My Beautiful Love Song - Season 1 - Episode 35

1 year ago


I turned to helena smiling”and you, I will warn you again, stop meddling in my affair if you don’t want to get hurt”I said looking at her. She looked at me squeezing her face angrily”mum,how dare she talk to….”
“Let’s go helena”her mum cuts in dragging her along with her. I smiled to myself watching them as they left.


I got up early in the morning, clean up myself and put on my clothes. I headed downstairs to take breakfast before visiting my mum in the hospital.

I got downstairs and met helena and her mother, it seems dad went to work early. I went to sit down at the dinning table while the maids set the dishes on the table properly. The maids cares and pays more attention to me than quincy and her mother. “Bon appetites” a maid said to me smiling. They left after setting the dishes. I looked at helena and her mother at the other side of the table, they were both looking at me without making a sound. I never knew Mrs David is this calm. I smiled to myself eating happily. After eating, I set to go to the hospital, and I met helena at the entrance. She blocked my way when I was about moving out”what did you said to my mum last night?”she asked looking at me. Then, I looked back and saw Mrs David coming towards us”you want to know what I said to your mum last night?”I asked looking at Mrs David’s direction. “Anyways it’s nothing special than, you’re…..

“Quincy, I thought you were going out”Mrs David cuts in, standing in front of me. “But, I think your daughter is curious about what I said to you last night, and I think I should let her know or what do you think?”I said smiling. “Don’t worry dear, you can go. Am sorry for my daughter’s attitude towards you”she said looking at me. “What? Sorry? Mum is that you?”helena asked looking surprised. “Let’s go in, helena”she said taking Helena’s hand. But she forced her hand from her mum and came to me. “What the hell did you say to my mum, to make her like this?”she asked angrily. “Oh sorry little sis. I don’t want to hurt you, it’s better you don’t know for now. The game is for adults”I said looking at her. I walked out on them, pushing helena to the side.

When I got to the hospital, I went to my mum’s Ward. I sat beside her by the bed. “Mum, I’ve missed you so much. I prayed you wake up one day. I have a lot to tell you and I have a lot to ask you mum. Please hear your daughter’s voice. Am so lonely here without you”I said holding her hand. I rubbed her hands gently with my hands. “Mum, dad is taking good care of me, how I wish we could be together. You, me and dad. Dad is a nice man, and I guess you accepted him because you can also see that in him. I prayed both of you could be together again, but I think Helena’s mum won’t accept that. Mum I even fought for you. yesterday night, you have to see how your daughter faced those bitches with courage. I promised to fight for your right and claim your place as the only woman my dad truly loves. So wake up and let’s fight this together”I said still hold her hands. I noticed her fingers moving, and I quickly looked at her face”mum, can you hear me? It’s me quincy”I said moving to her. But she was still unconscious. I quickly called for the doctor to come and check on her. But the doctor told me her condition is getting better little by little. And also said She’ll get better soon if I visit her everyday.

I went home after staying in the hospital for a while, looking at my mum’s face, hoping she’ll wake up and call my name. But it was the same as always. When I got home, I went straight to my room. I sat on the bed thinking all sort of things. Then I flashed back to when my mum was dying back in our former house.
She wanted to mention someone’s name but who is it? Ti…tin… What?”I covered my mouth with both hands in surprise”it can’t be madam tina. That’s impossible, how can she….how can she do that to her? Does that even make any since at all?”I thought to myself looking confused. I stood up and went out again. I entered my car and drove out of the compound. I headed to our former house, to check if I could find anything around the scene. Since I never went back since that time.
When I got to our gate, I saw madam tina’s car in front of me. “What could her car be doing here?”I asked myself looking at it. I packed my car and got down. I then headed straight inside. I opened the main door leading to the living room. and what I saw left me with a great shock

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