My Beautiful Love Song - Season 1 - Episode 37

1 year ago


I walked slowly to the living room”mum, is that really you?”I asked looking at my mum. I quickly rushed to her and hugged her tight”mum, I’ve missed you so much”I said crying. “It’s ok dear am here for you. I hear all what you always say to me in the hospital. I recovered fast because of you my lovely daughter”she said also crying. I looked at madam tina who was very surprised to see my mum. “Long time no see tina”my mum said smiling. “You thought am dead? But no, I can’t die you this evil witch”my mum said angrily. Helena stood up and went to her mum. “Mum, what is she talking about?”helena asked her mum looking confused. Everyone was confused looking at us. “Why don’t you tell that innocent girl that you’re not her biological mother”my mum said looking at her. “What? What do you mean by that? Mum what’s she saying?”helena asked more confused. “Yes you’re not my daughter”Mr David said coming in with the prosecutors. Everyone jumped on there feet on see him. “Am not dead. Everything was planned. Tina, your evil deeds ends here”dad said looking at madam tina. “Dad what do you mean am not your biological daughter?”helena asked with tears in her eyes. “Am sorry dear, sorry for not telling you sooner”dad said looking at her. “Then, who are my real parents?”she asked in tears. “They are the one”dad said pointing to jason’s parent. I was so surprised and so did jason and helena. “What? They’re my parents? How…why”she stammered In tears not knowing what to say.
“When this barren was not able to give me a child, Daniel and his wife helped us. When Celia(Jason’s mother) was pregnant with her second child, tina also had a fake pregnant to deceive everyone. And when Celia gave birth, the daughter was announced dead while tina had Celia baby with her. We kept this a secret between us until this day”dad said to everyone. Helena was not able to believe all these, she fainted on hearing it. “Helena stand up. It’s mummy”madam tina cried holding helena in her arms. “Officers arrest that murderer”dad said to the prosecutors. “You’re under arrest for attempting murder on Madam tina and Mr David”the officers said holding up the arrest warrant. They pulled her up and put handcuffs on her. “It’s a lie, I didn’t do that. Am innocent. Let me call my lawyer no my mother. Let me go”she screamed as they dragged her along with them. Helena was taken to the hospital by her parents and Mr David thanked Jason’s family and was happy tina is gone. He hugged mum and I as we both weep tears of happiness.
A year later…..

Jason and I were in the practice room. After dancing and practicing for a long time. Jason stopped and asked for a break”let’s have a short break”jason said looking at me. “No break until I finish. Am having a show tomorrow, just let me practice better ok”I said smiling. “You’re so stubborn, aren’t you?”jason said looking at me. I ignored him and continued practicing again but he was distracting me by kissing my cheek continuously. “Stop it, will you?”I said looking at him. “You should stop first or I won’t stop”he said smiling. I continue practicing but now he kissed my lips and that made me stop. “I said that’s enough”he said looking at me. I looked into his eyes smiling”I think this is more fun”I said looking at him. I then kissed him on his lips. He kissed me back and we continue kissing. I wrapped my arms around his neck and continue with the kiss. “You guys shouldn’t be doing that here, someone might see you”I heard a voice behind us and we quickly separated each other looking at the person’s direction. Helena and Noah came in holding hands. I was so embarrassed to see them. “Oh you guys are here?”I asked looking at them. They both smiled looking at us”hmm I came to tell you that we’re leaving already”helena said looking at me. “Ok I will see you later”I said to her smiling. “So, we’ll leave you guys to carry on with what you we’re doing”Noah said smiling. “Stop that,she’s blushing. I think you’re embarrassing her”helena said to Noah. “Oh I think that’s true. We’re leaving bye”Noah said smiling.”Go go”I said looking at them. “Why chasing us? We’re going already. Good luck bro”helena said to jason smiling. They both left the practice room. After they left, I looked at jason and we both laughed.


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