wetin dey keep your LT outside?”. Melody asked me as we kept walking closer slowly and I Shrugged. Then She turned her face towards us slowly, and when she saw me She smiled and stood up. She hugged me once we got to where she stood.

“Early morning hug for the Lover boy. I keep envying you both”. Chisom said and hissed. She waved at my friends and they returned her wave too.

“I feared you weren’t coming”. She said still smiling, but I wasn’t.
“What happened? Why are you outside?”. I asked her and she shrugged.

“Waiting for you”.
“Why?” I asked confusedly.
“Well, I came late so…”
“You came late? How’s that possible?”. I interrupted and she sighed.
“Fine I’ll tell you the truth, I came early but, I just wanted to wait for you”. She said and I giggled.

“So, because you couldn’t change me, now you want to join me?”. I asked her disappointedly. I didn’t just want her doing everything I did, if I was going to influence her, it should be positively. Earlier that term she’d left with us when we were sent home because of school fees, even though her mum had paid theirs once school resumed. She claimed class would be boring without me, to me that was already a bad influence because we didn’t intentionally submit our payment bank tellers so, that they would send us home and she included herself without being called. Moreover I wouldn’t stand anyone touch her amongst the Seniors if they should decide to take us up today.

“I’m sorry I..”.
“What are you sorry for?”. I asked her then Kelvin cut in.

“Listen guys this Argument can wait, let’s get into the class first”. He said calmly and walked in through the small gate and the others followed leaving just me and Sharon. She couldn’t look at me anymore but the ground, that’s how she always act whenever she’s pissed me off.
“You just wanted to wait for me huh? Well here I am. Enjoy your lateness Cherry”. I said and went in then she followed. I gave out a sigh of relief when I got in and saw that it was the female prefects that were catching latecomers today. We all walked past them with our heads high like they weren’t even there. Other students were kneeling down there but, who cares?

“Nnaji Sharon come back here”. The female disciplinary prefect ordered and Sharon stopped, So did me and Kelvin. She turned to look at the prefect then turned to me, she was obviously contemplating on heeding the prefects order but the Stare we were both shooting at her couldn’t let her. After a while she swallowed hard and turned to the prefect.

“Am sorry but I don’t want to make him mad at me again”. She said and ran towards us while the prefect watched in shock. She had to release the others in Shame afterwards. Once we got to our seats in class, Sharon blocked me.

“Am sorry Chuks”. She said and I covered her mouth immediately.
“Shhhh don’t call me that”. I tendered and she frowned.

“Why? Because am not your mum or your sister?”. She asked.
“Nobody knows me by that name in school except you and Kelvin. And I want it to remain that way”. I explained. She folded her arms and gave me a weird stare.
“Well you’d have to forgive me first”. She offered and I chuckled.
“Forgive? There’s nothing to forgive. Just don’t wait for me again”. I said and tickled her ribs and she laughed uncontrollably.
“Class Complement!!”. Smith shouted and we turned towards the board, just to see no teacher. So, everybody hissed, I knew he only did that to stop the fun I was having with Sharon.

“Some people will definitely die of jealousy in this class”. I said indirectly to him and the whole class laughed. We had three classes afterwards then our normal Friday free period. Sharon and I were doing a song competition. We both picked our favorite artist respectively then Chidimma the referee would pick one of their songs and we’d have to sing it without making a mistake. She picked Rihanna and I picked Bruno Mars. We had both sang three songs respectively thrilling all our classmates, and currently she was singing Rihanna’s Russian roulette. I felt like joining her then because that was Rihanna’s song that I could sing completely without a mistake. Then three female prefects walked into our class led by the Disciplinarian prefect.

“Class Complement!!”. Chidimma shouted but only few girls heeded and greeted the Seniors. Of course Sharon didn’t. The prefect looked around our faces for a while then sighed heavily.

“Where is Nnaji Sharon? Come out here now”. She ordered. But Sharon sat where she was, looking at me. Kelvin signaled me to let her go meet them.

“Go on. Go hear what they have to say”. I whispered to her ear and she sighed. Stood up and walked slowly to where they stood.
“Hi Seniors”. She waved at them but they didn’t respond as they panted like tigers ready to devour someone.
“Go to my class and kneel down”. Their leader ordered.

“No let her kneel down here”. The female health prefect ordered too.
“Raise your hands and close your eyes too”. Miss games added.
“Three orders at a time? Am scared I don’t know the one to obey”. Sharon sighed.

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