Sharon - Season 2 - Episode 25

11 months ago

My sister never talked about the birthday again, I didn’t even know if she asked my mum at all and I never made to ask her about it. The fact that she didn’t tell me, made me conclude that my mum refused, I always imagine the worse. Sunday, the D-day came and yet she didn’t tell me anything. I was so reluctant to go to church but nobody noticed my mood as they were all so busy. I spent half of the Sunday service outside, even used my offering money buy cake. Sat on a car trunk and ate it all, when our church’s Royal rangers started disturbing people to go back inside, I angrily snuck out and went home. I collected our key from our neighbor and went in then slept off. Frank woke me when they came back, and asked if I was okay which I said yes. He changed to his house clothes, collected my mum’s shop key and left. i la!d down back to sleep again then my sister barged in.

“NwaGod! Was the birthday party cancelled?”. She asked with a confused look and I sat up immediately.

“No. I mean I don’t know”. I stammered.
“So, you just decided not to go anymore?”.she asked.

“Of course I’d love to, I mean I will go”. I answered and jumped down.
“Then are you waiting till it’s dark before you start going? It’s already half past three and you….”. I sped into the bathroom immediately before she could finish talking. In a moment I was out, I wore the same Jean trouser I’d worn to church then, my favorite white chase deer polo and Frank’s new shirt. I wore his sneakers too. Fifteen minutes later and I was good to go, Sister Eunice came and checked me out and nodded. Seeing me in that outfit and you won’t believe I was just 13. She gave me a wrapped gift in a small box.

“What’s this?”. I asked dumbly and her reaction alone made me know it was a dumb question to ask.
“A gift for her right”. I said smiling.
“Your gift to her and send my regards. Now get going”. She said and handed me five hundred Naira note for transport, I thanked her and ran out, I jumped off our Corridor with speed and nearly fell down but I caught myself.

“Make sure you come back before it’s dark”. Eunice voice trailed behind me as I ran out of our street. Before Frank could sight me from our mother’s shop, I’d mounted a bike already, and his shouts were going into the moving breeze as the bike zoomed off. I hadn’t been to Sharon’s house before then, I didn’t even know what it looked like but, she’d once told me the address when we talked on phone. No. 22 Nnanna street opposite Gracecourt hotels, I still remember their street like it’s yesterday. I knew we’d arrived when I saw the tall mansion with a Bold Encryption on the roof”Gracecourt Hotel and suites”. I’d never been there before, it was my first time of seeing that hotel even though I always heard of it. It was quite a beautiful mansion to behold so, I took my time to look it through. The bike man called me and pointed to a fenced duplex.
“Na where you dey go be that”. He pointed out and I paid him then ran across the busy road. When I got to the tall Black gate, I became confused because I couldn’t hear any music inside the compound, I even peeped and everywhere was quiet. For a moment I had doubts on if I was at the right address but I calmed down when I saw her mother’s Camry in their garage behind another car which was neatly covered with a sack. That was when I b@nged at the gate, I b@nged two more times before someone opened. The middle aged man tied a wrapper to his waist.

“Good afternoon sir”. I greeted and he nodded.

“It’s Evening actually”. He corrected and I smiled.

“Oh, am sorry but is this Sharon’s house?”. I asked impatiently and he frowned.
“No it’s not. But is her Father’s house”. He corrected and I sighed in relief.
“I guess you’re here for her party”. He said and I nodded.

“Well you’re not at the right place. She should have told you”. He informed me and I felt morale sink.

“Well actually I wanted to surprise her, she’s not expecting me”. I Confessed and he smiled then pointed towards the Hotel.
“That’s where they’re celebrating it, and pray they haven’t finished yet”. He informed and I thanked him then ran across the road again.

I got in through the small gate and one of the securities approached me immediately, I told him my mission and he directed me to the pool side. I ran towards there with speed as o heard the sound of music. I was really late but luckily I got there when she was about to cut her cake. She looking outstandingly breathtaking in her gold mini gown, topped with her beautiful smile. She stood close to the cake with Miriam and one other girl I later got to know as Cecil, with her mum still saying some words, turned out she was the anchor(MC) of the program. She hadn’t seen me from where I stood and I wanted it to remain that way till she cuts the cake but Miriam had sighted and so, she waved at me and Sharon followed her hand. She skipped out and ran towards me with everybody’s looking on. She jumped on me but, this time I couldn’t carry her so we both fell, I was a little Embarrassed but the Applaud from everybody waved it off. We got up and she hugged me again.

“I didn’t know you’d come”.She said as we walked back hand in hand.
“I didn’t know I was coming too”. I Confessed and she laughed. Her mum came and hugged me too.

“Thanks for coming dear”. She said and I shrugged.

“Anything for my seatmate”. I joked and she laughed then left to continue as Sharon and I advanced towards her cake.
“Well it seems the people to cut the cake have just been perfectly completed”. Sharon’s mother said and everybody Clapped. Miriam punched my shoulder once I got to the table. We were all asked to hold her hand as she held the knife to cut the cake, but that’d be after everybody had joined her to spell TWELVE her new age.

