Tale Of A Ritualist - Season 1 - Episode 2

2 years ago


Fred : OK, prepare yourself tonight. When it’s 12 dot, we will be leaving this house.
Me: to where Fred ?

Fred : you will know when we get there.
Me: OK boss
I am in my room pressing phone when Fred barged inside. What are you still doing now? Wouldn’t you prepare yourself. I checked time and it was 12am. Let’s be going he shouted.
Fred was wearing red gown and a black hat cap bearing red ribbon round it. We ride on his Lexus jeep. We arrived at the scene not less than an hour. When he alighted from the car, I am about to join him when he interrupted by saying that I should wait first till he notify me, when am needed inside.

When it’s time for the new member to join them inside, Fred signaled me to come inside which I did without hesitation.

Am not the only one to be initiated to the cartel. We are five in number. We are attended to one after the other.

When my time fully came. Fred carried me inside and presented me to their Queen Mother saying, this is the person am talking about..

The Queen Mother though she was old but still looking good.

I was shivering in fear when I saw human head, gasket and also human bones. What should all this things means. Common be strong boy I said to myself.

I was carried away by my thoughts, when Fred whispered into my hearing to greet the Queen Mother which I did instantly. She responded me with this question

Queen Mother : what are you here for?
Me: I want to be a billionaire.
Queen Mother : do you have what it takes to be a billionaire?
Me: yes ma’am, I can do anything for money.
Queen mother: you will sacrifice three ladies to igbudu…. If he accepts your sacrifice, then you will see money right there in your bedroom.
Me: but how will I achieve that mother?
Queen Mother : Fred will help you with that.
She requested for a gasket which they brought out. She ordered me to lie on it and confessed to igbudu what I want Igbudu to do for me.
Igbudu I need money I confessed, excess money, money in all denominations, money -money-money. I want to be billionaire by dollars. After my petition to igbudu. An oath was made and they gave me a cup containing blood and I drank from it.

Your assignment on sacrificing three ladies should not exceed this coming weekend or you become mad the Queen Mother added.
Fear gripped me because I don’t want to be mad, not when I haven’t enjoy wealth. What will I do now?
How will I get three girls that will allow me to f--k and clean there private parts with white handkerchief. What will I do now I asked Fred.
Fred : he laughed, it’s very simple. Just drive down to unilag and you will get as many girls as you want.
I thought he was joking until I see it to my self. I drove down to unilag and behold it happened as Fred has predicted.
I came back home with three pretty young girls.
Don’t forget to use handkerchief Fred said,. OK boss I replied.
I took them inside my bedroom and I do exactly as I was instructed by Queen Mother.
I was instructed to clean their private parts with handkerchief after I might have finished f-----g them.

I gave those girls #100,000 each. they thanked me, little knowing that their life is at stake.
I took those white handkerchief to her. She made some incantations and those girls appeared and she sacrificed their souls to igbudu.
Igbudu have accepted your sacrifice my son, go and enjoy riches she said. I was overwhelmed with joy.
I met the shock of my life when I entered my bedroom.
What is this?

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