Tale Of A Ritualist - Season 1 - Episode 4

2 years ago


I pulled down my boxers, and was fully unclad. I reached out my hand and brought out a condom, I was about to wear it on my d!ckson when the Queen Mother appeared on the roof top.
Queen mother: I came to warn you, don’t dare to f--k any girl with condom. You must make sure to release inside her system and also don’t forget to report to our chamber with a used white handkerchief. You must sacrifice her to igbudu.

Am the only one seeing her. After her warning, she disappeared into the air.

For the first Time to feel pity for my victim. So i have to kill this innocent girl I questioned myself. But anyway, she called for it.

I was lost in thought on what to do when she tapped me saying, baby common let’s enjoy ourselves.

She came closer to me and started kissing me passionately and at same time stroking my d!ckson with her hand. I pushed her down and was about to slide my d--k, please stop she voiced out.

ME: what is the matter dear?
Amanda: please, you need put on a condom.
ME: but I love it Raw
Amanda: and i don’t like it Raw.
Chai, what will I do now? Try to use romantic and smoothing words on her but no avail.
I reason for some time within me. Little while, something in me told me to engage Fred in a chat to know if he will have solution to my problem.

I quickly logging to facebook and he was online.
ME: hello my guy

Fred: Am fine my boy and you
ME: omo, I dey on a hot seat now. Things are not going wella for me ooooo
Fred: what could that mean?
ME: I carried one beautiful girl to that hotel we normally handle our victims.

Fred: yes and what happened?
ME: she refused my advance to have sex with her flesh to flesh. She harshly kick against it and you know the consequences
Fred: yes off course, falling to do so you will lost 5% of your life. Igbudu doesn’t joke with his sacrifice.

ME: fear gripped me, in a shivering voice, what will I do now Fred?
Fred: Emeka you have to cool down first. Have your forgotten so quick?
ME: what?

Fred: the Bible passage that said money answereth all things.

I know that some of my readers now, Will be asking how we know that particular scripture.. O yes we do read them so that no man can convert us. We can even preach it to in away that you will hate reading Bible.

ME: yes I know about that scripture.
Fred: then try giving something tangible to her, and you will see her going against her words.
ME: wow.. Thanks for your wisdom.
Fred: you’re welcome

After I have ended the chat, I turned to her and she is almost finished dressing up.

Babe cool down okay, don’t worry I will give you a check of 3million if you accept my proposal. Immediately I mentioned 3million, her eyes come open more wider with her mouth wide open.

Why not make it 5million she said.
Compare to your life, the money is nothing I said within..

No problem, I will give you 5m I replied.

I believe she has done a proper calculations on how she will use the money. Girls and material things.

I later had a Raw and hot sex with her. I release maggot instead of sperm inside her system as I was commanded by the Queen Mother. Once the maggot entered her system, it will be feeding on the girls blood and she will be dying slowly. No lab can detect the cause. They will only be seeing malaria.

I brought out my cheque book and wrote 5m and handed it over to her as I promised her.
She thanked me and thereafter I drove down home.

On getting to my house, I saw Fred lying flat at the floor in my sitting room weeping.
What is the matter with you Fred I asked.
Fred : After our chat last night, the Queen Mother appeared to me.

ME: and what could be her message this time?… Did she demand another sacrifice ?
Fred: if she demanded a sacrifice, I could have be happy

ME: then what on earth could be her message that weaken a strong man like you?
Fred : she came to remind me that my time to die has come.
What!!!!! I shouted while shivering….
What did you mean by that your time has come?

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