“You look quite old for a twelve years old girl”. I teased and she laughed. We spelt the word twelve and she cut her cake with the three of us behind her. Her mum called her out to come and dance with her friends. If there was anything I s----d at, it was dancing, not to talk of dancing in public. And definitely she’d want to dance with me so I turned to the other girl.

“Hi am..”.
“Godson”. She cut in before I could finish introducing myself.

“You know me already?”. I asked looking surprised and she nodded.
“She’s told me about you many times”. She said and I shrugged.

“Wow that’s great. And you are?”. I forced out.

“Call me Cecil”. She tendered and I nodded. Then asked her where I could ease myself, and she pointed out a direction, so I thanked her and ran out. Unknown to her I wasn’t going to ease myself, I just wanted her to know that I left so she’d tell Sharon In case she calls me. I ran to a spot and hid myself to watch Sharon dance. She didn’t disappoint in dancing too, she danced so well without minding anyone around, and the Audience sprayed money on her lavishly. People that mistakenly see me dance today, always say I dance like a girl. I learnt all from Sharon.
“So you had the guts to come here?”. Jenny sneaked up on me and I startled.

“Hey Jenny where have you been?”. I pretended like i ever searched for her and she scoffed.

“Far away from you, I’d say”. She threw a bored.

“I guess it was so difficult for you then?”. I mocked and she frowned at me.
“You’re enjoying yourself right? You were applauded when you arrived as if you were one special…”

“Is that Jealousy I smell?”.
“Jealous? Of who? You? What’s there to jealous in a low…”.

“Low class really? Then what are you doing around Valentine? You don’t even know a low class when you see one”. I replied her savagely and she became mute immediately.
“What? You think I don’t know him. He’s the best example of a Gold-digger Jay. Yet he is your boyfriend so…”.

“NwaGod”. Sharon called and I turned to see her running towards us. Jenny walked out immediately in rage and I smiled to myself because I’d won this time.
“I thought you’ve gone”. Sharon said as she caught up with me and I shook my head.
“What did she say to you?”. She asked referring to Jenny and I shrugged.

“Nothing new”. I winked at her and she nodded, then started pulling me along with her.

“Come on let’s go eat some cakes”. She said but I drew her back.
“Hold on for moment”. I said to her then asked her to close her eyes.

“What’s that?”. She asked and I faked a frown.

“Am I going to kidnap you now? Come on eyes closed”. I ordered and she smiled then closed her eyes. I quickly brought out the small wrapped gift in my pocket.

“Happy Birthday Cherry”. I said and stretched it towards her then she opened her eyes, seeing the gift she jumped up, screamed like a mad horse and hugged me tightly.

“Why are you so excited, you don’t even know what’s inside yet”. I said and she laughed.

“Well then let’s see what it is then?”. She tore off the wrap immediately. In it was a small box like i had predicted. She opened it and I was surprised as she was. Inside was a nice glittering necklace with “Birthday girl” encrypted in it. She was speechless for a while as all she just did was look at me then the necklace repeatedly. I felt like telling her it was my sister that bought the necklace and not me but, you can’t always tell with girls and their reactions so, If she believed it was me then it was me.

“Say something”. I asked her and she shook her head.

“What am I supposed to say?” She asked and I shrugged.

“Anyth…ing”. She hugged me before I could speak.

“I love it”. She said still holding me tightly,then Cecil interrupted with a fake cough and we broke the hug.

“Uhm Cecil meet Gods..”
“We have met already”. Cecil jumped in before she could finish. She told us to come along that we were needed so We ran back with her. She showed her mum the necklace and she thanked me but insisted I didn’t need to go that far. Soon the party was over, it was already getting dark, her mum offered that I wait so she’d drive me home but I refused. So Sharon had to escort me out to get a bike. We held hands as we left walked out of the hotel, our mates that came for the party couldn’t keep their eyes off us. I’m sure most of those boys had eyes for her, well it’s a good thing they just saw her boyfriend, I smiled to myself.

“You made my day today”. She said as we got out of the big gate.

“Well we all did”. I protested and she refused.

“No, you did. This is how my birthday has always been but you made it different today”. She informed me.
“So, you have celebrated all your birthday?”. I asked and she shrugged.
“We all have”.she said and I smirked. The only time I ever celebrated my birthday was when I was two years old which I only remember because of the picture that hard been Laminated and hung in our sitting room.
“Don’t worry I’d surprise you on your own Birthday too”. She promised and I laughed which got her confused.
“Well actually I won’t be celebrating my birthday, I have never celebrated my birthday before”. I said and she smiled.
“Well you can always start anyway”. She encourage and I shrugged.

I flagged down a bike and we bargained for the price a little. When I was set to go I turned to her.

“They still need you in there Birthday girl”. I teased and she smiled.

“They can wait”. She said then hugged me for a long time, the bike man’s horn was what broke it and I climbed the bike.
“Am missing you already “. She said as the bike was set to leave and I shrugged.
“Of course you are. You are still a child after all”. I joked and she hit my arm, the bike sped off and I turned then blew her a kiss.
“Missing you too cherry”. I screamed and she laughed, she stood there till we rode out of sight. And I went home fulfilled.

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