My Beautiful Love Song - Season 1 - Episode 2

4 years ago


I literally jumped on him to hug him. He looked at me again as if his eyes are deceiving him.

“Wow! It is really you Quincy. It has been so long, I have really missed you” he said holding my hands.

“Me too” I replied. I picked up my guitar from the ground and hold my bag beside me.
“Do you attend this school too?” I asked him. “Yes I do, are you just joining us” he asked looking down at my bag.
“Yes, I think am lucky to finally join you guys” I said smiling.

Noah was my best friend when I was in chool, they lived across the street opposite to our house then. We went to the same kindergarten and we graduated from the same high school. Before we finally relocated.
I was so happy to see him again. I remembered then, when we we’re still young. He used to get bullied in school, because of his gentle and kind personality, so Students pick on him easily. Anytime I found the students picking on him. I always protect him and threaten anyone who dare come close to him. Since then we’ve been good friends. We were both so close in high school that the girls were so jealous of me because Noah was one of the hottest guy In school.
He helped me pull my bag along with me, as we both walked into the school. He took me to the Dean’s office and went back promising he will check on me later.

On entering the office, I was asked to fill some documents. A lady came and took me to the girls hostel, since my house is very far from school. Some students comes direct from their homes because it was not far from school.

She took me to my room where I met two girls there whom I will be sharing the room with. The lady left after a few run down of dos and don’ts. I removed the guitar from my back and placed it on the bed. I looked round the room and shook my head positively.
The two girls came to me sitting beside me. “Hey”the first girl greeted. “What’s your name?” the second girl asked. “My name is quincy” I said smiling at them. “Am Haylie and she is…..”
“Clara” the second girl filled in. I looked at both of them and smiled, they looks so friendly. We talked and gisted about school life and I can see they are both funny to be with. I really love how the room was decorated.

I looked at the closed door and saw the wallpaper put there. “Oh! that guy”I said looking at the wallpaper, he looks more handsome and sexy in the picture. “Yes that’s Jason, he’s one of most popular and hottest guy in Karen School, he sings, dance and rapped really well. “Clara said looking at me. I shook my head in agreement. “Do you also know him” Haylie said smiling. “Not really”I said looking at her.

The next day

“Gring gring gring” the bell ranged out loud. I opened my eyes and saw htaylie and Clara already up. “Get up, or you’ll be late for class” Clara said pulling my bed cover off me.

I stood up stretching my body. I went to the bathroom taking my brush from my locker. I took my bath and went back to the room.

Haylie and Clara were already dressed carrying their bags with them,they are both going for dance class. “We are waiting for you, be fast OK?”Clara said looking at her wrist watch, “This is 8:15 and lesson starts by 8:30” Haylie said looking at me. I quickly got dressed and also took my guitar for the music class.

The hostel to the class is 10 minutes walk. We got to the school after ten minutes, Haylie and Clara went to their dancing class while I also went for mine. I checked my wrist watch and it’s almost 9:00. I quickly rushed towards the class. I stood at the door breathing heavily a”calm down Quincy, breath in”I breath in slowly. “And breath out” I said breathing out. I opened the door and entered the class. I looked round the class as all eyes were on me.

The Teacher stopped and looked straight at me. “Why are you standing there? You are late for class on your first day” the Teacher said looking at me. I looked round and it seems all the seats were occupied. “There is an empty seat here”he said pointing to the seat in his front. I went to sit there and didn’t look at the person beside me. I just placed my guitar gently by the desk.
The teacher continue the lesson. “La la la la la la la la la la” the class also repeats after him….

When the class was over and the Teacher was out did I looked at the person beside me and saw the guy from the bus. I didn’t get to apologise properly earlier for breaking his phone. I looked at him and cleared my throat. “Erm” “Am sorry abou…..” He didn’t let me finish before he stood up to go. He walked towards the door putting both hands in his pocket. “What a rude guy, he should at least hear me out” I said to myself while narrowing my eyes at him. I saw some girls fan-girling after him with gifts in their hands. “Jason! Jason!!” they called his name as they ran after him with gifts, like a dog. The sight was so pathetic. But he ignored them all. Few minutes later, I took my guitar and went outside the class.

I walked down the passage busy with my phone. I saw the guy making call “Hello mum, do I have to take the bus again? Am tired of this please. I ran into a psycho girl yesterday who messed up the screen of my phone. That was why I didn’t get to call you yesterday” I overhead him saying on the phone.

“What? A psycho girl, huh?” I said looking at him angrily. He hang up the phone and looked at me. “Why are you following me?” he asked looking at me. “What? Why would I follow you, when am not jobless” I said looking straight at him. “Did you just called me a psycho? You should watch your tongue if you don’t want it cut off”I said raising my face up at him because he’s a bit taller than me.

“What? Cut off my tongue? Why am I even talking to a crazy girl”he said looking at me.
“Just get lost, I have had enough today”he said pushing past him. He walked out on me. “What a rude b-----d”I said angrily looking at him. “Who cares if you’re popular or not, what? Hottest guy my foot” I said angrily.

I went out to the school compound sitting on a chair and holding my phone. A girl with long beautiful curly hair was standing beside me making call, She was so beautiful if I may say so myself because I don’t get impressed that easily. Her dress hugged her sexy body, showing her amazing curve. She’s the type of girl every guy will want to go out with. I looked at her admiring her beauty, I don’t know when she got to me.”were you listening to my conversation? I mean did you take pictures of me? Give me your phone let me check”she said snatching my phone from me. What is she doing? why is this place full of rude people? I thought to myself standing up to get my phone back from her.
“Give it back, why will I take a picture of you”I said trying to get the phone from her. The phone fell from her and landed on the floor. I picked it up and look at the broken screen, I looked up at her in anger holding my phone. “What have you done to my phone?”I asked her angrily

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