Tale Of A Ritualist - Season 1 - Episode 5

2 years ago


Me: what on earth could be her message that weaken a strong man like you?

Fred : she came to remind me of my death.
What!!! With a shivering voice, I shouted.

What did you mean by reminding you of your death.

Fred: on the day of my initiation, I used half of my life in exchange for money.

Me: Jesus!!! why will you do such a thing.
Fred: s--t happens, I don’t regret it now, because poverty is the worst thing that can happen to a man.

Me: that’s the f-----g truth man. Does it mean that igbudu have come to claim your life?
Fred: yes, Can you do me a favour?

Me: yes, Just ask me anything and I will do it for you.

Fred: when am dead, Pls don’t cry for me.
Me: what!!!!

Fred : just do it for me.

After our brief discussion, he entered his car and drove off to his house.

So this is how my friend (Fred) Will die.

After all this killings and sacrifices, and yet he will just end like that.

I don’t even know when they will demand for my own life.

All this thoughts where running through my brain but no answer at all.

Not less than 15mins my phone started ringing, I looked at the number calling and it was Fred. So I picked up
Me: hello
Caller: are you Mr Emeka
Me: yes, and what could be the problem? Where is Fred?
Caller: your brother or friend just had an accident and he is admitted into our hospital. So run as fast as your body can carry you to our hospital.
The address was sent to me, so I rushed down to the hospital with my car, on arriving to the venue, the doctor told me that Fred died at the spot, that he couldn’t tell me on the phone because he didn’t know what I would have done to myself in regard to my loss. I was shocked, I thought he was joking. So this is true tears rolled down my cheek. Fred died without a wife and children. What a loss.
My advice to young fellas, there is no gain in money rituals or occultism. Say no to it because you will definitely regret it and in the end it will cost you your life.

As popular man he is, the news of his dead had circulate in the entire city of Lagos and his village.
His burial ceremony was conducted and handled by our members in the club and thereafter we gave the family members of the deceased (Fred) 20m. they were glad that their son had good friends, not knowing that their son was an occult member.

After the burial we all drove back to Lagos in convoy.

The Next Day,
I woke up very early in the morning and did some morning incantations and later did some exercise before I dressed up and went to one of my company, to know how the company is moving financially and way around.

On my arrival, I saw an angel in lady form very beautiful and gorgeous. The lady was very pretty. Wooow!” I exclaimed. This lady is an over definition of beauty. She is tall and fair in complexion. She is endowed with a nice b**b and a massive A-s. She was well dressed in a pink gown that stop at her knee level.
Her laps were very attractive. I was busy projecting naughty into my brain on how the lady will fit in to my d!ckson, when her greeting brought me out of the dream world.
Lady: good morning sir,
Me: good morning my dear, how are you doing?
Lady: am fine sir
Me: do you work here?
Lady : yes, I’m newly employed.
Me: OK, am the owner of this company just came back from United Kingdom and I decided to know how my company is moving.
Lady : OK sir
Me: so what is your name?
Lady: am cindy
Me: nice name, well you can call me Murphy.
Nice meeting you cindy, i said that while stretching out my hand for a handshake which she obliged.

I gave her my card, you can call me anytime and I left the company after checking out everything through the manager.
On Sunday morning, one number called me and I picked up immediately
Caller: hello, Good morning sir,
Me: Good morning and who are my speaking with?

Caller: I’m cindy
Me: Cindy!! Mmmmmm the one I met at my company?

Caller: yes
Me: so how are you doing dear?
Cindy: I’m doing fine sir
Me: I have been waiting for your call but didn’t see it. Well since you have called now, are you less busy? I wanna see you.

Cindy: there is no problem with that, Am free. She demanded for the venue address which I sent to her immediately.

I prepared myself entered my car and drove to the hotel. I booked a room and went in and sat down on the sofa there while sipping a grass of Jack Daniel (hot drink) when a knock came at the door and I ushered her inside with a smile.
She was dumb and I can sense she was a but confuse on why I invited her to a hotel room.

She sat down on the bed and looked at me in a confused manner. Why did you invite me here instead of your house? she managed to say.

I stood up from the sofa where I sat and came closer to her, I lowered my hand on her neck and planted a kiss on her lips. I thought she will resist me but there is nothing like that instead she relaxed on the bed gazing at the ceiling. I decided to romance her a little before the real business will start. I lowered my hand to her skirt and tackled the button.

She then hold my hand and in a lowered tone she said, please stop……

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