My Beautiful Love Song - Season 1 - Episode 3

4 years ago


She didn’t even say anything, she stood there looking at me like nothing happened. I angrily stretched the phone forward to her “did you find your picture there?” I asked looking at her.

“Am sorry I don’t mean to mess up your phone, I just hate people taking picture of me in secret” she said looking at me like she is some Princess. What a weird girl, I don’t have any idea what she’s talking about. Why will people want take pictures of her? Like she is a celebrity or something ?
“But you should….” I was interrupted when some girls came holding pens and a books “Helena, please can we get your autograph?” They requested stretching there books to her. As all these was unfolding, I was thinking to myself “What are they doing? Is she really a celebrity? Just like that guy?”I thought to myself looking at her as she sign the book for them.

When she finished signing, the girls all went away. Then I looked at her again wondering who she is. She looked at me “Am so…….” She was cut in by someone.

“I have been looking around for you” I heard someone’s voice from behind me. He got to us and stopped beside me”Hey Helena” Noah greeted, waving his hand at her. “Noah” she said smiling. “Do you guys know each other?”Noah asked looking at both of us. “There was a little misunderstanding between us” she said looking at my phone.

“Hey what are still doing here?”Jason came to us standing beside the girl. I looked at him and rolled my eyes. Our gaze met and he quickly diverted it back to Helena. “Am so sorry, I have to compensate you for that” she said opening her purse. Jason stopped her and looked at my phone “let’s call that even”he said taking the girl along with him.
“What? Even?”I said looking at them as they both went. “You this crazy b-----d, what do you think you’re doing? I will….”I yelled after him and started coughing because my voice almost seized.

Noah stroked my back gently to calm me down “Calm down or you will loose your beautiful voice” he said looking at me. “Let’s get going ok”he said and We both left the place and went back inside.


So I decided that I will be adding Jason POV so that you guys can catch on what is going on his head… ? ? ?

Jason POV

When I got to Helena and met Noah and that crazy girl with her. I think there was a misunderstanding before I got there, because I can see the girl’s phone messed up.

Helena wanted to pay for it but I stopped her because she also messed up mine yesterday. We should call that even. I took Helena’s hand and dragged her along with me before she could say anything. I can hear her voice as she was cursing on me. “Mad dog, keep on barking” I thought to myself smiling.
I got Helena to the car and went to the driver’s seat. She got in as soon as I start the engine. “Do you know her?” Helena asked as she fasten her seatbelt.
“That doesn’t matter to you” I replied not looking at her. “We need to see your dad at the hospital today”I said and drove out of the compound.
Helena is like my sister, since we grew up together in the same neighborhood. We are just like family friends. Because her father and my father were close friends since college. She is gentle, caring and beautiful. But I never for once think of her as a woman.
We got to the hospital and went straight to her father’s room in the hospital. He’s a bit I’ll and have been admitted to their family hospital for three days now. Helena’s dad loves her a lot and care for her. When we got to his room, we say our greetings to him, and he asked us how we are doing and he hopes our grades are not dropping. We stayed for 30 minutes before we finally went back to school.

Quincy’s POV

Noah and I talked about school life and gist about many things. We talked and laughed about some funny things we did back in school. I remembered when Noah dressed like a girl in college on the school party,that day I laughed till I almost started crying. I still have the pictures on my phone and always tease him with it.
He looked at me as I talked about that time. “Do you still have the photos?” he asked me smiling. “Why will I still have it? I deleted it long ago”I lied.
“But to be honest , you looked so cute in that outfit” I said smiling. “Are you serious?” he asked looking at me. “Yes, you were even prettier than a girl” I replied.

The school bell ranged for practice and we both quickly walked inside. “Am going for dance practice, are you coming?” he asked me as we walked in.

“Sure” I replied smiling. I am not that a good dancer but I know I can be with enough practice. We got inside the dance class and I can see the outfit the girls are putting on, it’s so different from mine. I looked down at myself and shook my head negatively.
Noah looked at me and smiled. “Follow me” he said heading out. I followed him and we got to a change room. He opened a locker and brought out some cloth from it. He threw it at me and showed me where to change. He told me to join the class when am done, and left.

I got to the entrance of the changing room and saw two doors there, I didn’t even bother to look up, I just opened one and went inside. I took off my clothes, except my bra and pant. I put on the small pant trouser and was about to put on the top when I saw Jason coming out at a corner. When he saw me he quickly turned his back at me
“what do you think you’re doing in the boys changing room” he said. I looked at him feeling embarrassed, “You this pervert, what do you mean by boys changing” I quickly put on the small top and went to check what’s written on top of the door.

“Boys changing room”I looked at the other room and saw”girls changing room. I rushed back inside and quickly packed my clothes. He turned to look at me smiling.

I looked down at my chest and raised up my head looking at him “what the hell are you smiling at, you this pervert!!!”I yelled at him angrily.

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